Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 6th September 2021


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 6th September 2021

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Dharma is looking at kids coming for dinner, Jeet ask Sushim where is that cheap guy AShok? Sushim says he must be afraid.
all kids come in court, Siamak comes and hugs Justin, Justin smiles, Agni notices this, Helena comes in court, king of Ujjain says to Bindu that i want to make palace for Agni in Patliputra, she will be married there only, Bindu says sure, Justin is my only brother and for his ease, we will do everything, Justin says whats the need for making new palace, it will take much time, Charu says it shows how much excited Justin is for marriage, Helena says i know someone, he will make small palace in 3 months, now there is no problem. Sushim come there, Bindu ask where is AShok? otherside Dharma is waiting for Ashok too.

AShok is in room where royal sword is kept, he touches the sword and his finger gets cut by it, blood comes out, he says i take it as blessing of Chandragupt, he does his tilak with that blood, Aakramak comes there and says you should have gone for dinner, Ashok says if it was your order then i would have gone, Aakramak ask why you are doing all this, your life is in danger because of this competition, you dont know how to fight, Ashok says but i know how to do hard work, Aakramak says as teacher its my duty to protect you, your future doesnt belong to this competition, you are not ready for this competition, you have no knowledge about anything so as teacher i take decision that you will not take part in competition, this is my order, AShok is shocked, Aakramak leaves, Ashok sadly looks at royal sword.

Ashok comes in palace, he sadly looks at palace and leaves for school. in court, Siamak is leaving, Sushim ask where are you going? he says its important work. subhrasi ask Drupat to go and sleep, he says not i like to sit here, bindu says if wanna stay here then let it be, Subhrasi agrees. charu comes to Sushim who is drinking wine, she ask you are drinking wine? does it suite next Samrat? Sushim says i was just tasting it, Charu says it will hurt you, Sushim says i am not kid, i understand whats good and whats bad for me and about competition, i will win it at any cost, she leaves.

Raj says to Helena that congrats, Samrat agreed for new palace, Helena says but marriage should happen soon, Charu thinks that they have some plan, i should listen to them, she listens, Helena finds her there and changes topic, she says to Raj(king of Ujjain) that we dont doubt your intentions, Agni is a very nice girl and we like her, RAj says i am lucky that my niece has got such good family as her in-laws.

Dharma is waiting for Ashok. Otherside Ashok is practicing tasks in school, Siamak comes there and ask what are you doing here, Ashok says did you see my timing is good than before, i will show you too, Siamak says what are you doing, why are you practicing at this time, did anyone say anything to you? Ashok says Aakramak said i cant take part in competition as he think i am not ready but Sushim will get one more chance to show to Samrat Bindu that i dont deserve to be here, i want to make Bindu proud, i want to show that he was not right, i want to show Aakramak that i am ready for this, Siamak says i can talk to Bindu, AShok says no i want to achieve things on my own, Siamak ask Ashok to come for dinner, bindu must be waiting for you, he will be happy to see you, Ashok says i am practicing here, Siamak says so i will stay here too, if you are stubborn then i am too, Ashok says lets go, siamak ask to change dress, Ashok says but person doesnt change by changing clothes, Siamak says if you have trust that you will not change then change the dress, Ashok says lets go.

some mysterious lady enters palace on horse, she has veil on her face, soldiers run behind her, she comes in court, bindu and all are shocked, soldiers stop her, Khurasan ask who are you, she looks at Bindu, puts her sword in his feet and says i am warrior of Magdh army, i have come to warn you, she takes off her shawl and veil, she puts dagger at Justin’s neck, all are stunned, she says to Justin that if my sister Agnishika cry being your wife then i will take your life, all smile, Raj says she is my daughter Ahennkara, Ahenkara says i just wanted to show my love for my sister, Helena says we were shocked that you broke our security and entered court like this, Agni says why did you come here? she says i come for my sister’s marriage, Sushim likes her, he stops her, Bindu says he is my son Sushim, Sushim says i can show you way to your room in palace, Ahenkara says the one who is lost need help of others, i dont need it, she leaves, sushim says i like her attitude. Helena says to Justin that i know you dont wanna marry but i am doing all this for you, dont do anything wrong, talk to Agni, all should feel that this couple is made by God not by us

Ashok changes dress and comes with Siamak to palace, Ashok says i am not able to handle this royal dress, Siamak says you didnt like my dress? Ashok says no, i like it, Dharma finds them going, she says i felt it was Ashok but how he can be wearing royal dress. Justin comes to Agni, he ask what are your hobbies? she says i like to dance, he says you must look nice while dancing, she smiles, Noor fumes and is about to leave court, Siamak comes there with AShok, Noor says Ashok in these clothes? Siamak says i gave it to him, he is looking like prince, Noor says he will start thinking that he is prince, Siamak says to Noor that Ashok is my friend, Noor says royal kids can have mercy on poor kids but cant be their friends, Siamak says but.. Ashok says no, dont argue with mother, mother’s talk are bitter but there is love behind it, you are lucky that you have someone who care for you, he says to Noor that i will remember this thing, he starts leaving court.

Siamak says i brought Ashok here but you insulted him, Noor says you are insulting me, by not listening to me, dont take test of my patience.
Ashok is leaving, he finds one girl’s dupatta getting fire, he runs and doses fire off from her Dupatta with his clothes, girl is Ahenkara, she says to Ashok that what an observation and speed, great, Ashok says i cant show this to my teacher, she says lie, he says i dont lie, he says the one who changes himself in difficult situation then he is not a man, she says nice meeting you prince, AShok smiles, Sushim comes there and finds them talking, AShok says you are mistaken, sushim comes and says you wanna lure her too with your talks, see your standard first, Ahenkara says what kind of behavior is this with a prince, Sushim looks at Ashok and says by wearing dress of prince, he cant become prince, he ask from where did you rob these clothes,

Ashok says i am not thief, Ahenkara says same way as you dont lie? i cant believe that you fooled me, AShok says i was about to tell you the truth, Ahenkara says you were posing as prince infront of me, Ashok says its sad to see that you see a man with his clothes too, Sushim ask him to keep shut, i dont want any drama else i would have beaten you, Ashok says i am not afraid of you, Sushim is about to beat him, Ahenkara says leave it, dont give attention to this cheap guy. Ashok is hurt and leaves from there, Sushim says i am sorry on his behalf, she says he should be sorry, sushim says come with me, she goes, Sushim smirks.

Khurasan ask Noor why you are scolding Siamak, what happened, she says dont know, she takes Siamak and leaves from there. Helena says to Justin that if you cant handle Noor then i will make her understand, Justin is stunned.
Bindu says in court that i talked with Raj, we have decided date for Justin and Agni’s marriage, all claps, helena thinks that my plan is getting successful.
Radha shows Chanakya that all are here but Helena’s most favorite soldier is missing that is Chamawand, we tried to find him but he is not seen anywhere, she has not left any mark to find what she is upto, chanakya says what problem is this, one side is Helena who is trying everything to make her son Smarat and otherside is Dharma who thinks that if her son becomes Samrat then he will leave peaceful path, we have to do something.

Kasturi stops Ashok and says prince you are leaving without dinner? Ashok laughs and says my dress is expensive but i am common person, Dharma sees him and is surprised, she smiles, Kasturi ask who are you? he says i am Ashok, my mother used to treat Samrat here, some days back, she was killed so Samrat has enrolled me in royal school, Kasturi thinks that Chanakya brought a cook here and asked me to not tell anyone about her, if she is Subhadrangi? she looks at Dharma, Dharma ask her to keep quite and ask Ashok for food, she hides, Kasturi says all think great of your mother and now i know you are her son so i wont let you go without dinner, she takes him and serves him food, Ashok eats it, Dharma sees him and smiles, Ashok sys to Kasturi that you gave me food with love, it feels that my mother must be happy seeing me eating, dharma smiles, Kasturi comes to Dharma and says this secret will remain secret, Ashok have something in him that Samrat has send him in royal school.

Sushim and Ahenkara are going, he stops her and says we cant go out at this time and girls are not allowed to go, Ahenkara ask why did you brought me here. sushim says i will teach a lesson to that cheap Ashok, he thinks some idea,he ask his friend to hide her, they hide Ahenkara, soldiers let Sushim and friends go out, they come in school and looks for AShok. he doesnt find Ashok on his bed and gets angry, Ahenkara says he seem clever, Sushim says he is coward, ran away from me, Ahenkara says if i was in your place, i would have not let him run, Sushim is embarrassed.

Ashok is sitting outside of school, Aakramak ask what are you doing here? Ashok says i dont wanna get late in class, i would have come on time but.. Aakramak says but some kids didnt allow you to come, this will happen in this competition, what will you do then, AShok says give me one chance, Aakramak says cant you see, how they fool you, you are not trained and i am not allowing you, Ashok says dont do it, i need one chance, i will prove you that i am capable, Aakramak says you cant prove your skills in one day, its like making house with leaf petals in one day, he leaves.
its morning, Ashok is sleeping on floor. Sushim comes and says so you were hiding here, Aakramak comes there, Ashok shows him house he made with leaf petals in night, he says if you have dedication then you can make house with leaves too, Aakramak breaks the house with his sword, Ashok is stunned, Aakramak says you will be like this without learning, Ashok says i will learn after entering competition, when i wanna do it then why you are stopping me, Aakramak asys i will take your test, if you pass it then i will let you enter competition else dont ask me about it again, do you accept? Ashok says yes.

Aakramak brings Ashok and all students to task zone, he says you have to climb ladders tied around trees to move forward on track, if you doesnt catch next ladder to move forward then you will fall on ground where there are pricks placed, he says if you fall on ground then you will lose your life, Ashok prays and start the task, he climbs ladders and is moving forward when he loses grip and is about to fall, Siamak says Ashok… ashok holds ladder in time, he keep moving forward, Aakramak says accept that you cant do the task, Ashok imagines dharma smiling to him, he continues the task and completes the task, Ashok ask did i pass? aakramak says you can take part in competition but i dont till how much far you will go, Ashok says i will not disappoint you, sushim fumes in anger.