Monday Update on My Identity 19th July 2021


Monday Update on My Identity 19th July 2021

Neil agreeing to come for Mishti’s sake. He makes Avni away. Neil asks her not to touch him, he is silent just because of the kids. He says you have made me suffer, you started a new life, I will never forgive you. She says the lives of our dear ones were at stake. He says we should have sorted it out, but this didn’t happen, I have suffered a lot for ten years, now I don’t want to keep any relation with you, remember this. He goes to Saisha. Saisha says I don’t have time for shopping, there is no dress for engagement. Neil says I will take you for shopping. Sunehri says market is too far, we don’t have time, we can’t go.

Avni and Samrat get a bag. Avni says Saisha, this bag has come clothes, they are almost brand new. Saisha says wow, amazing, whose clothes are these. Avni says mine, I didn’t get a chance to wear this. Avni sees Neil. Saisha checks the dresses. FB shows Avni arranging the dresses and saying Bebe and Shweta got these for me for several occasions. Neil says so many dresses, you won’t be able to wear all the dresses. He likes the pink dupatta. Avni checks it and the dupatta falls over his face. He pulls her closer. FB ends. Avni holds the pink dupatta and it goes over Neil’s face.

Neil removes the dupatta end stuck in his watch. Saisha finds the dupatta perfect. Neil asks them to get ready fast. Kamini checks arrangements. Rahul says you said this party will be a private affair, but it seems to be a big event. KK asks them are they happy, discuss my look. Rahil asks only yours, my look too. They go. Manmohan comes and gives Saisha’s info. Kamini gets shocked and asks what, Nilanjana is not Saisha’s mom. He says she is Saisha’s legal guardian, Saisha is an orphan like other kids of Sukoon house, Nilanjana moved to Kashid ten years ago and started running Sukoon house orphanage, I didn’t get more info about her. Kamini asks him to keep her informed. Neil talks to lawyer on call. He says the truth that Avni is alive will come to light, then Vidyut will be released, we need to be fully prepared, we will do what’s right. Sunehri comes and asks is this what you will be wearing.

Neil says yes, why. She says I knew this, so I had already arranged clothes on rent for you, wear it. He thanks her and goes to change. Avni comes there and calls out Samrat. She sees Neil. She recalls…. Avni teasing Neil that he is not able to stitch. He asks her to help. She fixes the button. He holds her close and says I just wanted to get you close. FB ends. Neil says please leave me alone as you left me ten years ago. She says give me a chance to explain. He asks didn’t you get a chance before. She says fine, don’t talk to me, let me fix this. He says I got habitual to manage my work, please leave me alone and go. Avni asks Sunehri is everyone ready. Neil comes. Everyone compliments. They smile seeing Saisha. Avni and Neil cry happily. Saisha asks why are you two crying. Neil hugs her. He sees Avni. Saisha asks again. Avni says nothing, you look beautiful. Neil says like an angel. Saisha asks why are you crying. He says you reminded me of someone, its already late, come, KK is waiting for you.

Neil, Avni, Saisha and others reach KK’s house. Neil sees Avni’s given note while paying the fare. He gives the note and says I won’t need this anymore. Sunehri asks Avni to relax, no one knows her. Media asks Saisha how is she feeling. Kamini welcomes Avni and says don’t know, media self invited and came over. She compliments Saisha and takes her. Reporter says this is KK’s would be fiancee Saisha. Kamini says we shall start rituals. Everyone smiles. Avni imagines Neil. She goes to hold him, and he gets away. She hugs him and cries. KK and Saisha dance. Everyone claps.

Kamini calls pandit to start rituals. Manmohan says an informer is coming with Nilanjana’s complete details in some time. Kamini smiles. She asks Avni to come for rituals, as its her daughter’s Roka, this is the happiest day for a mother, you would be waiting for this moment since you gave birth to Saisha, its my son’s Roka today, I thought we would have similar feelings. Avni says Saisha is like my daughter, but I m not her mum. Kamini asks what, you are not Saisha’s biological mum. Saisha worries. Avni says I didn’t give birth to Saisha, I m her legal guardian.

Avni saying I m Saisha’s legal guardian. Kamini asks what are you saying, what the hell, how can this happen. Reporter says superstar KK is getting engaged to an orphan girl. Neil asks them what’s happening. DD sees an informer and stops him. He gets the info from him. Kamini asks did you lie to me. Avni asks when did I lie, when did I say I m Saisha’s mum. Kamini says it means Saisha lied, where are her parents, KK is a superstar, I won’t let him marry some orphan. Neil says please calm down. Avni asks Saisha what’s happening. KK says Saisha, you said she is your mum, and your dad is a cop. Kamini asks where is your dad, you said your dad is busy in some case and can’t come in Roka, who are your real parents. Saisha cries and says I lied, I made a mistake, I don’t know who are my parents, I m an orphan.

Mitali says its Saisha’s engagement. Shweta says we got Mishti and her groom too, Bebe get ready. Bebe says how can we go, don’t know Neil started talking to Avni or not. Shweta says they met after a long time, he is annoyed, but he knows Avni gave a big sacrifice for us. Bebe asks does Avni miss us like we miss her. Shweta says yes, she must be crying at night and missing us, we have to get ready for Mishti’s engagement, get ready now. Kamini says Saisha is a cheat. She asks Rahil to take the media away. Kamini says I think orphan kids is an excuse to get donations, what a disgusting gameplan, if Saisha is responsible for this, I can understand how your real parents are. Neil looks on. KK cries. Kamini says I m sure, criminal minds.

Avni asks her to think before saying anything. Kamini asks are you advising this to me, give me one good reason, why don’t I get you all arrested now. Saisha says Karan, listen to me please. Rahil says we can discuss this. Kamini says no, I won’t let them enter the house, I don’t want any solution, don’t know their cheap background, this relation can’t form, we are done. Avni says yes, we are done. She takes Saisha. They leave. Prakash, Bebe and Shweta come there and hear the reporters saying about roka breaking because Saisha is an orphan. Bebe cries seeing Avni. Neil says they know everything. Shweta says we all should leave now. They come home. Bebe and Shweta see Avni. Shweta says I have to talk to Avni. Bebe says not now, its not the right time, let her fight, there is much time for our talks. They go.

Avni asks why did you lie. Saisha asks what do you think, I love KK, if told him I m an orphan, would he like me, I had no idea that this would happen so soon, sorry. Avni says I would have not come here if you told me, you need to make an identity yourself. Saisha says I love him, help me please. Avni says you don’t get it, KK’s mom insulted us, KK didn’t say a word, you will not get respect there, what’s wrong with you, you are just 18 year old, you have ashamed me now. Neil looks on.

Reporter asks was Saisha lying since the start. Kamini says cleanly, she has a criminal mind, KK trusts everyone blindly. KK says I believed whatever she told me. Kamini says KK feels cheated, she wanted to take advantage of KK’s trusting nature, she must have thought to become a singer, she had a clear plan. KK says I don’t think so. Kamini says he is so innocent, he has no tantrums or sense, girls like Saisha know how to trap guys. Reporter thanks her and says we sympathize with you. She says KK needs your love and support. KK goes.

Kamini says we agreed for exclusive interview for getting exclusive info about Nilanjana, give me info else you can leave. Reporter says have this info, she is Avni Aisha, she is Ashish Mehta’s daughter, her mum was Aisha Haider, one time wonder actress, Avni was married to a cop, I mean, ex-cop Neil Khanna. Kamini gets shocked and says Neil Khanna. Reporter says yes, Avni was dead for the world and Neil was leaving without her.

Avni, Neil and everyone see Avni’s news on tv. Reporter tells about Saisha and KK’s engagement breaking off. Saisha throws the remote and says well done Jaan didi, you lectured me not to lie and you are a woman who has two identities to cheat everyone, you have hidden a lot from us, why did you lie, now I understand why you used to stay indoors and avoided cameras. Avni says you don’t know why I lied. Saisha says so that I also fear of love and run away, does love means getting afraid, I was right to fight for love, but you had been running away from love, you are a liar, what’s your real identity, who are you. Everyone looks on. Neil says enough Saisha, Avni didn’t run from love, she ran for those whom she loved, for you, for us, do you have any idea, how much she fought for you, so that your life is secure, Avni tell her.

Avni says I m Avni Aisha, I have a perfect eyesight, I don’t get scared of anyone, not even goons, I have sent bigger goons to jail, this is the truth of my identity, I m that unfortunate woman, who had to go away from my Neil, my love, my family by faking death, when I found you, your name was Mishti, I took you and ran away, because there was someone, who wanted to harm you, my love and my perfect family. Saisha says but I don’t remember anything, my real name is not Saisha, who am I. Avni says your name was Mishti, now your name is Saisha, I named you in memory of Aisha maa, I lied to keep you safe, I have realized that a lie doesn’t long last. Saisha says so you revealed the truth before everyone.

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