Monday Update on Cost of love 26th April 2021


Monday Update on Cost of love 26th April 2021

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Poorva asking Pankti to forget Ahaan, he will also forget her, its time for a new start. Pankti cries. JD asks his man to find Pankti. Anita comes to him. She says don’t worry, I will continue my drama till your divorce stops. He says it means you know where is Pankti. She says you kidnapped her. He says don’t act smart, tell me where is Pankti. They get shocked seeing Sheetal. Uday says this video is getting viral, everyone is supporting you, this will surely reach Pankti, don’t lose courage. Ahaan says battery is going to end. Uday says I will request. They get a video from a fan. The girl writes she is his big fan, her friend has seen a girl’s kidnapping, she hopes this girl is not Pankti, all the best.

Ahaan checks the video. Ahaan gets shocked and sees himself in the video too. He says right in front of me, I felt Pankti around, but I couldn’t do anything, who can do this, why will anyone kidnap her, I think I know it, thank this fan for sending this video. Uday says just tell me who did this. Ahaan goes.

JD says Anita ruined my family. Sheetal scolds him. JD says I will just kill this greedy woman. Sheetal says fine and gets a knife. She asks JD to kill Anita and prove it, that he wants to make everything fine. JD says but…. Sheetal taunts him. She says you were asking for a second chance, see you wasted it. Anita says you are threatening to kill me, shall I call police. JD shouts shut up. He apologizes to Sheetal. He says I have a weak heart, I can’t kill anyone, our relation can’t be weak, we have been together for 25 years, I won’t be able to live without you, please give me a chance. Sheetal says fine, I will call my lawyer. JD smiles.

Sheetal calls her lawyer. She says I asked you to prepare divorce papers, stop that for a while. JD and Anita get happy. Sheetal says we will make some other documents, my new will, I want to remove JD’s name from my properties and companies. JD and Anita get shocked. Sheetal says I didn’t know you, but now I know you, my decision won’t change, start thinking about your new life, it will be too tough for you, you have to do a job, you won’t be owner of my company. She goes.

Anita asks can Sheetal really do this. JD says this happened because of you. He goes to Sheetal. Ahaan comes to Anita’s house and shouts Anita Sharma, tell me where is Pankti, you got her kidnapped. Maid asks what happened, Anita is not at home. He asks where did she go. She says don’t know. He gets angry. He sees Pankti’s pics in her room and cries. Pankti misses him and reads her diary. Ahaan says I will find you, wherever you are. She hears her dad’s voice. He says I always told you, no one can make a better home than my Pankti.



Pankti says Papa and turns to see him. She hugs him and cries. She says house making is not easy in reality, its just a dream, my dreams just like to stay as dreams. Her dad says you have to work hard. She says I m not able to do this, Anita decided for my life, she has used me, so I have become a thing, Ahaan decided to love me, I have become his love, I forgot what I want, who am I, I depended on people, I feel I got habitual to support, I will fall down if I try to stand on my feet, I don’t want to live this way, what shall I do. He hugs her. He says there is just one way to live. She says that I become my own support. She smiles. She turns and doesn’t find him. She looks around. She sees a music drawing. She recalls her dad’s words.

Ahaan walks on the road sadly. He tries to find Pankti. Pankti is in her car. She sees Ahaan and asks driver to stop the car. Aparna calls Ahaan and asks about Pankti. He says someone kidnapped Pankti, I can’t live without her, I will die. He holds Pankti’s car and cries. He keeps his hand over the window glass. Pankti hides her face. She touches his hand at the either side of the glass. Tere liye….plays…. Aparna asks Ahaan to come home, just JD and Anita can kidnap Pankti, they both are at home. Ahaan disconnects the call. Pankti looks at him. She asks driver to drive. She leaves.

Pankti coming to a music school. She smiles hearing the music and recalls her old days. She thinks of her dad’s words. Aparna shouts for JD. JD asks what happened. Aparna asks him about Pankti. He says how would I know about her. Sheetal says maybe you are acting good to cover your old mistakes. JD says I m not involved in Pankti’s kidnapping. Ahaan comes home and asks then who is behind it, you said you will unite us, you are powerful, then unite us. JD says I tried my best, but she left the house after Manav’s words. Ahaan says she didn’t leave the house, she got kidnapped. Ahaan cries.

He asks how shall I call her, how will she hear my voice, shall I go to police, but she can fall in more trouble. JD worries. Ahaan begs Manav to get Pankti back. He says she went because of you, you get her back, I will leave music if you say. Manav says control yourself, whatever I did is for your betterment. Ahaan says if you cared for me, you would have not let her go. JD says I said the same, we shouldn’t punish Pankti, we should give her a chance to live. Ahaan asks why did you let her go. JD says I tried a lot. Ahaan says even then you failed, what’s the use of being family head and being powerful. Pankti sits playing the musical instrument. The string breaks. She recalls Anita’s words and cries.

Ahaan argues with JD. He says you have spoilt Pankti’s past by ruining her name, its your fault, she can’t move on for a future because of you. JD says Anita created such situation that I had to make her my mistress. Ahaan shouts enough and lifts a vase to hit JD. He stops and throws it away. He says enough now, don’t take this name from now, you know I get so much hurt hearing this, no one will use this word, I will not do any mistake to believe you again, this happened on your saying, tell me where is she. Everyone looks on.

Guru ji holds Pankti. She touches his feet. He blesses her. He says if Veena’s string breaks, it means you have lost terms with music, where were you till now. She says I was in Mumbai. He asks are you happy. She says someone tried to make me happy, but I became a reason for his sorrow, I want to give happiness to others. He says you have come to the right place, your life’s sorrow and stains will get away.

Anita says I want to know where is my Pankti. Ahaan asks how dare you call her your daughter, the mum who regards a daughter an asset, you have no right to call her a daughter, you are not a human after selling your daughter as any thing, tell me where is she. Anita says she is my blood, I didn’t get her kidnapped. He shouts lie… and catches her neck to suffocate. He asks where is Pankti. They all get shocked. Manav runs to stop Ahaan. Aparna says leave her Ahaan… JD and Sheetal looks on. Anita says you won’t get anything. Ahaan gets angry. Anita says Pankti will not come back, she is dead. Ahaan and everyone get shocked. Ahaan leaves Anita’s neck and cries. Ahaan faints….. They all hold him. Manav and Vikram take Ahaan to the room. Sheetal calls the doctor. Anita gets water. JD stares at her.

Guru ji plays the tunes and tests Pankti’s memory. He says you will not be restless now, one who joins music, music can’t get away from her. She says I don’t trust myself. He says but I do, I feel you want to ask something, but you are shy. She asks can you find some work for me. He says there is someone who can help us. She thanks him and says I think I have found my way now. He gives her a chocolate. She says you had diabetes right. She practices and smiles.

Ahaan is unconscious. JD asks what nonsense, you killed Pankti. Anita says no, I m not so mad to kill her. Poorva says Pankti is not answering calls, we got her here to save her, where is she, I m afraid, did anyone see her or catch. Anita says Ahaan held my neck, I told so to stop him. JD says so you lied to him. She says I thought he will get a shock and leave my neck. He says if you and I didn’t kidnap her, who did this. She says you have to find this, who’s that monkey who took away Pankti between the fight of two cats.

Monty says don’t worry, Pankti is smart, she would have gone for some work, I m sure she will not bear any loss. Doctor checks Ahaan and asks did anything happen to him, any shock…. or trauma, his will power ended, heartbeat and pulse rates are normal, we have to keep him under observation for some time, he is not responding, he is like alive but still not having a life in him. The family gets shocked. Aparna cries.