Monday Update on Complicated Love 8th March 2021

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Monday Update on Complicated Love 8th March 2021

Pari comes to Mishti in the room. She asks Mishti what she spoke to Rohan about, he hasn’t been replying any calls. Mishti takes a novel and fakes reading it. Pari asks if Rohan was fine when they were together. Mishti replies he was fine. Mishti thinks she is herself concerned about Rohan, he was so close and is now moving away from her. She gets polite with Pari and says she doesn’t know herself where Rohan is. Radhika comes to the room and asks Pari to make her registration for Yoga classes, Sukhmani already paid her fee and she might not get the 25% off if she doesn’t register today. She asks Pari about Rohan. Pari says Radhika herself said he must have returned to work.

Ansh brings Chemistry’s solved question for Tani. Tani hugs Ansh and claims to be her best friend. She now gives Ansh her Maths paper. Ansh says Maths paper is usually really tough, she must practice for the paper. Tani shows annoyance and tells him to learn something from Robby. Ansh was ready to solve it for her. She tells Ansh to take it his home, but Ansh insists upon studying together. Tani agrees to study for an hour only.

Mishti sat in front of the mirror, thinking about the accident. She hears the click of main door and walks to the hall. Rohan was hurriedly walking towards his room. Tears fell off Mishti’s eyes while she smiles in excitement. She walks to Rohan’s room and questions where he had gone, she was terrified but Rohan doesn’t care for her at all. She was unable to control her sob, and questions why he didn’t pick up her call. She beats his chest complaining for his neglect, then cries placing her head over his chest that she was really terrified.

Rohan holds her away from himself. He asks what he must do. He can’t stay away from her though he is aware he can’t live without her. What he should have replied to her on phone call? He has decided what seems correct to him, and it’s that he must leave. He turns to pack the bags. Mishti asks if its so easy for him to leave the house, away from her. Would he be able to survive without her? When they fought, he used to look straight into her eyes; when in love why he doesn’t look at her. Rohan was silent. Mishti qualifies he can’t reply, he is well aware himself he can’t leave the house, he won’t be able to survive without her. He didn’t leave her side even when she was wrong, but today she is on the right.

Today, she requests him not to leave. Rohan’s eyes were filled in tears now. He says she is right, he can’t live without her and away from her. What they should do for the emotions they had kept in heart for long. How she would explain all this to Veer then. Before any storm, its better he leaves himself. Mishti says they will have to face this storm, she won’t allow him to leave her. Rohan smirks and says he has been burning in this fire for long. He can’t see her with someone else. What he must do here, prepare for her wedding, distribute cards and watch Veer take her? He can’t do all this. Mishti says she has no reply to his questions right now. It’s difficult to explain their situation as well, but she can’t let him leave this place anyway. The moment spent with him was the most precious one in her life, it was the largest truth of her life; she won’t overlook that love or emotion. She holds his face and says she was his dream, but he is her reality.

Tani gets a call while studying. It was Robby and denies an offer, she is grounded and can’t come over. She was excited for superficial disco but had nothing to wear. Arnav comes to the room and reads the exam. Tani says they were solving Maths paper for coaching class. Arnav notices only Ansh had been doing this. Tani tells Arnav to leave as its first day of his office. Arnav gives a quick advice to Tani before leaving. Sukhmani comes home to find Arnav leaving, then brings sweet yogurt. She promises a party with champagne.

Rohan’s phone bell rings and he leaves the room. It was Pari. Pari complains he didn’t pick up the call, where he has been. Rohan apologizes and says he is home. Pari was at Yoga center for registration of Radhika. Pari apologizes for being hyper and says she will be back, it’s good to have him back. Rohan turns to see Mishti facing him. He asks Mishti what she wants, he can then destroy himself and stay here; but what’s ahead. Can they ever unite? No. Where this relation can take them. Nowhere. It’s her wedding in a month, she must question herself if this is worth it. No. He walks away. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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