Monday Update on love or Poison 10th May 2021


Monday Update on love or Poison 10th May 2021

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Vrinda wonders how Surili’s tactic can fail. Sitara must no way reach Viraj. She says there is a way, sends Albeli to bring Sitara’s blood. Vrinda then pours a few drops of her own blood into the pot. Sitara had reached the Gianendra Kawach and Vrinda gets a jolt. She says their powers combined will not be able to stop Sitara anymore. Their vision also blurs.

Viraj sat on the bed when Sitara reaches the door of his room. She tightens her grip over the dagger under her dress. Viraj walks towards Sitara, moves his hand to touch her face but she looks away. He carries her into his arms to the bed, then sits beside her placing his head into her lap. Tears drop off Sitara’s face and fell over Viraj’s forehead. The effect of poison diminishes at once. Viraj stands up in a state of shock, the lights of his rooms turning on. He questions what she is doing. Sitara was happy that Viraj has recovered.
Vrinda fells down devastated as the pure tears of Sitara cured Viraj from the effects of poison.

Viraj shouts at Sitara to leave his room. She tries to explain herself but he pushes her away from himself. Later, Viraj wasn’t ready to accept any such superstition that a unison could cure him. He questions Sitara if she has no character of herself that she came to his room. Nehtra says Sitara must have prior intentions to have such relations with Viraj. Viraj wasn’t ready to let anyone intervene, neither Nehtra nor his parents. He says he wants to know the reason solely from Sitara as he wish to know her intentions. He asks why she is confident that only she can protect him. Surili watches this from behind a wall. Viraj says if Sitara can’t reply then she must go with him and prove that he won’t get a scratch till she is around him. He takes Sitara’s hand. Raaj Guru tells everyone to have faith on Sitara, she can handle the matter herself.

Surili speaks to Vrinda that they are disrespecting Sitara. Vrinda says they can’t expect anything else from them; they never remember any favors.
Viraj brings Sitara outside the palace and tells her to protect him now. He brings a can of kerosene oil, spills it in a circle around himself and throws a matchstick to encircle himself in the fire. Surili was happy to see this, so were Vrinda, Albeli and Chabeeli. Vrinda was happy with the chance. Surili tells Vrinda that none can save Viraj. She works with her powers to blow the fire over Viraj. He feels the severity of heat and tries to protect himself. There, Sitara tries to put the fire off by pots of water nearby but to no gain.

Sitara thinks about the claims over her birth chart capable of protecting Viraj. She had vowed to protect Viraj. She thinks no matter she dies herself, but she will protect Viraj at any cost. The security guards of the palace notice the spreading fire and goes to inform Maharaj.
Viraj was fighting the fire. Sitara climbs into the circle. Viraj was shocked to see the fire blow out on its own. Surili thinks Sitara is unaware of her strengths, but she holds great powers of Vishkanya. She can beat any of them. Sitara holds Viraj’s hand.

Everyone run outside to inquire Viraj about the fire. Viraj agrees that he can’t be harmed till Sitara is with him. He himself lit the fire, but it ignited largely. Raaj Guru thinks that Surili must have a role in this, but thankfully Sitara was around. Raaj Guru says Sitara can protect Viraj. Sitara couldn’t understand how that fire was blown out. Kuldeep asks her to let go of what’s already past. Viraj was thankful to Sitara and apologizes for disgracing her.

Aneeli tells Vrinda that Sitara is only following his father. Vrinda says she is unaware what her mother suffered, but Sureeli will make their work easier and she will now teach everyone there a lesson.
Sitara stood in the window thinking about her disgrace by Viraj. She turns around to see Viraj stand there with a balloon with Sorry. She passes by without noticing him. He accepts he was mistaken, but is apologizing for long now. He bends on his knees and holds his ear.

Sitara holds his hand but leaves it as soon as he stands up. She replies this kneeling doesn’t suit a prince like him. Their friendship ended the moment he disgraced her, and she can’t be friends with the one who doesn’t know how to respect a woman. She will never forgive all this for a lifetime. He shattered her limits. She was asked to take care of him. She had decided to kill herself after he was fine; she was disgraced in her own eyes. Sitara leaves the room. Viraj was determined to do anything to make her up.

Nehtra was in a disbelief that Sitara could jump in the fire unharmed. Samrat’s mother comes there saying Sitara is playing her game and they are sitting idly. Samrat argues that Sitara surely holds some supernatural power. She says Raaj Guru claims Sitara’s birth chart to be extremely strong, that’s surely for some reason. Nehtra wonders what they can do, Viraj would believe in Sitara only. Samrat’s mother tells them to plan something and throw this Sitara out of Viraj’s life.

Rani Saa was appreciative of Sitara’s helping attitude. Sitara says it was her responsibility. Samrat’s mother comes to the room and prays for Sitara as well. She silently thinks Sitara will however have to stay away from the palace.
Samrat, Aryan and Nehtra were terrified watching a poisonous snake in the box they had purchased. Aryan takes the box and assures them he will drop it in Viraj’s room. Sitara already sleeps on the floor and won’t be protected.

It was night, Sitara had made her bed when she hears a lady in pain. She comes to help the lady who complains of head ache. Sitara holds the lady to a chair and goes to get water for her. It was Sureeli under the veil. Sitara asks why she felt the head ache. Sureeli says she had a lot of work and couldn’t eat well. Sureeli offers to take her to doctor. Sureeli gets tears in her eyes and says a few words of love already made her forget her pain. She emotionally holds Sitara’s face and says she is really a nice girl. She silently thinks that her mother or aunts won’t let her be in any trouble. Sitara says it feels she has an years long relation with this touch. She then offers to take her to Daasi room. Sureeli was thankful for the care she had already given to her. Sitara offers any help needed.

At night, Sitara was asleep on the floor of Viraj’s room. Aryan drops the snake box into the room from the window and devilishly laughs that they will miss Sitara after today. The snake heads towards Sitara. Vrinda was terrified of the danger heading to Sitara. She speaks to her, awakening Sitara.

Sitara wakes up during the sleep. Sitara leaves the room. Sureeli was happy that may be Sitara got connected to Sureeli, and decides to follow her. The snake climbed Viraj’s bed.
Vrinda was happy to see Sitara responding to her call. She calls her to come and meet her mother. Sureeli continues walking behind her.
Viraj opens his eyes during a deep sleep and finds a snake over him.
There, Sureeli was excited as Sitara walked ahead without her connection to Vrinda breaking. She reached the door.