Monday Update on Evil Eye 20th June 2021

Monday Update on Evil Eye 20th June 2021

Mohana says the fire gave powers to Ansh. Chetali says what? Why would Ansh want to take your powers? Mohana says I am the danger. Vedeshree says you did all that? She says yes I killed pandit ji. Ansh says we were idiots that we trusted you. Piya says we won’t let you win. Mohana says you promised that you will help me kill the challenger. Piya says I will kill you before that. The only one who would die today would be you. Ansh says you won’t give up your life because of me. Ansh jumps in the lava. Piya jumps after him. Everyone screams. Vedeshree says Ansh and Piya left us. We have to go. Piya picks Ansh and says you can’t leave me. You promised me you won’t let anything happen to anyone. You can’t let evil win. Please open your eyes. I won’t let anything happen to you. Vedeshree says Nishant please do something. Nishant says I can’t do anything this time.

Vedeshree screams and cries. She says I want my kids back. Mohana says they are gone. They are dead. Ansh did it himself. Ansh had to die. I thought it would be tough but Ansh made it very easy. Piya says Ansh I won’t let you go alone. I will go from this world with you. Piya rests her head on his head. Mohana says devika and Davansh both died.

Vedeshree says I will kill you. Mohana says no one can kill me and no one can take my powers. My raj tilak would be done here. Pandit ji comes there. Mohana says you’re late. It’s all over. I am glad you are alive. Who would I celebrate this victory with? Pandit ji laughs. He says the night isn’t over. You’re laughing way to early. Mohana says you knew Ansh would die. Pandit ji says there was something else in his kundli too. Vedeshree says but he is alive right? Pandit ji says no. He had to die but he will get even more powers after dying. Another power will be born. That power will kill aikain.

Ansh and Piya get up with more powers. Pandit ji says they are back with more powers. Mohana says my Raj tilak is done. I am the queen of witches now. Ansh says your power can’t be more than Shiv ji. Ansh and Piya do the tandav. The crown falls from Mohana’s head. Ansh throttles her. Mohana says please forgive me Ansh. I will go far away from your life. Ansh says that you would. Ansh takes her up in the sky with himself. Ansh says we forgave you because you gave birth to me but now enough. Ansh eats Mohana’s life. He recalls everything she has done. Mohana dies. Nishant says Mohana is gone forever. Pandit ji says you all are done with her forever now. The crown comes to Ansh. Piya says Ansh this crown came to you. Do you want it? Ansh burns it and says no. This battle with fear and evil is over. Vedeshree says this would be a new life. Chetali says with everything fine now.

Some people plant trishul in a house and say we have to place it in this house to save it from witch’s eye. Madhu is among those people. They place it in the house. Pandit ji says this house is safe now. Madhu says so she can’t come to my house? He says yes but she is in this city. Thre is a witch in the house. She says why do we have to get him married now? He says Apur would be okay when he has two hands in his life and he’s married. His mother says yes we should get him married. Pandit ji says I have placed a thread on all the entrances of the house. They see police coming. Panditji says did something happen? The woman says no our neighbor’s kid killed himself. They see a head. Madhu’s mother screams. Pandit ji says Urushi and Namrita ji, the witch is not in your city but in your neighborhood. Get Apur married as soon as possible.

The witch appears there. A woman says the witch did to Saurav what she did to my son. Urushi says she is back. She killed my husband and is after my son now. She won’t ever leave this house. Madhu (Mohana’s lookalike) says we have God with us. Nothing would go wrong now. Urushi says I have called the family of a girl. Madhu says you called a family without telling me? Urushi says we don’t have time.

Madhu comes to Apur and says my handsome brother. That girl would be so lucky who married. The girl is Palak. Her sister says he can’t be better than you. Mohana says to her brother you know what to do right. Palak’s aunt comes and twists Neha’s hand and says if there is any problem this time I won’t leave you guys. Palak says please leave her mami. We won’t do anything. Palak and Apur’s family meet. Madhu says please sit. They ask Palak to tell about herself. Mami says she doesn’t talk much. Apur says I want to say something. Her uncle say when I am here you don’t have to say anything. Apur keeps shouting. Madhu tries to clam him down. Palak before getting married you should all know I am sick. I have a hole in my heart. She recalls all the families rejecting her because of that reason. Palak’s mami twists her hand and says why did you do this? If you don’t get married your sister won’t either.

Apur says to Madhu am I actually crazy? Would no one marry me. Madhu hugs him and cries. Urushi gets an asthma attack. Everyone sits her down. Apur says mummy please don’t cry. I will become a good boy. I won’t do anything wrong. Urushi hugs him. He says I did so wrong. I did so wrong. I am a bad boy. Madhu says you are my good brother. Don’t cry. She gives him water.

Neha says to Palak please don’t cry. She gives her water. Madhu says to Apur go and sleep please. He says would we see baba in the dream? She says yes. Please sleep now. Madhu comes in the balcony. The witch is outside. Madhu draws the curtains and comes on the terrace. The witch looks at her. She says you thought this trishul can stop me? Madhu says I won’t let you get to my brother. She says how will you stop me? Madhu becomes a witch too. She slaps the other witch and says I am an aikain. The witch falls down and says so you are the aikain who will kill her own brother and sacrifice him. Madhu says then imagine what would I do with you. The other witch says I will take your brother with me. Madhu hits her. Madhu’s braid burns.