Monday Update on Cost of Love 19th April 2021


Monday Update on Cost of Love 19th April 2021

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Anita creating a scene. She says I m a flop actress, but I m also Pankti’s mum. She scolds the ladies. Pankti cries and goes to Anita. She asks Anita to leave. Anita hurts Pankti and scolds Aparna for interfering between them. She says Pankti has seen a big dream to become a bride, I will shatter it, Pankti won’t dare to dream this again. She sees the diamond necklace and says you learnt to get costly gifts, it means my training didn’t fail. Manav asks her not to create a scene. Anita says Sheetal dragged me out, Aparna was also with her, they tied me and locked me in the room, I have run away to come here. Manav sees Aparna.

Aparna says Manav ji, what would we do, you are seeing her state. JD says you two shouldn’t have done this, she is Pankti’s mum. Anita says they had locked me, I just came to talk, but now matter has gone out of the hands. Pankti cries and sees Ahaan. Ahaan says I will handle her. Anita says I have come to handle you all today, you got my daughter against my will, that too for engagement. She tells the guests that the engagement is happening against her wish. Poorva says stop it, Ahaan and Pankti love each other, come with me, I will do what you say. Anita raises hand on her. JD shouts enough now, please leave from here, else I know many ways to make you out. Anita says teach manners to your family, I don’t like to do time pass here, I will take Pankti with me.

Ahaan says Pankti won’t go anywhere, she is now my fiancee. Anita says no, my relation with my daughter won’t end. He says relation ended when I freed her. Anita laughs and says you have bought her. They all get shocked. Ahaan says leave from here else…. Aparna stops him and says we will handle this, you won’t say anything. Sheetal says we have guests here, JD please. Manav says no, I have to ask something. Anita asks what will you handle, Ahaan’s passion or madness, he has snatched my daughter, who is not suitable to become anyone’s bahu. Poorva says please mum, stop it, enough now. Anita says I didn’t start yet.

Manav says I don’t know why you are annoyed, I m sorry on Aparna and Sheetal’s behalf, don’t separate the children, Ahaan loves Pankti a lot, you should be part of this happiness, Pankti is your daughter. Anita says I m not just her mum, do you have courage to hear the truth. He asks what truth. Ahaan and Aparna worry. Ahaan shouts enough. Anita says I will tell you all my truth today, I m my daughter’s dealer. They all get shocked. Anita says I deal her for money, I have sold her. She drags Pankti and says she is not any doll, she is a machine, she takes money and gives love. Ahaan, Poorva and Aparna cry. Manav and Sheetal get shocked. Anita says Pankti is on sale, you can call her by any name, Tawaif/dancer or mistress. They all get shocked. The guests look on. Anita says my daughter isn’t decent, pure or innocent.

A man says Manav ji, we should leave from here, its not good to stay here. Another man says next time, you should mention in the card about the girl, so that we find easy to decide, whether to attend the function or not. Guests leave. Ahaan says you have crossed all limits today, you have insulted your daughter. Anita says Pankti has no respect, one who sells respect doesn’t have any respect left, you have insulted me many times, now this is my payback, now get married and settle down, have a family, game got over Ahaan.

Ahaan says right, game over, one more thing ended, I will never respect you now, you ruined my engagement, I will never forgive you for this, you have insulted my would be wife, my love, my Pankti, I won’t let you fall more low, just leave, else I will kill you right here, I swear on Pankti. He asks Anita to get out. Manav asks what are you doing. Ahaan says this is the truth, I have changed Pankti’s truth, whoever tries to stop me, I will always change her truth. He asks Anita to get out and shows the door. Anita leaves.

JD sees Pankti and Ahaan. Ahaan says I have changed everything, Pankti is not Anita’s daughter now, she is just my fiancee, my would be wife. He asks them do they have to say anything. Sheetal says I think its late now, we will talk about this later. Pankti cries. Sheetal asks everyone to go to their rooms. Manav says the night will be long, I don’t know will there be any morning or not. He sadly leaves. Aparna goes after him. JD holds Ahaan and says I tried my best, but fate….. He goes. Poorva holds Pankti. Pankti says I want to be alone, I want to go out. Ahaan says I will get the car. She says no, I will go alone. Poorva says I will stay with her. Pankti says I m not leaving you Ahaan, I just want to be alone for some time, I will return. Ahaan holds her hand. He says swear on me. Pankti nods. She goes with Poorva.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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