Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 17th September 2021


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 17th September 2021

Sushim says to his team that lets run from this fog, they start running. otherside Ashok takes rope from all his team members, tie them together, then jumps the tree, ties one end of rope to tree and comes down, he says to others that we have to swing with this rope and go out of this place at once else nomads will attack us. Sushim’s team is running at full speed, they pass the first track.

Ashok holds rope, swing around it and comes out of fog area, his team members follow this, last student is coming when he is hit by arrow, Ashok says i will bring him back, Siamak says you cant go back, student calls for help and withdraws from competition, Ashok is sad.
soldier comes and informs Acharayas that Sushim’s team have passed first track, Aakramak ask what about siamak? soldier says no news about them till now.
Siamak says to Ashok that lets leave now, AShok is sad about student but leaves with team.

sushim’s team reaches rest area. Siamak’s team passes the first track. Sushim says they passed fog area too, Indar says how without weapons? Vasu says because they have vanraj with them, Sushim curtly looks at him. siamak’s team reaches rest area too, Sushim stares at Siamak. sunsets down. soldier says both teams of have stay here for night and if any fight happens between teams then it will affect competition too.

Soldier informs Acharayas that both teams have passed the first track and lost one student. Acharaya kita says Siamak’s team was way behind then how did they reach? soldier says Ashok used his intelligence and made his team pass the track, Aakramak says i knew Ashok will be helpful for his team, Shrist says both teams are strong, we have to wait fro tomorrow, Aakramak says now we have to see which student is knocked out and which team go forward.

In night, Indar makes fun of Siamak’s team that they dont have anything to eat, they praise Sushim. Siamak goes to answer them but Ashok says they want to provoke you so that you do something wrong, Siamak stops, Subaho says i am Sushim’s friend, if ask them then they will give me something to eat, Siamak says they didnt save you when you were in problem, how can you expect them to help you, he is of no one. Sushim says no one is friend competition. he says to siamak that if you see me as role model then you will be beneficial, you will learn things from me, Siamak says yes i can learn alot from you, like how to steal others things, how to lie, how to beat others, you cant be my role model ever as you have no personality, Sushim says you all are going mad because of hunger, resign from this competition and you will get food.

Ashok says to Siamak that i will get from somewhere, i will find something in Vann;s jungle, siamak says but there can be wild animals there, Ashok says dont worry, Siamak says i will come with you, Ashok says no, you are needed here, he ask siamak to distract soldiers while he will go back in Vann, Siamak starts talking to soldier, Ashok leaves from there, sushim sees this and says cheap guy, your end has come.

Noor writes letter that i know Justin, my insecurity to lose you, my jealousy hurts you, you dont like all this, just meet me once, i will be peaceful, i will wait for you in night and you where, yours Noor. she says to Dasi that i am giving my life to you, this letter should go to Justin, dasi says thinks once more how will you go to meet him? she says you just give this letter to him, she says all guys are same, if you loosen grip then they will go to other women and that Agni is trying to lure Justin but now i have to remind Justin that no one can take place in heart then me.

Ashok comes in jungle, he marks on trees to not forget way. he listens noise of some animals, Sushim is following him too. sushim is hiding behind tree and puts poison on arrow, he points arrow towards Ashok and says this poisonous arrow will hit you and you will die in seconds, otherside Dharma worries for Ashok. Subhrasi ask her what happened? she gives water to her, Dharma thanks her, she ask dharma to sleep.
Sushim is about to hit Ashok but Ashok leaves from there, sushim follows, Ashok finds fruits on tree and is about to jump the tree but recalls how Dharma said that trees can have ghostt and the one which have it, birds doesnt sit there, Ashok throws stone on tree and finds birds in tree. Ashok jumps tree and collects fruits. Sushim points arrow at him and throws it at Ashok, Ashok is shocked.

Sushim throws poisonous arrow at Ashok but Ashok moves, he says who threw arrow at me, who can be here? why will anyone at me. Vasu comes there, he catches Sushim, Vasu says you are doing wrong, if you want to win then attack from front not from back like cowards, you are cheap guy, it will be insult for magdh if you become king, Sushim attacks him with his knife, Vasu falls down, Sushim leaves, AShok comes there and finds Vasu lying there, he says same person must have attacked Vasu.

Khurasan comes to Noor and says you have crossed limits, your brother gave his life for Bindu and otherside is you who is maligning her name, i had hopes from you but nothing will happen, my son sacrificed his life. Noor says if dying is sacrificing then i have died thousand times in years, i have sacrificed more than you and the one who made me live is Justin’s love, i am not disloyal but its Bindu, he loved someone else when i was his wife, he would take only one name in sleep too that was of Dharma, have you ever thought what it feels like? when he used to get closer to me then he would feel he is cheating Dharma, he didnt love me. Khurasan says i killed that Dharma for you but you couldnt make Bindu love you and you used that cheap justin, Noor says you killed Dharma for yourself as you were afraid that what if Dharma’s son becomes king, you should have killed me instead, Khurasan says i will make Siamak king at any cost and i can kill anyone for that, it maybe khurasani or unani, he leaves.

Ashok brings Vasu in his team’s tent, Siamak says its against rules, you cant bring other team’s member here, Ashok says if competition is more important than our friend? someone attacked him, he was not safe there, Siamak says who attacked him? Ashok says i was attacked too, Siamak says this maybe Sushim’s plan, one student says maybe Sushim sent Vasu here to know our plan, Ashok says no Vasu is our friend, Subaho says he was Sushin’s friend first, he used to roam around Sushim, he cant become your friend so soon, i know sushim, maybe VAsu acted to be your friend as per Sushim’s saying, AShok says then i should not believe you too as you are Sushim’s friend too, Subaho i am not his friend anymore, he didnt save me from marsh, i realized that i chose wrong person to be friend with, he doesnt know humanity leave aside friendship.

Khurasan comes to Justin, Justin ask everything fine? Khurasan says i got to know someone is deceiving bindu, Justin ask who is he? Khurasan says the one who is against Bindu, who wants to malign Bindu’s respect and i can finish him for that, Justin says so go why are you here, Khurasan says i am trying to show you mirror, Justin says dont blame me, Khurasan says he says your brothe, you should be ashamed that you are with your brother’s wife, he puts sword on his neck and says i know whats between you and Noor, dont lie to me, whatever is between you both, it should end now else i will end it in my way, Justin says you.. Khurasan says do what i said, else i will take decision, he leaves.

Vasu becomes conscious, he tells Siamak’s team that sushim was in jungle and he attacked him, Subaho says i dont trust him, AShok says Vasu is saying truth and i believe that he is not involved with Sushim, Siamak says if you are saying then i accept it AShok, Subaho says Sushim can do anything to win competition, you think he will attack his team member? you think Sushim can miss target while throwing arrow at Ashok? this is all plan, Siamak says maybe its Sushim’s plan, he says i cant take any decision that can affect my team, Ashok says if we think like this, if we dont trust Vasu then whats difference between us and Sushim? Siamak says no, i cant trust Vasu, he has to leave from here, Vasu is sad, Vasu says i understand and i accept your decision, he rings bell and resigns from competition, Ashok says what you did, Vasu it was only way to protect my self respect, our friendship is great, Sushim can do anything to win, promise to break Sushim’s ego by winning this competition, AShok nods.

Noor is crying in her room, Justin comes there and says good plan to break my marriage with Agni, why did you tell truth to Khurasan, you thought that tell khurasan, he will spread it and then Agni will say no to marriage, Noor says you are thinking wrong, Jsutin says what you wanted to do, something else has happened, Khurasan came to warn me, he was mad and asked me to be away from you, what if he tells everything to bindu, if it is about justice then Bindu will not think twice while punishing us, he will make sure to set example by giving death sentence to us, you have to make Khurasan believe that our relation has ended, be away from me, hate me but make him believe this,

Noor says what will happen with that? will your love or my love for you end? Justin says it will not happen but i dont wanna die and that a ashamed death, Noor says you are coward, got afraid by one warning, if Bindu question us then you will put blame on me, i didnt tell anything to Khurasan, he got to know this seeing my jealousy, if you had not gone to Agni then this would not have happened, Justin says if you have trust on me then there would have been no jealousy, we have protected our relation but now it has become our weakness and all fault is yours, and now you will handle it, he leaves, Noor says true, now everything i will handle as you are a coward and cant help anyone but i will help you, i will give you reason to not marry Agni, if you are not mine then i cant let you go to someone else too, i have love you that much.

Siamak recalls how Sushim said to him that no one is brother in competition, he says we will attack Sushim’s team tomorrow, answer cheating with cheating, Ashok says this is not good, Siamak says i have taken decision, its all about winning now, AShok i can give life for decision if it justified, Siamak asys i have right to take decision and you have to follow me, AShok says no use of winning like this, Siamak says so you wanna lose? AShok says we cant win while cheating, Siamak says its important for me win and there are no rules in this competition, i cant lose, AShok says you are not a warrior if you leave your beliefs cause of fear of losing, Siamak fumes, Ashok says i will not stop you but i will not take your side in this, Siamak ask his other memebers are you ready? they says we will bring back things which was snatched from us.
In morning, Siamak with his team mates come to Sushim’s tent, Sushim’s team is sleeping, Indar wakes up, Siamak team runs with stuff and food, he wakes up Sushim, Sushim ask him to catch, they run behind Siamak’s team. sushim comes, he points arrow at Siamak who is running, he throws arrow at Siamak, it hits his feet, Siamak shouts in pain, Ashok comes to his help, Sushim says now you cant become king.