Monday Update on Cost of Love 6th September 2021


Monday Update on Cost of Love 6th September 2021

Ahaan playing music on his guitar. Rangoli says this is so good. Ahaan continues to play music. Rangoli asks him to rest and says it is enough of rehearsal. Ahaan brushes off her hand. Rangoli says she is trying to help him. Ahaan says I don’t need your help or concern and I didn’t forget any past happenings. She sees Pankti and says you are seeing me secretly in my house. Pankti says this is your Dad’s house so it is mine, if you want you can tell everyone. She asks shall I help you? She says I will give you gyaan of future and says do whatever you want, but can’t stop me. Uday comes and says Ahaan’s song is wonderful and only the person having hatred in his heart instead of love can write such songs. Ahaan comes. Uday asks him to come for Solo recording.

Rangoli gets upset. Vikram writes about JMD’s shares. Randhir says he understands the figure and asks if there is a good model. Vikram asks him to see the shares figure. Randhir asks him to arrange a fashion show and says they will relaunch the company. Vikram asks him to tell first, how much shares he has and then only they can convince board of directors. Randhir says he wants to get calender shoot and opens the wardrobe showing him his suits. Vikram sees the file and calls the cameraman. Randhir talks to the guy while Vikram checks the files in his cupboard. Randhir catches him red handed and drags him out of the room. He tells that Vikram tried to steal from his room. Richa says my husband is not thief. Randhir says you gave such values to your son. Aparna says we didn’t give such values to our kids. Randhir asks what did you steal?

Pankti comes there and says he wanted to get his Dad’s stuff. It was with me. Randhir says he was searching file. Vikram says it fell down, so I was keeping it. Randhir says ok and tells him that the calender deal is ok. Vikram comes to Pankti and asks why did she save him. Pankti says she has Sheetal’s favors and had special relation with JD. She asks what he was searching in file. He says something with which I can save the company. He asks her to go to Randhir and enjoy. Pankti comes to room and makes Randhir drinks. Randhir asks her to drink, but she forces him to drink.

Vikram tells Manav that if he wants to get back everything then have to work with Randhir. He says if we do something then he will doubt on us. Randhir says you are no. 1 rakhni and says he will make picture on her. He says rakhni no 1. Pankti says you are no.1 saheb and asks him to drink more. Randhir drinks more and tries to touch her. Randhir says I want to know how many shares he has and tells that they are not getting clue about how much shares Randhir has. Pankti makes Randhir sleep on bed and checks the file. She takes the snips and sends it to Vikram. Vikram shows it to Manav and tells that he was searching these documents. Manav asks who sent it? Vikram says it came from an unknown no, may be Pankti sent it.

Richa says why she will help us. Vikram says I met her just now and told her that I was searching these documents. He says I am sure that Pankti has sent this. Aparna says why will she help us? Ahaan comes and says now when her truth came out, she will not help us, but will hurt us. Vikram says then who can send me this. Aparna asks him to check if he can use this info. Vikram says Randhir has just 48 percent and we have to get those 5 percent shares to get bhabhi/Sheetal’s wealth back. Pankti thinks Randhir must be after those shares and thinks to keep an eye on him. She goes out of room.

Pankti comes to Ahaan’s room and looks at him sleeping on floor. She cries looking at him. Tere liye tujhse hi hai…plays…Pankti sits on floor and keeps her hand on his forehead. Randhir wakes up from sleep and thinks where is baby doll? Pankti cover blanket on Ahaan. Randhir comes out of room searching for Pankti. Pankti smiles looking at Ahaan.

Pankti crying and smiling looking at Ahaan while he is sleeping. Randhir searches her. Pankti is still looking at Ahaan when Aparna holds her hand and takes her to her room. Randhir comes to Ahaan’s room and sees him sleeping. Aparna asks Pankti to control her emotions when she took the big work in her hand and reminds of their conversation. She says you would have been caught by Randhir. A fb is shown, Aparna asks Pankti why she was scared when Randhir brought her to this house and why do you get scared when he comes near you. Pankti refuses. Aparna asks why you eyes get wet seeing puja, I saw you during Puja and asks her to tell truth and gives Ahaan’s promise. Pankti cries hearing Ahaan’s promise and tells that everything is a lie. Aparna hugs her and asks her to tell what happened exactly. She tells Rangoli blackmailing her with Ahaan’s video clip and asking her to do something to make Ahaan feel hatred for you. Pankti says Rangoli shall not do this. Aparna says you are not alone now. Fb ends.

Aparna says sorry for raising hand on her. Pankti says it is ok as you brought me to reality. Aparna says I can understand and says you are working hard to get his hatred. Pankti says this is the only way to make him successful. She says he made such a good song and tells that her second goal is to search the video, and third goal is to expose Rangoli and Randhir and fourth goal is to make you get back everything. Aparna says your heart is good and says Rangoli’s strength is Randhir and Randhir’s weakness is Rangoli. We have to make them weak. Pankti comes to Randhir and asks whom are you searching? Randhir says he was searching her. Pankti says I went to bring water for you. Randhir asks her to make a small peg.

Monty comes to Anita’s house and asks Purva to return. Purva says but you will not tell her anything about Pankti. Monty says she did bad with Ahaan. Purva says you have to accept her. Monty says I am related to you, not to your sister. He calls her betrayal girl. Anita smiles. Monty warns her and asks her to forget Pankti else he will not come to pick her. Purva asks him to go. Monty leaves. Anita gets happy and says my both daughters are back. Purva thinks go and tell Pankti fast.

Aparna comes to Manav and tells that she went to give courage to her children. Manav says don’t know whom to believe, after Pankti did wrong with us. Pankti pours wine on Randhir’s clothes. He says we will play love game. She says she will take out clothes for him and opens the cupboard. He sees Mata Rani’s pic and asks her to keep the pic inside, else he will have sin as he is drunk. Pankti says I didn’t know you are religious and asks him to tell about Mata Rani. He says he will tell later and sleeps. Vikram comes to Randhir and shows her model’s pic and asks him to get ready to become calender boy. Randhir likes the girl and appreciates him. Pankti comes to kitchen and slips.

Ahaan comes and holds her. They have a romantic eye lock. Song plays tujhse hi hai….Pankti says it is good that you held me, as I saved you last time and now the scores are settled. He asks him to be careful and says if you slip again then nobody will be there to save you. Ahaan sees Rangoli and says I was missing you. He hugs her. Rangoli says I came to pick you for recording as it is preponed. Ahaan goes to change his clothes. Rangoli calls studio guy and says Ahaan shall not know that the recording is cancelled. Pankti hears her and says you couldn’t change. Rangoli says even you and asks her to stop Ahaan if she can. Ahaan comes. Rangoli and Ahaan leaves.

Pankti gets Anita’s call. She asks why did you wear jewellery early morning. Anita says her good days are back, as Purva came back to her house leaving Monty. She tells her everything. Pankti is shocked. Anita says you made me get 25 crores and now Purva….Pankti asks where is she? Uday calls Ahaan and says recording is cancelled. Ahaan gets shocked and asks him to search any recording. Uday says he will try.

Pankti meets Purva and asks why did she leave Monty? Purva says Monty told bad about her and says the matter is ended now. Pankti asks what did Monty say? Purva says I have blocked his number. Just then Monty’s phone rings. Pankti asks her to tell truth. Purva asks her to tell truth first.