Monday Update on Complicated Love 21st September 2020

Monday Update on Complicated Love 21st September 2020

Rajdeep tells Nandini only God is witness of what he has gone through, his soul is guilty to disgrace her. He never believed in God, but today in this temple he wonders what face he would take to God. Nandini says she has to do Aarti and Rajdeep must leave. Rajdeep holds her hand from behind, Nandini turns around and tells him to leave her hand. Rajdeep requests her a single chance of repentance.

Rajdeep says it’s up to Nandini to give him this chance or punish him by denying any. If she thinks leaving him will make her happy, he leaves the decision on her and turns to leave. Nandini looks towards Kunal who stood beside Mauli while she prayed. Rajdeep’s words still echo in her mind, then everyone’s advices. She sobs. She wonders if Rajdeep is really changing, should she overlook Kunal and Mauli’s confusion. Can Rajdeep really change? She sat on the stairs of the temple upset, a lady gives her red thread to tie onto a tree nearby, God would surely help her this way.

Nandini prays around the tree. Someone taps her shoulder from behind, it was Makhija. He had things left on Nandini’s side and tries to touch her. Someone stops his hand from the side, it was Rajdeep. Rajdeep warns Makhija to not even try and touch Nandini, it was his mistake that he disgraced Nandini and sent her to him. Makhija wasn’t intrigued but Rajdeep beats him hard on face. Makhija warns to return with full preparations next time and leaves after apologizing. Rajdeep apologizes Nandini, he wasn’t able to give her any grace and even a new house.

At night, Nandini was lost in thoughts about Rajdeep. Mauli comes appreciating the potato Nandini had cooked. She tells Nandini to go and sleep as she must be tired. Nandini wanted to speak to Mauli but couldn’t. Mauli suggests her to go to balcony, if she is able to talk they will. Nandini wasn’t still able to speak. She tells Mauli she couldn’t find any end to tell Mauli what storm is there in her heart. She says she held this moon a witness in seven Karwachot and wished to live seven lives with Rajdeep.

She longed for happiness while she was there, she always wished him to complement her for little matters like when she looked good, cooked a tasty meal or decorated the house well. She was always scolded. She never realized when she turned to be thirsty of Rajdeep’s apology only. When she left the house Rajdeep had crossed every limit of inhumane attitude. Today, Rajdeep is doing what he never did. The flower bouquet today was the first ever flowers of her life. There is no relation of Rajdeep and sorry, still he apologized. If this is the second face of Rajdeep, doesn’t Mauli think she must accept this one and go to him? She must get this much risk to fulfil her dreams. It’s easy to break a marriage but to live with it is very difficult.

Mauli tells Nandini that her married life is really beautiful and she can’t even imagine what Nandini has gone through. Being married isn’t everything, self-respect and one’s own life is also important. Can she think of a single moment in the past seven years when she thought she was lucky to have Rajdeep? Did Rajdeep ever give her the feel of his companionship? Nandini says Rajdeep sent her flowers in the last two days, apologized and he even came to temple today. Dida calls Mauli from inside to give her medicines. Mauli hurries inside assuring Nandini to speak about it afterwards. Nandini prays to God to help her take the right decision. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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