Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 2nd May 2022


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 2nd May 2022

Both Ashoka and Kaurvaki are on their way to the Kumbh Mela. Kaurvaki feels as if Ashoka is hearing the same tune like her under the same sky. Bela is happy to see her happy. I too feel like falling in love seeing you. I am sure your love story will inspire many generations.

Ashoka is eating. He is pouring water on his face when Kaurvaki’s cart passes by from there. They don’t see each other but Ashoka feels something. He shakes the thought aside. Kaurvaki’s cart gets stuck in something. Bela suggests playing something till it is fine. They sit down nearby the cart.

Kaurvaki tells Bela there isn’t much to think. You will definitely lose. Kaurvaki says I will win this time. Kaurvaki gets up and goes from there followed by Bela. Ashoka is passing by from there. He notices people trying to pull out the wheel but to no avail. He looks at the game that has been left incomplete. He plays a move and then leaves. The wheel is safely pulled out by then as well. Kaurvaki and Bela come there. Who played this? Daasi shares that it was a passerby. Bela remarks that there is someone in the world who can equal you. Someone has defeated you in this game for the first time! Kaurvaki smiles.

Someone says you will finally meet the one who have been waiting to meet. There will be another Mahabharat, another war after that! Ashoka looks at the man. He says the one whose every finger has a chakra can only become Chakravartin in future. His hands can break all the mountains. But you have drowned himself in his anger at the moment. The one who can control his anger can win over the world. The time is not far when you will find the medium to calm down your anger.

Kaurvaki and Bela reach Kumbha Mela too.

The man begins to go but Ashoka blocks his way. Who are you? The man suggests him to find out himself first and then him. Ashoka says all that you told me just now prove that you know me from before. The man asks him to guess who he is then. Ashoka says magician. The man laughs heartily. Your presence here has some meaning. Have faith or else! He walks away. Ashoka looks at him puzzled.

BIndu is passing by from Charu’s room when he smells something foul. It is coming from Charu’s room? Charu is busy doing black magic. Bindu is curious to know what’s happening inside the room. He is about to open the door when Mahamatya says I have to talk to you regarding Sushim. I get scared of him at times nowadays. He has become too aggressive. Bindu isn’t surprised. I am hearing it since childhood. Mahamatya agrees. But there is a change now. He can change his mistakes and can break any limits for that. Bindu is confused. You speak contradictorily. Decide first what you want to do – praise him or complain about him? Where is he? Mahamatya loudly speaks (to alert Charu) of doing something to safeguard Sushim’s future. Bindu knows it too well. I am aware of my duties. You don’t need to remind me. He opens Charu’s room and is shocked. Impossible! There is nothing. Mahamatya heaves a sigh of relief. Bindu says I smelled something foul from here but nothing is here. Mahamatya says she left for temple long time ago. Bindu leaves.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki come to take bathe at the ghaat that is especially for Rajvanshi’s. Daasi’s surround Kaurvaki with white cloth on all the four sides to make a proper private room for her. Ashoka is still wearing the necklace that Kaurvaki made him wear 10 years ago. They both feel each other’s presence. Kaurvaki smiles hopefully. She tells Bela she felt something very different. I am aware of the fragrance in the air that is here. I have never experienced it before. Ashoka thinks he felt he got what he lost. Bela says everyone experiences it at a holy place. Kaurvaki denies. it is different. He will surely come before me today if I am right about this fragrance. Sunlight falls on the Shivlinga in Ashoka’s necklace. Kaurvaki recognizes it. She begins to go towards him when Bela stops her. Where are you going like this? Kaurvaki goes with the Daasi’s. Ashoka leaves by then.

A guy (Siamak) says Sushim left to find Ashoka. He has got news that Ashoka is near Ujjaini. A lady is standing in dark (Helena, her face is still not shown though). Helena says such info was found years ago too. He hasn’t been found till date though. You haven’t understood anything till date from all your mistakes. He is a chameleon. You cannot recognize him even if he is right before your eyes. Siamak says you said he is alive and will come to seek revenge. We cannot wait for him to come back for forever. She suggests him to lay a trap for Ashoka.

Daasi’s stop Kaurvaki from going before someone like this. Ashoka leaves from the ghaat. Kaurvaki prays that she came here to seek her Kuldevi’s blessing in her mission to find Ashoka. You fulfilled my prayer before I even said it out loud. Thank you!

Kaurvaki’s soldiers push away a few ordinary citizens who shout irked. Ashoka asks them what happened. the citizens relate that Rajvanshi’s are so arrogant. They are not peaceful even at the abode of Lord. She must be a Rajkumari but she cannot push away someone and walk ahead. Ashoka asks them where she belongs to. The people don’t care. She must be a Rajkumari but all the Rajvanshi’s are alike. They are selfish and look down on people. Ashoka is hurt to hear people’s thoughts on Rajvanshi’s, but also knows that they are right. He pats at the man’s hand sympathetically before going his way.

Kaurvaki says I lost him. I found him after waiting for him for so long. It is all because of you Bela. Bela asks her if she saw him. How does he look like? Kaurvaki shares that she couldn’t see his face, but she saw the bright light emanating from that special necklace that she had made Ashoka wear 10 years ago. It belonged to my ancestors. Bela suggests her not to lose heart. Come in temple and pray to God. He has guided you till here. He will show you the way from hereon too.

Ashoka stands on the other side of the Shivlinga. I am here as Ma wanted it. I have anyways stopped asking for anything. I have understood one rule of life very nicely. You get results of your karma surely. The result that you want can be obtained only be doing Karma. Kaurvaki and Ashoka stand on either side of the Shivlinga as they go puja. They later do parikrama as well. They go their separate ways after doing puja.

Soldiers tell Nirankush they felt like Ashoka was trying to run away. We tried to inform you but coconut fell on our head. Nirankush sends them back inside to bring Chand. Soldiers knock at the door. Dharma panics. Devi and Seth Dhaniram are shocked to see soldiers surrounding their house from all the sides. Vit hugs Dharma.

Kaurvaki wonders if her tapasya is still incomplete. Bela tries to cheer her up. A man (the same man who met Ashoka the other day) says everyone wants peace, happiness and satisfaction in life but it is always full of struggles. Fate makes you pay for it but you get results on the basis of your karma. Everyone is wandering here for the very same reason. Kaurvaki is in thoughts.

Sushim is on his way to Kumbh Mela. I will make him pay back today for all the past deeds. Not only Ashoka but his entire family will be punished. Entire world will see how people get punished for going against me.

Soldiers take Dharma and Vit outside. They tell Nirankush they couldn’t find Chand inside. Nirankush demands to bring everyone outside. Dharma, Vit, Devi and Seth Dhaniram are brought there. Everyone stands quietly as Nirankush asks for Chand.

Ashoka misses Vit as he roams in the market. He would have enjoyed it a lot. He buys sweets for Vit. Bela takes Kaurvaki to where a magician is. Kaurvaki takes a step back as she is looking for something (ashoka is right behind her). Sushim comes there. Bela takes her with her before Kaurvaki or Ashoka could see each other. Kaurvaki sweetly pulls a kid’s cheek who is dressed as Kanha. She goes with Bela. Ashoka too looks at the kid and pulls his other cheek. He thinks of his mother as he looks at sarees. He buys one for her. Shopkeeper asks him if he wont buy anything for his wife. Ashoka replies that let him find her would be wife first. Kaurvaki walks past Ashoka who feels something. He looks around but does not see anyone. He thinks of his last meeting with Kaurvaki. He asks shopkeeper to give the most beautiful saree of his shop to him. Shopkeeper is confused. You said you aren’t married yet. Ashoka says I am buying for future. He buys a saree for Kaurvaki. Ashoka sees jewellery shop.

Bela takes Kaurvaki to the same saree shop. Ashoka picks up a mangtika. Kaurvaki turns just then and it seems to be perfect at her forehead (reflection in mirror). She again turns when he picks up jhumkas. She keeps on turning unconsciously as he holds a necklace. He sees Kaurvaki’s eyes in the mirror and thinks of his dream. Bela takes Kaurvaki away by the time Ashoka turns to look at her. Ashoka smiles thinking it must be my imagination.

Sushim reaches Kumbha Mela. The same kid is standing in his way. He screams Ma. Ashoka hears him. He saves the kid just in time before Sushim’s horse could step over him. Ashoka shouts at him. Are you blind or a fool? How can you just ride around on a horse when people are around? Could you not see the kid? Sushim says you will soon know who has come in whose work. This distance isn’t between you and me but between your life and truth. He steps down from the horse. Ashoka and Sushim walk towards each other.