Monday Update on Complicated Love 22nd February 2021

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Monday Update on Complicated Love 22nd February 2021

Mishti feels extremely bad hearing Ansh. Veer picks the luggage and tells Rohan to come along. Rohan says he isn’t going anywhere, he has to be here because otherwise people would believe he was wrong. Why he must go away when he isn’t wrong. Veer tells Mishti Rohan still didn’t speak a word, it itself says a lot. He turns to leave, annoyed. Mishti apologizes Rohan while in tears. Rohan doesn’t say a word and goes inside. Pari and Ansh follow Rohan inside the house. Mishti was soon left alone. The lift was going down, Mishti takes stairs.

Ansh allows Radhika to even beat him. Radhika was angry that he broke her trust. Arnav goes to make the settlement of catering. Sukhmani wanted to stay with Radhika, she is disturbed. Arnav says whatever happened to Radhika today, it will take her time to settle down and must stay alone. He stops Ansh to help him pack up. Rani takes Sukhmani home.

Veer gets into the car. Mishti comes running to him, she was panting badly and crying. She requests Veer not to be angry, she apologized Rohan as well. She accepts she over-reacted but at least he must understand her. Veer walks out of the car and says he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t know her for the way she behaved with Rohan. She crossed all her limits today. He really wants to know who this Mishti is. He gets into the car. Mishti was left pleading, but Veer drives away. Mishti cries behind.

In the room, Rohan unpacks his bags. Pari stood at the door of the room, and silently cries over his agony. She walks inside and apologizes from Mishti’s side. She now unpacks his bag, and says she doesn’t understand Mishti’s behavior and attitude. She always got the easiest solution to the biggest problems, it’s the first time she took such a huge step in life. May be, she is over thinking due to pre-wedding panic. She can’t understand how to react, and is thus overreacting. Whatever happened today must have hurt him, but she really wish everything gets sort out between him and Mishti. She asks if she must speak to Mishti.

Rohan questions what would she speak to Mishti, does she want to know what the problem is. He can tell the problem…. But stops at once. He tells her to leave him alone. Pari apologizes and silently turns to leave the room. Rohan consoles himself and comes to Pari, he gets polite and says I am sorry. Pari replies he is rightful, after all we are friends. Rohan forbids her give this right to anyone, she must hold her self-respect the greatest for herself. Pari understands. She wish the bad vibes between him and Mishti soon mists away. She really wish he and Mishti also turn friends, like them. Rohan smiles that it can never happen, but there is no misunderstanding or bad vibes between them. He promises Pari to explain what it meant, but at the right time. He tightly holds Pari’s hand, then gives her a hug. Pari now leaves the room. Rohan was left upset.

Mishti comes home and cries in the lounge. There, Rohan sat in the bed and thinks he understands Mishti’s pain, he can feel her agony. He wish to remain with her and remove all her tensions; but she never gave him this right. He turns to see Mishti standing at his door. He stands up at once. Mishti walks into the room. Rohan gets her a glass of water, while Mishti sits on the bed. Rohan was moved by her gesture. He brings the glass of water. Mishti doesn’t take it, and stands up instead. She cries apologizing Rohan again, she says she isn’t like this and doesn’t know herself why she did all this. Rohan says he wish to know why she did all this. Mishti now turns to Rohan and silently walks out. Rohan thinks why Mishti behaves so awkwardly.

Pari sat in her bed, thinking about Rohan and his concerns. Mishti holds her hand concerned, as she rubbed it. Pari says she is fine as its only a cream. She says Rohan must be hurt, he had beaten that Ravi badly. He must also be hurt himself. She says Mishti once asked how she got so comfortable in such a short time; Rohan is like that. He can’t bear anyone’s pain. Mishti replies in a different stance, he has really owned them. She behaved badly to him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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