Monday Update on Cost of Love 12th July 2021

Monday Update on Cost of Love 12th July 2021

Pankti asking Poorva to take care. She leaves from home. Monty comes to meet Poorva. She gets glad and goes to hug. He goes inside the house. Uday says don’t know why is Pankti doing this. Pankti gets flowers for Ahaan and says I have made the cake by myself, its a surprise for you. Ahaan says we got the surprise, you came to celebrate your success. She says no, I don’t want any fight to happen between us. He says its always about you, you are acting as if you don’t know anything, fine I will tell you what you did. He shows the song video. She gets shocked.

Monty asks Poorva to prove that she is true. She thanks him and calls Vikram. She reminds that they went to the hotel where she has tied him bandage. She asks him to come there soon, she has to clear something. Vikram calls the manager and tells his plan. He says you will get the money, don’t go anywhere. He smiles. Richa gets shocked hearing him. She follows him. Poorva and Monty come to the hotel. Monty asks the receptionist did Poorva come to the hotel with some man. He says yes, shall I book the room even today. Poorva says what, I came here as Vikram was hurt. The man says sorry, you didn’t inform and came with new client.

Poorva says I really don’t know what is he saying. Monty checks the file and finds the entry. Poorva gets shocked. She asks him to wait, Vikram will come and tell truth. He says this will be your last chance. Vikram reaches there. Richa follows him. Pankti says this is my solo, how did this out. Ahaan asks what was the hurry. Pankti says I didn’t do this.

Ahaan shouts and throws the flowers. He says I can’t believe you. She says I don’t know this. He asks who did this, who will upload it from your account if you didn’t share it with anyone. She says I have no idea, I m saying the truth. He says you were hurt by my words and wanted to hurt me, so you uploaded the video. She says no. He says I wanted to sing songs with you, but you stepped ahead. Reyansh, Aparna and Manav look on. Ahaan says you forgot everything because of one fight. Aparna asks what are you saying. Pankti gets call. Someone compliments and praises her singing.

Pankti says I don’t know. She gets messages. Ahaan says fine, you won, I thought you will come to convince me. She says I got a cake to convince you. He throws the cake and goes. Poorva asks Vikram to tell truth to Monty, he has saved her from goons and then she did his aid. Vikram says no, we had come here for some other work, for which you used to take money, I m ashamed to tell this in front of Monty, please spare Monty now, I will find another client for you. Poorva says stop it Vikram, please tell the truth. She goes to slap him. Monty stops her. Richa looks on. Monty scolds her for the lies. He asks her not to show her face from now on. He leaves. Vikram smiles. Pankti asks Ahaan to listen, she really didn’t know anything. Ahaan leaves. Pankti cries and runs after the car.

Ahaan throws the evil eye gifted by her. She cries and gets the beads fallen on the road. Aparna comes there and holds her. Poorva asks Vikram why did you lie. He says I can’t see you happy, I lost my dad and family because of your sister, I wanted you to taste that pain, I didn’t do bad with you, in fact I haven’t touched you, I have snatched your reason of living, love. You know Monty, but maybe you forgot you don’t deserve love, you are not to get sold. She raises hand. He holds her hand and says don’t dare, I was silent in front of Monty, go and vent out anger on Pankti, she is responsible for all this, she fell in love but you are bearing the punishment, go and tell Anita to buy a new buyer for you. She cries. He goes.

Aparna consoles Pankti. Reyansh asks how did this song get leaked, why will Pankti do this, find out who did this. He explains them why Ahaan reacted that way. He says there is one way to sort this, you and Ahaan have to feature in a music video as a couple so that people focus on it. Aparna likes his idea. Reyansh says but we have to shoot this video tonight. Pankti says but Ahaan isn’t here. Reyansh says I m here, I mean you don’t need to worry, I will do arrangements, just focus on the shoot.

Pankti getting ready. Aparna calls her and asks her not to think anything, just get ready for the shoot, Ahaan will come, Reyansh will get him. Pankti agrees. Reyansh gets a short dress for Pankti. She refuses to wear it. He asks her to wear it for Ahaan’s sake, as she has to convince him by her love, she can take it as a special moment and get decked up to romance with Ahaan. He goes. Director sets everything. Reyansh says I will go and call Pankti. Pankti comes wearing a saree. Reyansh stares at her. She asks about Ahaan.


He says he will come soon, he is the hero, you are the heroine. Director explains the shot and asks her to rehearse with Reyansh to save time. Uday looks on. Pankti asks what. Reyansh says I m not so bad, the set up costs a lot, if you don’t practice, whose loss will it be, Ahaan’s, we are shooting this video for Ahaan’s sake. She asks is he really on the way. Reyansh says I will call him. He calls Ahaan and asks where are you. Ahaan is at a bar and drinks wine. Reyansh asks him to come on time and does the drama to fool her. Pankti asks Uday to help her in finding Ahaan. Uday says don’t worry, I will find Ahaan. Reyansh and Pankti dance and rehearse. He holds her and gets close. She looks for Ahaan. She gets away. She sings Boondon me aaj….. She feels uncomfortable. JD imagines them dancing in the rain. She sees JD and gets away.

Pankti pushes Reyansh. He gets hurt. She asks him is he fine, sorry, did he get hurt. Reyansh holds the mask at his neck. Pankti says let me see once. Reyansh says chill, I m fine, no need to call the doctor, I m fine. He rushes out. He goes and removes the mask. Pankti goes to see him. JD gets the cold freeze box and gets the new mask. She asks Reyansh to show his face, she is here. He says I m just coming. She knocks the door and says let me see, I m really sorry. He says just go, I m fine.

She says I want to see your wound, come out. He asks her to wait. She calls Ahaan. She sees Reyansh’s phone and says maybe Ahaan answers Reyansh’s call. She checks the log. She says Reyansh didn’t call Ahaan, there isn’t any message either. JD wears the wig and mask. She recalls Reyansh’s lie. She says why did he lie to me. JD takes Reyansh’s avatar. He keeps the box and goes out. She keeps his phone back. She apologizes to him. He says chill, its okay, I know you can’t hurt me, any ways a man doesn’t get hurt, check I m not hurt. She says if Ahaan came on right time, this would have not happened, where is Ahaan. He says I called him in front of you, he kept saying he is on the way but he didn’t come. She says maybe he is much annoyed with me. He lies and leaves. She says he has lied to me easily, as if he has planned this, but why.

Uday is on the way and calls Manav to ask about Ahaan. Manav says I have no idea, did he not reach for the shooting, I will also check for him. Uday says I will also go at our regular places. Pankti sees a piece of the mask. Uday asks the friends about Ahaan. Manav is on the way and tries to know about Ahaan. Pankti checks the mask piece. Uday asks the guard if anyone is there in the studio. Guard says there is no one, studio is locked now. Ahaan sits drinking. Pankti wonders what is it….

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