Monday Update on Cost of Love 5th April 2021

Monday Update on Cost of Love 5th April 2021

JD scolding Pankti. He asks her if she is any shame or not, how could she get ready for Ahaan and come to his house. She says I have no shame left, you have bought it, I just have some love, you can’t snatch my love, you have done a lot to separate us, but I swear you can’t defeat Ahaan. They argue. He asks her to wait and watch his shocking wrath. He scolds her and goes. She cries. Aparna comes to Pankti and asks what did JD say.

Pankti says nothing, just about Ahaan. Aparna says yes, he is worrying a lot for Ahaan these days, come for the puja. She asks Kaira to take Pankti for puja. Sheetal asks Pankti to go and get Ahaan. Pankti refuses. Sheetal says how sweet, you are getting shy. She sends Pankti. Pankti recalls her promise to Ahaan. Kaira asks her to meet Ahaan and goes. Ahaan hears Pankti’s anklet sound and turns to see. She hides. He senses Pankti around and gets glad. Tu aashiqui….plays….

He goes to Uday and says I have felt what I had to, Jagrata will begin now as my light has come home. Ahaan sings Chalo bulaava…. Pankti looks on. JD asks Vikram to call from another number. Vikram goes upstairs. Everyone enjoys Ahaan’s singing. Vikram sees his friends eating non veg and having wine. He gets shocked. JD waits for police. Vikram asks his friends to stop it, police is going to come. The drugs fall on table. Vikram asks them to clear it fast. Aparna gets shocked seeing police. Inspector asks them to stop the bhajan, they have to search the house for drugs. They all get shocked.

Inspector tells them about the information received against Ahaan, that he was carrying drugs in his guitar bag. Ahaan says I didn’t do anything. JD acts to save Ahaan. Inspector says we heard Ahaan needs 10 crores, so he has smuggled drugs, big amount can’t come by right way. JD says I will call commissioner and get off your uniform. Inspector says its no use, I have court’s search warrant. JD says even then I won’t let you do this, Ahaan can’t do this. Manav says no, let them do their duty, we knew Ahaan can go to any extent to earn money.


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