Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 14th February 2022


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 14th February 2022

Ashoka is hiding behind a book shelf. Amatya searches for the map once again. He too picks up the Arthashastra. He realises something and takes it with him. Ashoka comes out of the hiding place but finds the Arthashastra gone by then. He could not draw the complete map. What will I do with an incomplete map!

Kaurvaki is looking for Ashoka. They collide just then, because of which the map falls. She recognizes it. You plan to enter inside Kichak’s palace! He tells her not to let anyone know. She thinks to go with him so he can find her father. She asks him to take her with him if he wants her to keep quiet. She reminds him of their promise to help each other without asking any questions. He gives in. She taunts him for bringing half of the map. There is no door here as per the plan. I can still help you. You should not get arrogant. I too am getting late because of you. Ashoka notices an idol kept near a wall. He recalls seeing a soldier twisting an idol previously to enter inside a secret passage. He twists it. The secret door opens. Ashoka and Kaurvaki go inside.

Kaurvaki asks Ashoka how he knew it would open this way. He shares that the idols are the symbol of the Maurya’s. This is how I got the clue. She is irked hearing about the Maurya’s. Kaurvaki calls Maurya’s cowards. This is why they have got the secret tunnels to get away. They argue over it for a while. He points out that they have only half of the map. We will have to figure out the right path on our own then. We will take lots of time.

Amatya thinks it will be more difficult to get Kichak on my side than reaching him. It will be impossible to destroy the Maruya Vansh otherwise. He too is in the secret tunnel.

Kichak tries to feed milk to Bhami but he politely refuses. He throws it on floor. You don’t take care of yourself which is why you could never hold a baby! You should realise that the baby is your womb will be Mahanayak Kichak’s son! This is your last chance. I will have to leave you if you don’t give me a baby now. I cannot have an infertile wife. This baby is very important for me. That man predicted about my baby sitting on the throne. Everything is happening just right since I heard it. Ashoka came before me. I got that royal coin. I will show you what benefit it will be of for me.

Ashoka reaches a point which is divided into 4 parts. How will we find out what’s the right way? Karuvaki asks him why he made the copy. You could have taken the real one. Ashoka says I had no idea someone will pick up the same book. It is not right to steal anything from the Vishwavidyalaya. She refuses to have any interest in his lectures. We will get lost in the maze now because of your act! Ashoka stops her as she was about to get hurt. Amatya hears her scream. Who can be here? Ashoka tells kaurvaki this isn’t an ordinary maze. Acharya Chanakya made it for the safety of Maurya’s. He would have made sure no wrong person gets out of here alive. We have to be very careful. She says you understand Acharya Chanakya’s strategies a lot. He thinks it is impossible for anyone to understand Acharya Chanakya rightly. But if he is Guru then I am also his disciple. They go one way while Amatya chooses the other!

Kichak shows the map of Hindu-Kush to Bhami. Chandragupta and Nicator chose the same entrance to enter inside Takshshila. Chandragupta got new fort made to avoid anyone from attacking this area again. The people who made the fort were thugs, thieves and all kind of wrong people! But they decided to work for Chandragupta all dedicatedly. Chandragupta succeeded in making Nicator bend down before him and got his daughter Helena married to Maurya’s. Everything is going to change now. I will use that royal coin to open the passage. She tells him against it. It can invite trouble for your people only. He scolds her for interfering in his matter. Nayak has left for Hindu Kush long ago.

The soldiers guarding Hindu Kush fort allow Nayak inside as he waves a peace flag at them. Nayak demands to meet their main security head.

Kaurvaki and Ashoka reach a dead end. She teases him for thinking too highly of himself. I will take you till that door. Let’s go back to the same point. Ashoka thinks she is more anxious to reach Kichak than him. Ashoka and Kaurvaki reach the same point from where they see 4 paths. Ashoka notices someone’s footprints. I could not see them earlier. Kaurvaki says you always look up. How could you look down! Ashoka points out that they seem fresh. Kaurvaki thinks to follow the footsteps. Maybe that’s the right path. She walks forward with Ashoka following her. She screams in shock upon noticing a dead body lying nearby. Ashoka covers her mouth but Amatya has heard her scream. I am mistaken. It is impossible for anyone else to be here. Ashoka and Kaurvaki look at each other. Ashoka notices the snake coming there. Ashoka shares it is an important lesson of life. Never follow anyone else’s footsteps without thinking anything. They both run from there. The snake follows them. Ashoka intentionally runs in a maze style to avoid the snake. Kaurvaki is surprised. How did you do it? Ashoka says a snake always follows you in a fixed pattern. They get confused if we walk in a different manner.

Nayak meets the security head of Hindu Kush. The guy offers him liquor. Nayak declines. The guy asks him how he is under the effect of his swear. You wont say anything against Kichak! Nayak gives him a letter. The head of security cannot leave so suddenly but Nayak insists. The guy thinks who to give this responsibility to in his absence.

Kaurvaki imagines her father. She begins to walk towards a stone. Ashoka calls out for her. She trips because of the stone but he saves her in the nick of time. Big stones hang down from ropes.

Amatya keeps moving ahead.

Ashoka asks Kaurvaki to trust him for the road ahead. She points out that she had not come here had she not trusted him. He throws the map and lifts her in his arms. She looks at him in surprise. He walks ahead determined. On the other hand, Amatya keeps following the map. Ashoka crosses the path filled with hanging stones while still holding Kaurvaki in his arms. They share an eye lock after he keeps her down. He notices a stone coming towards her and holds in her. he pushes the stone towards the wall. They both go tumbling down to another corner. Amatya comes there just then. He falls down after getting hurt from a stone.

Acharya Devrath remarks it is an important day towards the dream of united India. If Ashoka is successful in reaching Kichak’s palace then it will prove that Achayra Chanakya was right in trusting him. I will do every possible thing to fulfil his dream. I will help Ashoka in every way. If he fails then the trust and hopes of a lot of people will break. Most importantly, Acharya Chanakya’s dream will be incomplete.

Kaurvaki looks teary eyed at the door. She tries to open it but in vain. Ashoka too tries with her. He can see her trying so hard. How can you be so dejected even after reaching so close to your destination? Ashoka says a person fails when he thinks he will fail! I have decided not to fail. I can even break open this door if I have to! She rubs at the door. some alphabets are etched there. Ashoka is sure they hold some meaning. Maybe they are some indication s to how to open the door. He looks at the alphabets. We have to find the words that can fit in. She reasons how they will figure out the correct one. He too regrets not having the map with him. He thinks of his mother and of Acharya Chanakya’s words. He joins the words right – Akhand Bharat (united India)! The gate opens up. Kaurvaki smiles through tears. They both walk ahead.

Kichak gets to know that Nayak is heading back towards Takhshila along with the head of security of Hindu Kush. Kichak tells the soldier to inform the soldiers.

Kaurvaki and Ashoka are happy that they are nearing their missions. Kaurvaki and Ashoka thank each other for helping one another. They tell each other to take care of themselves before they part ways. Ashoka suggests her to meet him in half of the day here only if she wants to return with him. She nods. They begin to go separate ways but then turn to look at each other again.

Ashoka notices the commander coming towards him only. He hides in time. Kaurvaki is sure her father must be given some task by Kichak if he is alive. I will be able to find him if I reach the royal kitchen. She hears the sound of approaching footsteps. She hides behind a table. Kichak comes there with his soldiers. She is relieved to see him gone.

Ashoka enters inside the room of Kichak’s sister. The commander (Bhairav) comes there. He tells her about the security head on his way to Takshshila along with Nayak. The Unani army can easily enter inside Takshshila. Kichak will soon stamp this decision. Ashoka thinks to do something before it is too late.

A Daasi notices him and calls out for the soldiers. Ashoka manages to flee from there.

Kichak asks the head of security (from Hindu Kush) to help him in opening the door. Kichak offers to help him get out of the fort and spend time with his old friends. You can live the rest of your life in luxury. The guy refuses to go against Maurya’s. Unani’s will attack us as soon as we open the door! I will not open the door!

Kaurvaki points a knife at the neck of a Daasi. She asks him where she is taking it to. The Daasi shares that she is taking it for the man who managed to enter inside the palace. Mahanayak dint kill him though. She gets to know about the location as to where that person has been kept.