Monday Update on Lockdown Love Story 14th March 2022


Monday Update on Lockdown Love Story 14th March 2022

A guy showing the proof to Sonam. He says I m the angel for you, if something is given, then something is taken in return. She looks at him. Some time back, Milky irritates Dhruv a lot. He says I will go mad one day, what shall I do, Sonam isn’t understanding that she can’t become my wife, Milky isn’t understanding that I will never accept her as my wife. Sonam is sleeping. Ankita wakes her up and says I will make food for you. Dhruv comes. Ankita says we have a relation, which others won’t decide, tell me what you like, I will make that. Sonam says fine then, Chole and zeera rice. Dhruv tells what all Sonam likes.

Ankita smiles. Dhruv says you feed her everything well, her fav things, okay, but please convince her to eat well and leave. Ankita asks what are you saying. Sonam gets angry and says Dhruv is asking me to leave, when I had kept fast for him, where did his senses go. He says I m a fool, but you are sensible, leave my pind. Nutan comes and says she will ruin our family. Sonam says you always blame, listen to me. Shashi asks her to say.

Sonam says I thought I will prove myself and go, I kept the fast. Everything has changed, I know Milky regards you her husband but I also regard you something, leaving now will be insult of my fast, I will say it clearly now, you are just mine. Everyone is shocked.

Sonam says I swear, you can’t be of anyone else than me, I will not go until we get back together with everyone’s consent. He recalls Pratap’s words. He says you will go from here, even if I have to make you leave. Shashi stops him. He scolds Dhruv.

He asks Sonam not to worry, go and have food. He goes. Nutan says no one wants to make any city girl bahu, Sonam thinks she has become my Saas. Sheetal says you feel like a Saas within. Milky’s mum calls Nutan and says a big storm is coming, my husband is coming, he will not leave me. Nutan asks what can I do, the storm in my house isn’t getting calm, you don’t know what I m going through, I m handling things again, you can’t handle your husband, shame on you. She ends call.

She says her husband will ask how did Milky get married. Shashi puts a family pic on the wall. Dhruv says you are handling family photo, and also a stranger at home, Sonam is no one to you. Shashi says you have gone blind, how shall I explain you, she calls me Pa. Dhruv says I m calling you Bau ji since I learnt speaking, you have unseen my pain and tears, you think I m happy to throw out Sonam and insult her, I know the pain I go through, why don’t you understand, Pratap called me and asked me to send Sonam back, what shall I answer him, he is also a dad, he worries for his daughter, shall I say that my dad stopped her here.

Milky’s dad comes home. He scolds his wife and asks how did you get Milky married without telling me. She says I got her married. He says I lost my respect, how did you make her a bride instead Sonam, everyone is teasing me. She says the people will get calm, Milky’s life is set now, she will rule in that big house, I gave her a good husband and good Sasural, she will be happy. He says but you cheated them, I will tell them. She says I didn’t cheat them, Nutan, Sheetal, Milky were with me in this plan, we planned to faint Sonam and got Milky married. A guy records her confession. She says Dhruv will also accept Milky one day, you just see.

Shashi says you are become like Nutan, you are doing politics, don’t do this, I will talk to Pratap, if Sonam wants her to clean the stain on her, it will be right, I will give her a chance, this will make her dad happy also. Dhruv says fine, we will keep explaining each other, this will go on, your decision is right. Shashi thinks you are doing this, it proves you still love Sonam, if love is true, Lord will find a way to make it win. Milky’s mum and dad argue. The guy smiles and says Dhruv I m coming. He leaves.

Shashi says I should have laughed seeing you, but I m thinking why is an educated guy behaving like this, I m sad to see your values, where did your values go, I m surprised. He stops Dhruv from saying anything. He says when you were small and played in my lap, I m handling relations, don’t explain me what I should go, you try to understand, I won’t repeat it again. Dhruv cries. The guy is seen.

Dhruv saying Sonam has gone to get herself insulted. Shashi asks why didn’t you go there with her. Dhruv says I want to end this and you aren’t supporting me. Shashi says this won’t end if you do this, you have to understand. Pratap calls Dhruv and says just you can help me. Dhruv asks what happened, tell me, I will help you. Pratap says we are worried for Sonam, we couldn’t become normal till now, please return my daughter to me, I don’t know what Subhadra wants. He cries.

Sonam sees the ladies doing puja. Milky insults her. She tells a plan to the ladies. The ladies boycott Sonam. Milky says puja will go on for two hours, I will see how you do the puja, we will not go. Dhruv says these things aren’t for you Sonam, just go away. Sonam sees the ladies blocking her. The ladies ask do you have courage to make us away, we won’t let you do puja here, that’s it. Sonam takes some fallen leaves. She goes aside and sits. She does the puja. Dhruv and Sneha look on from the window. Sonam gets some soil and puts the small plant for the puja. She makes a little tree by keeping some leaves together. Sheetal says she has made a tree by putting the leaves. Sneha says I know you have negative thoughts, think how happy she can make your life, when she can make a tree from the leaves, no one can love you more than her. Dhruv cries. Sonam puts the dolls there and takes rounds. Nutan says let her do fake puja, we shall go home now. Sonam prays. Ankita smiles seeing Sonam. The ladies leave. Milky stops to insult Sonam. She asks what sindoor you have to do puja. Sonam shows the sindoor box. She says I have sindoor and maang also, think for yourself, get lost Milky.

Everyone gets Dhruv to do the rituals with Milky. Sonam comes home. She sees Dhruv and cries. Dhruv looks at Sonam. Shashi and Sneha feel bad. Sonam goes on the terrace and cries. She says I can’t see Dhruv doing such rituals, I m breaking down, I don’t have courage. Dhruv comes and asks her to stop asking Lord, I got the answers. He says maybe you were right, whoever mistake it was, wrong has happened with us, how long will you live in illusion, move on, you always asked me to move on, go to Mumbai and follow your dreams, don’t look behind, look ahead. Nutan comes and looks on. Dhruv says you have your family there, everyone loves you, they will support you, everything will get normal. She asks and you? Dhruv asks what am I asking you, it doesn’t matter. He makes her away.

He says you don’t have a right to ask this question, I don’t think its imp to answer, we have no relation to fight, go to Mumbai, stay with the family, stay happy with them, they are waiting for you, I m also fed up now of fights. Sonam says you had ousted me, I will not be tired, I will not go. He says I thought to explain with love. She says I won’t understand, will you throw me out or plan kidnapping or murder, try as much as you can, I won’t go, its my final answer, got it. Nutan looks on. Milky looks for him and calls out. Dhruv wipes tears. Sonam asks him to go to his wife.

Dhruv says good you accepted that Milky is my wife. Nutan smiles. Dhruv goes. Nutan thanks Mata rani. Sonam sees her. Sonam says its your time to worry now. Nutan says you are so shameless, you will not understand. Sonam says Dhruv had come to explain me with love, maybe he falls in love with me again, then what will happen of your lie, think, make some new plan. Nutan says I understand, don’t get happy, society has accepted Dhruv and Milky, society will regard you a woman who traps men, I will never accept you in the house, Dhruv will obey his husband’s duty some day. Sonam asks her to go and sleep, good night. She goes. Nutan says I won’t let your night get good.