Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 16th August 2021


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 16th August 2021

Scene 1
Rakshasa says to Nicator that my attacker is a loyal person, he can give up his life for me, Nicator says i just know that attacker didnt reach where he should have been, i feel if i did mistake believing you, Rakshasa says i have doubt that Acharaya chanakya have something to do with attacker’s absence, if he is not in prison of chanakya then he will definitely come to me.

Helena says to Justin that chanakya always fails our plans, we need to kill chanakya, Justin says what will we get killing him, he has transferred his plans to Ashok, Ashok will carry his mission forward, Helena says then we will kill Ashok too, Justin says dont take haste decision, Helena says we are failing again and again, what to do, Justin says maybe it is giving us hint that we cant conquer this throne, Helena says i didnt know my son is a coward, Justin says that what you are doing? you are impatient and because of your impatience, we never got successful in our plans, you need to understand that we cant snatch the throne, we dont have the ability, if you want my good, if you want to make me Samrat of Magdh, then you need to respect me and my thoughts, you need to let me grow and let me take my decisions on my own, you need stop spoon feeding me.

Dharma is serving a women in clinic, women says you have magic in your hands, she leaves. Bindu comes there, he ask do you need any help from palace? Dharma says no, we got help from there thats why we were able to help people, a girl comes and ask where is Ashok? Dharma says he is not here, girl says Ashok promised me to give me laddo, dharma gives her laddo, kid leaves, Bindu says all loves Ashok, i met him today, he is a great kid, he has ability to become a great warrior, if he takes learning in royal school then he can become leader of palace force, Dharma thinks no my son cant use violence.

Scene 2
Noor is talking sweetly to he son Siamak, Dasi informs that Justin has come to talk, Noor ask Siamak to go to his room, Justin comes in, Siamak says to Justin that i will beat you one day, he leaves, Justin sit beside Noor and says i want to spend sometime with you so that my heart get some peace, Noor says what if someone comes and ask what you are doing here at this time? Justin says earlier you used to like me, you used to not question me, Noor says earlier you were different too, earlier you used to listen to me, you used to solve my problems but now you only think about yourself, Justin says trust me, i will protect Siamak, his future is secure, Noor says when your future is not secure then how can you secure his future? Justin says that i am not be that much capable but i promise you that i will make Siamak so much strong that he will need no one to go ahead in life, i can give my life for you, Noor brings him closer and says what you think that if i need your life and you dont give it then i will leave you?

Bal says to Ashok that i like it when you speak greatly. Ashok leaves, other kid comes to Bal and says Ashok will forget us when he go to school, Bal says Ashok is not like that, kid says that i can challenge you that if we test him then you will see change in his behavior as he is going to royal palace now, Bal says for you i accept the challenge what i have to do, kid says Samrat Bindu listens to Ashok alot, ask Ashok to request Bindu that he should forgive Bal’s punishment. Bal comes to Ashok and says i am serving here as my father had to pay debt, Samrat listens to you alot, can you request him to forgive my punishment, Ashok says i can ask him but Bindu will not be biased, you will get a chance to complete your punishment and then you will be freed from here too, i cant ask Bindu to be biased, he leaves, kid comes to Bal and says did you see, AShok is very clever, he know what to speak and how to fool people, soon he will become friends with royal school kids too, Bal says maybe you are right that Ashok is manipulative.

Scene 2
Ashok comes in court and see throne, he smiles and recalls how he was alleged in court many times, he says today i have no charge on my head, i am respected, earlier i used to see walls of court from outside but now i can come here respectfully, he smiles.
a dasi comes to attacker of Rakshasa in jail, she says why dont you eat food, dont be angry on food, tell me what is truth, i will help you, attacker pushes her away, key of cell falls from dasi’s hand, attacker says i dont want to say anything, dasi says soon we will get to know about the real conspiracy and you wont be saved that day, she leaves, attacker looks at food.

Siamak and Justin are practicing sword fighting, Ashok sees them and smiles, Noor ask Siamak to be careful, Siamak says i will make Justin lose today, Justin says dont forget that i have more strength, siamak says you should believe in your strength not the strength of enemy, Siamak fight with him and makes Justin fall on ground, he wins over Justin, Justin smiles, and says you have started using sword like me, Noor says why no after all he is your .. i mean he is your student.
Attacker find key in cell and opens the lock of cell, he starts running from jail, soldiers run behind him. attacker says i know where is Rakshasa, i will meet him, Dasi finds him running and says Acharaya was right, this attacker will go to his master after he gets released from here, she ask soldiers to follow him.

Scene 3
Ashok comes to dharma, he says today i saw Siamak and Justin doing sword fight, he says it was great fight, they had thirst of winning in their eyes, sword was shining so much that it will cut anyone’s head, Dharma thinks that he is liking weapons here, what to do, Ashok says everything is going good here, i will go to royal school then i will become great warrior, then i will work and you will rest, Dharma says you are getting fascinated seeing violence here but i always wanted you to work for peace, it was my dream to see you as peaceful person, serving people, not killing people, she says warrior kills soldiers in war, warrior likes bloodshed and you want me to be happy that you are going to become warrior, how can i be happy knowing that my son will kill son of another mother, if you kill people to win wars, will you be able to get peace of mind and heart? Ashok ask Dharma arent you happy that i am going to royal school, Dharma says i would have been more happy if you were not going there.

Attacker comes to Rakshasa, Rakshasa says i am happy to see you alive, chanakya’s soldiers come there and finds them meeting. Rakshasa ask how did you manage to run from jail, attacker says i got key in my cell and ran away, Rakshasa it must be chanakya’s plan, key was put in your cell deliberately so that chanakya can reach to me, he says lets run from here, chanakya’s soldiers come there and stops them from running.
Ashok says to Dharma that you dont want me to go to school, Dharma says i dont want you to be violent, Ashok says i do want to go to school but your thoughts are everything for me, learning about fight and weapons doesnt mean that i will become violent and i will like bloodshed, but if my mother is not happy with it then i will not go.

Scene 4
Rakshasa is in prison, Acharaya comes there, Rakshasa says i got know about this new kid, i have listened that you are going to make him next king, Acharaya says you making plan o frame Ashok proves that he is going to be next Samrat, tell me why Helena is doing this, i will free you, Rakshasa says you fooled me before too, you fooled me that you will make me prime minister when Chandragupt will become samrat but you didnt fulfill your promise, Acharaya says your intentions were not pure, you wnated to become prime minister so that you can finish me and Chandragupt and become new Samrat, you always wanted to become Samrat, Rakshasa says you have no proofs to prove this theory, you sent me to other state so that i dont become prime minister, Acharaya says i can do anything to protect Magdh, Rakshasa says you want to become God of magdh, you either kill people or silent them who speak against you, Acharaya ask what is Helena’s intention, Rakshasa says you say that you can do anything for me so i am giving you offer that if you kill yourself rightnow then i will inform truth of Helena to Bindu, Chanakya says i would have killed myself but i dont believe you, Rakshasa says i wont tell Helena’a plan, Chanakya ask to take Rakshasa in outskirts of Patliputra, he ask soldier to take off Rudraksh chain from his neck, soldier takes it off, and takes Rakshasa from there.

Ashok comes to Bindu, Bindu ask why Samrat vanraj looks sad? Ashok says i have come to inform you that i cant accept your offer, i dont want to get enrolled in royal school, i am sorry, Bindu ask why, you were excited yesterday but why saying no today, did Sushim say anything? Ashok says no he didnt say anything, Bindu ask then what is reason behind it? Ashok says i am sorry to not fulfill your desire but the respect you have given to me is great, you gave me place in royal palace so that i can attend royal school but now i will not live there, i am leaving, he leaves. Helena thinks why Ashok let such a big opportunity go away like this, what is reason behind this. dharma thinks that what i am is right? i am not letting Ashok meet his father, but Ashok’s life is in danger now and if truth of his father comes out then he will be in more danger.

Bindu comes to Dharma, he says Ashok denied the offer to go to royal school, you talk to him and try to convince that he is a great kid, he has unique talent and it need to be polished, convince him to says yes for going to school as he listens to you, he leaves. Dharma thinks that one side is Ashok’s desire to go to school and other side is my thoughts regarding violence, what to choose.