Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 3rd February 2022


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 3rd February 2022

Kichak asks a future predictor what he can see. Will I become a father? Will someone sit on the throne after me or not? A lady (Kichak’s wife) looks on as well. The man says change will certainly happen in future. I see a Tejasvi kid who will sit on the throne after you. He will become an example for India in future. His fame will not be limited to Takshshila. The lady smiles shyly. Kichak does not let that man complete. It means my son will certainly be born. I was dying to hear this only. He calls out for Bhami (his wife). She comes out from behind the curtains. The man is speechless. Kichak gives him gold. The man leaves without telling him the truth.

Kichak wants to hold a celebration. We will offer humans in sacrifice so there is no obstacle in our way. Bhami finds it wrong that they should kill someone to gain someone. He scolds her for using her mind. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything if I had listened to you. my son will set an example for the entire world. He will show that for ruling, you don’t need royal blood. I wont accept any hindrance in my way, even if it is you! He leaves. Bhami prays that her husband realises his follies one day. He should realise that he has ruined the lives of many innocent people only to achieve his dream.

Ashoka politely declines Amatya Raakshas’s request. My dharma is to take care of my mother and get her treated. I have to achieve my mission as soon as I can. Amatya Raakshas feels happy to hear his words. You can come to me if you need anything in Takshshila. Ashoka nods. Ashoka and Kaurvi look at each other. They start talking at the same point. She asks him why he fought for her. He replies that he would have done the same thing it if was some other girl in her place. She says I don’t understand you at times. You try to hide your truth by calling yourself a fisherman’s son. On the other hand, you attack like a pro (soldier / warrior) for a bracelet? He shares that this has his mother’s blessings. 4 pillars of living life so I never sway from my path – power, courage, patience and trust.

He thinks that they are the 4 pillars of united India. Ma says, a person’s life is based on these 4 pillars only. Kaurvi thinks they are equally important for her missions’ success too. She remarks that his mother has done his upbringing in such a way as if he is some prince of Magadh. Ashoka reasons that for any mother, her daughter is like a princess and a son, a prince. It is my turn to ask a question now. Why did you save me? Why were you looking for me? When everyone was trying to save their own lives, why were you thinking about me? She gives him his answer only. They hear the sailor thanking everyone on the ship for pulling through the worst situation on board. Our journey ends now. We have reached our destination (Takshshila)! Ashoka and Kaurvi look at each other.

Kichak says a few years ago, did anyone think that we will all stand in Takshshila like this. We will have the right to make new rules! Ashoka is dead. I don’t accept it as my truth. Victory is still far. I have to reach Patliputra, Kalinga! We have to announce that we are independent, and brave. Anyone can be brave. His courtiers agree with him. KIchak adds that their respect will increase when his respect will increase. Your only aim is to make all the citizens of Takshshila believe that there is only one true king – Kichak! They all cheer for him. Kichak has deployed 4 of his trustworthy people. They will spread the word around. Agnibahu (minister for education) – he will make sure everyone gets to know about Mahanayak Kichak’s story. Education should be given while telling them about their Mahanayak Kichak. They should pray to their Mahanayak only. Dhanajay (minister of commerce) – he will make sure the treasury is always full. The citizens should not dare to even take a stand against their Mahanayak. Virayan (minster for internal safety) – he will spread terror so no one can ever think to rebel against us. A state’s success is reflected in its justice system. Only a king can do that. It will be in my hands only! I will make sure I make rules which are in our benefit only. I will teach a rebel the true meaning of justice! We are the 4 pillars of Takshshila. We will remove the name of Maurya Vansh from this earth. Everyone cheers for him.

Radha Gupta requests Bindu to allow him to leave for Takshshila. Bindu asks him why he wants to go. Radha Gupta says I want to alert my spies before Sushim reaches there. It will help Sushim only Bindu agrees. Keep me in loop. Radha Gupta agrees. Bindu thinks of Ashoka. He looks sadly at the sword. The pain of Ashoka’s loss will end with my life only. He caresses the sword. I wish I could tell you how much proud I am of you. I wish I could tell you how much I love you son.

Ashoka asks kaurvi what happened. She says nothing. He points out that at times people say a lot by saying nothing. In this journey, I couldn’t find out about you and why you came here. I have understood you are very brave. He gifts her conch shell. It transfers even a drop of sand into pearl. The same is with you. You can turn your life as beautiful as a pearl if you will keep faith. She says I couldn’t understand your truth in reality. But I am sure, there is something very important that you want to accomplish on your own. Truth is, you aren’t alone. She too gives him a gift. You will always have the prayers and blessings of all those with you who trust you. They look sadly at one another as they hear people calling out for them.

Kaurvi goes with Amatya Raakshas. Ashoka looks at her as she leaves. He recalls that she is the same fruit seller who he was following the other day in market. The other monk chants a mantra as he reaches the main gate. Amatya thinks he has finally reached the place from where his mission will start. The world will finally get to know that there is someone superior to Chanakya. Chankya began the rule of Maurya Vansh. I will put an end to that now. He enters inside the main gate along with Kaurvi and the monk.

A guy (soldier) slaps the monk. How dare you take the name of our Swami! He is called Mahanayak. Amatya says we only want to meet your Mahanayak and bless him. It will help him move towards the aim of his life. The soldier replies that their Mahanayak needs no such blessings. Amatya points out that it isn’t wrong to have someone’s blessings when you aim for something big. The soldier pushes him and walks away.

Ashoka too enters inside the main gates of Takshshila. He touches the dirt on his head. He remembers Acharya’s last words; of his mother’s words. Everyone thinks Acharya Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya began the Maurya dynasty from here only. They don’t understand that that was the beginning of their dream of a united India only. Takshshila is trying to break the same dream now. I vow that I wont let it happen. I will throw away all the negativity from here and establish the 4 pillars of united India here! I will end Kichak!

Some people carry heavy stuff from one point to another. The soldiers beat the kids openly. A mother calls for help. Ashoka observes the tortures people are bearing under Kichak’s reign. Little kids are forced to work. Ashoka takes out the coin he has. He recalls his father’s words about it. It is a symbol of Maurya Vansh’s respect too. The kids get food in return of their hard work. Ashoka thinks to understand the situation around first. A soldier asks him who he is. Ashoka says I am seeking work. The soldier asks him to put his hands up. Ashoka hides the gold coin in his turban. The soldier finds a coin from Ashoka. Ashoka says I earned it by working on the ship. The soldier takes it with him. Ashoka manages to get the gold coin back. Ashoka wonders where he will find Kichak now.

A lady asks her kid to drink milk. The kid breaks the pot. The mother accepts she was feeding him flour mixed in water. Where will I get you milk from? Ashoka steps forward but the lady pushes him. The gold coin falls from his hand. A man picks it up. This gold coin is of no importance to me. Are you a Maurya? Why have you come here? He asks if the bad end of his life is also predestined. Ashoka asks him what he means. The man points at a group of people who hang dead. They too had brought a message from Maurya’s. Your future is right before you. Even God cannot save you now. He walks away. Ashoka goes in the same direction.

An announcement is being made about the new taxes that have been introduced by Kichak. There will be taxes even on death and birth now. People beg for mercy. The same guy asks them how they will get the tax amount from the dead person. The soldier replies that the family will pay for it. Ashoka calls it heights of injustice. We will have to stop it. Everyone cheers for their Mahanayak Kichak reluctantly except Ashoka. The main soldier notices this. You dint bow down hearing Mahanayak’s name! How dare you! He pulls Ashoka with him.

Dharma is doing embroidery work. She thinks of Ashoka. She hurts herself with the pin. Drupad comes running there. Why are you doing this when you are hurt? He tends her wound. She says how I can feel the pain when I have a son like you. Drupad talks about becoming like Ashoka. I will never be able to take his place but I will become your son for sure. His mother too says the same. I cannot even imagine what it is to lose a son. Please let me know if I can help you in any way. Dharma can understand her discomfort. Someone younger than Drupad will come too. what else do I need! Charu thinks Dharma did a big mistake by trusting Drupad’s mother. She will pay for it from her unborn child.

The guy pleads for mercy from Ashoka’s behalf but the soldier insists upon taking him before Kichak. He pulls Ashoka. The guy pleads him again. Ashoka thinks of Acharya Chanakya and his mother. No decision should be taken by thinking emotionally. Be calm and patient. He bends down to touch his nose before the idol kept there. The main soldier asks his juniors to keep an eye on Ashoka. He goes from there. Ashoka looks at the idol. Kichak, your end is near! The guy turns to look at Ashoka.

Radha Gupta enquires a few people about the ship that got burnt on the way to Takshshila. Did anyone survive? One guy talks about a kid that survived. Radha Gupta gets curious. How old was he? The guy shares that he called himself a fisherman’s son. He went to Takshshila. Radha Gupta hopes to reach that kid to know more about what happened at the sea.

People notice the broken nose of the idol. They get tensed but a lady points out that someone has come to end the tortures of Kichak. That day is not far when he will lose! The soldiers beat people. There is no place for rebellion here. Ashoka feels bad for them as they are bearing the punishment of his deed. I will make sure he pays for all his misdeeds. Where will I find him?

Bindu asks Dharma why she is not eating properly nowadays. She reasons that their state needs food. How can I eat then? He talks about the baby in her womb. You are responsible for its nutrition. She asks him about the other pregnant women in Magadh who aren’t getting nutrition. He says I am doing all that I can. You are my strength. If you will eat then I will get the strength to face any problems. He feeds her with his hands.

All the people are gathered in acourtyard. His sister congratulates him. He gives her credit for whatever he is today. You trusted me when no one else did. She is proud of him. You proved that we should never underestimate a common man. She does his tilak using her blood. This will always remind you of my sacrifices. You will make sure Magadh should pay for the blood that our people have shed for its prosperity. He talks about how their expanse will be vast. The beginning of my dream will start now. He orders his soldiers to start.

The soldiers bring in a number of people who they are beating badly. They have been termed as rebels. Ashoka too joins the other people. He looks at Kichak.