Monday Update on Complicated Love 22nd February 2021

Monday Update on Complicated Love 22nd February 2021

It was morning. Mishti prepares a tray and brings it to Rohan’s room. She goes to Rohan’s room, then stops at the door recalling his warning that she must always knock the door of his room. She knocks the door, then peeks inside; there was none in there. She place the glass and a note on the bed side table. Rohan just comes out of washroom and watches Mishti. Mishti looks away without saying a word. Rohan comes to the breakfast and the note. Mishti watches him read, if there is some injury or bruise, milk and turmeric helps a lot. There is a band aid for any scratches. Rohan wonders why care for him, there is surely something between them. He smiles with the note.

God witnessed me rescind in love at your first glance.
My life experienced the best moment, when you touched with your lips
 (Recalling when Mishti had kissed him as her dare)
The grievances escalated as we stepped closer (When she slipped over him, scratching his chest)
The convoy of our stories continued….
You were bathed in my color, unwillingly though (On Holi day)
The innocent moment of being caught in awkward situation (When Mishti had come out of bath and caught by Rohan)
You turned me crazy when you hugged me, unknowingly (At Veer’s place)
I have faced every emotion with you…
Until the differences have erased
And the love begin…”

Tani speaks to a Ansh that there was a lot of drama, but she will meet Ansh in the evening. Arnav strictly forbids her to meet anyone, her exams are near and it’s her new school. He forbids Tani to meet Ansh till he speaks to him alone. Pari comes there and was quizzical. Pari also sides Arnav that she doesn’t wish Arnav and Bua face some problem because of her and Ansh. Pari now takes Arnav along. In the room, Pari tells Arnav I think I am in love. Arnav cheers and hugs Pari at once, and was excited. He says he is extremely happy hearing this. Pari says Arnav was always right, this feeling of love is amazing. She is ready to live this feeling now. She always friend-zoned him, but now she wants to step forward in that friendship. Arnav was about to hug her from behind. Pari says I am in love with Rohan. Arnav was left in tears.
Mishti calls on Veer’s number. He ignores her call while getting ready for office. Mishti calls again. Veer doesn’t take the call.

Pari turns to Arnav. Heartbroken, he wipes his tears silently. Pari was excited and says she never realized how she fall for Rohan. She asks if he is in shock. She always said that she can’t love anyone; what if the other person breaks her heart. Rohan says she must not be afraid in love. Rohan chose her for ‘Complete Woman’ photo-shoot, and complemented that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. She is beautiful in Rohan’s eyes, everything is positive when Rohan is around. Sukhmani hears all this from the door, then leaves. Pari asks Arnav if Rohan must feel the same for her. Arnav was now badly crying, he tells Pari to go and ask Rohan itself.

Radika hears Mishti record a voice message for Veer. She was upset and says she called him so many times since last night, she loves him greatly and is ready to apologize the number of times he wish her to. She can bear anything, but will shatter if he remains angry with her. She requests him to speak to her. Veer was hurt when he hears the message. He says sorry, he can’t speak to her right now; things are already worse and he doesn’t want them worst.

Pari at once realizes Arnav was crying. She apologizes Arnav that she said all this to him, but he is her best friend. Who else she should have said all this. She hugs Arnav as he is her best friend. When she realized her love, she ran to him’ she didn’t even realize how bad he would feel. But it’s their pact that they will speak out anything, no matter how bad it is. She hugs Arnav again, as she didn’t mean to hurt him. They must remember, best friends now, best friends forever. Arnav nods, forcing a smile. Pari asks Arnav to go and speak to Rohan if he feels for her what she does. Arnav replies he can’t do it, then walks out of the room. Pari thinks she can never lose Arnav as her friend, and will explain to him.

Radika stops Rohan for breakfast. Rohan says he isn’t hungry. Radhika speaks to Rohan that she is a mother and understands what he is trying to hide. If she was his place, she must also have been hurt. His anger is justified. She joins her hands from Mishti’s side, and explains she is good at heart and didn’t intend anything wrong. Rohan stops Radhika from apologizing. Radhika says Mishti is extremely tensed because Veer isn’t talking to her, she is extremely possessive for her siblings. She brings a line of doctors only if Ansh sneezes. She spot him smoking, Mishti couldn’t understand what to do and held him responsible. She wish he could know Mishti, she is really good at heart.

Rohan assures Radhika that Mishti is very good at heart, and extremely lucky to have an admiring family like them. Mishti said a lot to him and he didn’t dislike anything, he knows she is good at heart. He accepts he is a little annoyed; but now it’s all cool. He says she is forgetting, it’s time for her Pooja. He promises to do breakfast.
Mishti cries in the room, remembering the best moments spent with Veer.


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