Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 23rd August 2021


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 23rd August 2021

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Bindu gves Agni to deadbody of Sibhadrangi, Chanakya, Radhgupt are sad, Chanakya thinks that sorry Dharam, i couldnt give you the position which you deserve in life, because of me you had to suffer alot but you this sacrifice will be written in history of Magdh.

Ashok says to Lord that today your ego has proven that you are just a stone but i believe that my mother is alive and this belief cant be snatched from me by anyone.
Charu says to Prime minister that what happened today in court, i want to talk about it, prime minister’s duty is to tell Samrat about rules and regulations, Prime minister sys i cant change Samrat’s decision, charu says it was not his decision but someone(pointing Chanakya) forced him to take that decision, why you are not given respect in court, why Samrat listens to chanakya alot, you should speak up in court, tell me one thing what happened in court was right or wrong?

Prime minister says it was wrong, she says i dont know why chanakya is taking advantages of his powers, why he is not respecting your position, i want to go against him, will you come to my side? Prime minister says Samrat listens to Chanakya alot, i agree that what happened today was wrong but Chanakya always think good for Magdh, Charu says you are saying that what happened today was right for Magdh too?
Samrat Bindu says to potrait of Dharma that when i was giving Agni to Subhadrangi’s body, i was thinking about you, she was a nice lady, she was same like you, she used to hate violence too like you, i dont know why bad things happen with good people.

Ashok comes to Bindu and ask did you see my mother? Bindu says i ave given Agni to your mother’s deadbody and she was given royal treatment, you have to accept the fact that your mother is dead, Ashok says i dont know whom you have given Agni but i know one thing that she was not my mother, i have no proof for this statement but soon i will bring my mother infront of you and then you all will believe me, he leaves.

Siamak stops Ashok and says i listened about your mother, Ashok says what has happened to all, i am saying my mother is alive why people dont believe me, Siamak says i believe you, if you have trust that she is alive then she must be alive, i trust my friend’s words, Ashok says when she returns this time, i will make you meet her, he leaves, Sushim listens all this.

Ashok is leaving, he thinks that if mother is not in Patliputra then she must have returned to home, i should go back to Van to find her, she must be waiting for me.
Siamak si practicing when Sushim comes there, he says to Siamak that you shouldnt do somethings, he ask what? sushim says you are from royal family, you are prince, you should see with whom you are talking, who is friend and all, friendship should be done with your standard people, Siamak says he is of mu standard, he has proved time and again that he is talented and will be a great warrior, Sushim ask to say again? Siamak says your face shows that i am saying truth, Ashok is way ahead of you in intelligence, mental strength and cleverness, Sushim says how dare you insult me like this, he is about to attack Siamak with sword when justin comes there and stops his sword with his sword, he throws Sushim’s sword away and slaps him hard, Sushim is shocked and gets angry on him but doesnt say anything, Justin ask him to not do this again else i will make you learn such a lesson that you will never forget in life.

Sushim comes to Charu and says i wish i was not your son, Charu ask him to be in limits, Sushim says i was in limits that i forgave that justin, i could answer back his attacks but i didnt, he proteced Siamak from me, Siamak has full back of Khurasan and now Justin is helping him too, no one is helping me, i feel that they will make Siamak next Samrat as he has more back and power, my younger brother will rule and i will serve him and this all is happening because of you, Charu says i dont understand why Justin is taking Siamak’s side, Justin wanted to Samrat himself but why he is helping Siamak to become king, who is behind this Noor or helena? let me think, Sushim says you keep thinking while all have done their plan, when will you do something for me, Charu says i will not let make Siamak Samrat, its my promise.

Radhgupt ask some soldier about the man who came to take Subhadrangi that night when she was killed, i will reward you if you tell me something about that man, soldier says i didnt see his face but i saw a necklace in his neck which seemed very expensive, i was shocked to see how common man having such a expensive necklace.
The man who took Subhadrangi in jungle is in house, his door knocks, he says seems like Helena has prepared for my safe escape, he opens the door, a man attacks him and kills him.

Helena gets necklace of same man and says he is being killed, she says that now Chanakya wont be able to fail us and soon we will get help from Ujjain, Justin ask what offer did you gave to Ujjain’s king, i am curious to know about it, you used to not hide things from me but now you are hiding, dont you trust me? Helena says you said that i will never able to fail Chanakya, i will never able to make you king, then i realized that i have put burden on you alot, i kept forcing you to sit on throne and it was my mistake, justin says its nothing like that, i was angry that day so said things, helena says dont worry my plan is ready, you will soon sit on throne, you will rule over India but till then just trust me, now its time to celebrate.
Ashok is leaving, Radhagupt ask him where are you going? he says i am going back to my mother, Radha says Chanakya will not allow you to go, Ashok says nobody can stop me from findinf my mother, he leaves.
Radhgupt comes to Chanakya and says Ashok is leaving town, i tried to stop him but he didnt listen to me.

Charu comes to Justin, she says Sushim is my son, son of a queen and you had beaten him, Justin says what i did was requirement of situation, charu says from when you have started the situation? years back, you wanted to become Samrat when Bindu was ill even with the fact that only sushim had right on it, you and your mother was ready to snatch throne, Justin says dont you dare talk about my mother and before pointing fingers at others, see your son first, Charu says Sushim is my son and i will not tolerate anyone insulting him and if you touch him once more, i will not bear it, dont forget he is heir to throne, Justin says you are forgetting that its not decided yet who will be the heir, Charu leaves angrily.

Ashok is leaving palace, chanakya comes to him, Ashok says to Chanakya that dont stop me today else i will forget my limits, Chanakya says if you leave from Patliputra then it will be crossing limits of promise only which your mother gave to me, Ashok says you twist everything for your good, according to you my mother is dead so all the promises had died too, what promise you are talking about, i cant play this game anymore, i am leaving from your Patliputra and you cant stop me, Chanakya says dont do mistake in anger, Ashok says it was my mistake that i listened to you but not anymore, keep your Patliputra to yourself, he starts leaving but soldiers stop his way, AShok beats soldiers, one soldier puts sword on Ashok’s neck, Ashok ask Chanakya to order your soldier to kill me else i will leave from here, Chanakya says i doing all this for your good but even then you wanna go then you are free to go, he ask soldier to leave him, soldier moves away, Ashok starts leaving the palace, Ashoka hai Ashoka plays, Radhgupt ask Chanakya why did you let him go?

Chanakya says to accept truth, he has to leave from here, the much he feels pain, he will become more weak, let him go away, Radhgupt ask will he return? Chanakya finds loin there, he says Ashok will return, he is running away from Patliputra but he cant run away from fate of India. Samrat Bindu ask where is Ashok, soldier says he ran away to find his mother, Bindu says nobody even told me, with whose permission he has left the palace? Soldier says he took Chanakya’s permission.

Bindu comes to Chanakya and says sorry for talking you in high tone, he ask why did you not stop Ashok? Chanakya says it was not good to stop him, he was in pain, he is feeling more pain in Patliputra so i thought that if he leaves from here then he will get some peace and will accept the truth, Bindu says i know how it feels when your loved one goes away, i lost my father then my love Dharma, i didnt talk to you about it before, years back when i went on hunt, i was attacked and it was Dharma who protected me, i fell in love with her, i married her, nobody can take her place in my life, i promised her that i will return to her and will bring her to Patliputra but then i got to know that she died in an unfortunate incident, i couldnt protect her and now when Subhadrangi saved me 2 times, i couldnt protect her too, its strange that i didnt know her much but i used to feel that she knows me well,

she understands me well, i dont talk about my personal life to anyone but with Subhadrangi i could share anything with her, it was she one side and otherside was Ashok, i used to feel that they are part of my family even with the fact that i didnt know about Subhadrangi being mother of AShok but i couldnt do anything for them, after giving Agni to her deadbody i feel some peace, i thought to bring AShok out of pain but i couldnt stop him too, Chanakya says you couldnt stop him but you can bring him back, Bindu ask how is it possible, all are angry with me that i gave Agni to Subhadrangi and now if i go to find a common kid then what people will say, Chanakya says kings are like father to nation so if king goes out to find his son then how it is crossing limits? you have promised Subhadrangi that you will look after her son and now its your duty to fulfill your promise then why you are thinking much? Bindu says i just wanna know if he is safe or not, bindu leaves, Chanakya feels hopeful.

Bindu comes to Helena, she says Samrat you seem worried, Bindu says i cant hide anything from you, i feel that i have no reason to be happy, and i deserve it, Helena says dont think like this, incidents happen in life, you are Samrat, Bindu says yes i ma Samrat but when Samrat fails to fulfill duties then he feels dejected, Helena says if you are talking about Subhadrangi then you should know that people die, death is must for everyone, nobody can stop death, Bindu says but i am unable to accept her death, i feel to leave from here and go away, Helena blesses him, he says when i talk to you, i feel peace, Helena says its proud thing for a mother.

Helena comes to Charu, she says to charu that you have disappointed me, i thought you will be worried about future of Magdh but you are doing nothing to make you son next Samrat, Charu says the much i know, you want to make Justin Samrat, you tried it once, you made plan to make Justin king when it was Sushim’s right, Helena says i remember everything but now things have changed, Sushim was small then and to stop chaos in Magdh, i had to make Justin Samrat but now we can solve the matter easily, time has come to take decision, Bindu is in weak state, you can manipulate him, Bindu is broken because of Subhadrangi and Ashok, if you make your son redeem in Bindu’s eye then he will announce him as heir, Charu says but Noor has prepared to make her son next Samrat, Helena says but Sushim is elder and should become Samrat, its on you how to take things to your side.

Helena comes to Justin and says i did this so that now both Noor and Charu will starts cold war with each other and in that process their attention will be diverted from us and in meantime we will make plan wit Ujjain’s king.