Monday Update on Complicated Love 29th March 2021

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Monday Update on Complicated Love 29th March 2021

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Veer asks Rohan about his decision. Rohan shouts at Veer to shut up, how dare he talked about Mishti in such bad words. He doesn’t select Veer’s friendship, Veer is toxic and dare not call him again. Veer warns to see him for his act. Rohan challenges to do whatever he wish to. Mishti hears Rohan’s shout, and snatches the phone from Rohan. Mishti tells Rohan that Veer has fallen much, and is misbehaving now. Rohan must be different and above Veer, couldn’t he respect a single request of hers.

Veer turns to leave the house but Naina stops him. She says she is afraid of his anger these days and locks him inside.
Mishti tells Rohan she hates him. Rohan holds Mishti back and says she shouldn’t hate him. If she thinks he would stand idle while anyone can insult her. He tells her to stop calling this as hers fight, it’s their fight not hers. He leaves the balcony. Mishti watches the blood dripping his injured hand. Rohan locks the door. He sat on his bed, Mishti requests him to open the door. She says alright she would now come to the room through window. She comes inside and asks about his hand. Rohan gives his hand to Mishti through the window. She brings a bandage. Rohan silently goes back inside.

The next morning, Radhika brings breakfast for Pari. Pari asks about Mishti, then turns to call her. Radhika says even Rohan didn’t come out. Mishti comes to the dining table, and greets Pari with a good morning. Pari asks Mishti if she is fine. Mishti replies she is. Radhika asks what they have been whispering about. Rohan passes by. Radhika stops him for breakfast. He says he isn’t hungry. Pari requests him to sit with them at least, if not even hungry. Radhika gets a call from Sukhmani, she was crying as she slipped and fell down. Radhika was worried.

Sukhmani says no one is home. She asks Radhika to bring some breakfast for her as well. Radhika hurries to check Sukhmani as she has fallen. She was quizzical that Sukhmani even demanded her to bring some paratha. Pari packs the breakfast. Radhika takes her along, she might need her there. Rohan turns to leave the table. Mishti asks why he is angry with the food. Rohan turns to leave. Mishti holds his hand. Rohan jerks her hand, and angrily tells her to let him go. What he can do by sharing his feelings with her, she won’t agree to whatever he says. Mishti replies fine, she will do the breakfast. She picks a bunch of green chilies and stuffs her mouth with a pile of paratha and the chilies. Rohan watches her for a while, then leaves. Mishti now pours water for herself, while not being able to get over the spices.

Sukhmani enjoys the breakfast. Radhika was annoyed why Sukhmani created all the drama if she only had to eat Paratha. Sukhmani says it was only a mischief, she only wished to have breakfast with her today. Radhika was angry at Sukhmani over acting, and complains her blood pressure also shot. Pari only glance at them, then turns to leave as Rohan is hungry. The ladies give her teasing looks. Pari says Mishti must also not have eaten anything, she will cook a few more Paratha as well. Radhika says she would come with Pari. Sukhmani thanks Radhika for all the delicious breakfast. Radhika replies she won’t be fooled the next time.

Mishti was in her room, ignoring the phone bell. She comes to Rohan’s room through balcony. Rohan was in shower. Mishti knocks at the washroom door. Rohan tells her to let him take a bath, he doesn’t want to understand anything. Mishti leaves the room. Rohan now calls Mishti but she doesn’t reply. Mishti was frustrated by the ringing phone bell and wonders why they don’t understand she doesn’t want to pick up the call. She recalls how Rohan had always wanted an expression of three words from her. She thinks about an idea, then takes a paper and marker and writes “I Love you” over it. She leaves the paper under his clothes on bed and runs back to her own room.

Back at home, Radhika tells Pari that paratha are still left. She calls Mishti outside. Mishti comes to the table. Pari asks if she had the breakfast. She replies yes she had. Pari asks if Rohan had it. Mishti replies no. Rohan comes to the room. Mishti’s note fell down as he pulls his pants. He place it over the pile of his clothes and goes outside to answer Pari’s call. Pari insists on him to eat something. Rohan says its ok. He gets a call and confirms his photo shoot in Nasik tomorrow. Mishti tells Pari he went for jogging in the morning and must have something, he had never denied Dadi’s paratha till today. Rohan angrily stares at Mishti. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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