Monday Update on Complicated Love 1st March 2021

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Monday Update on Complicated Love 1st March 2021

Pari gets a call from Rohan. Mishti stops for a while, then gets to her makeover. Pari tells Rohan she had to go to Runawla, and thought about coming along. Rohan suggests Pari not to come over today, there is a rally of farmers. Pari thinks she can’t tell Mishti about it, then says she will come over tomorrow. Pari says she would come over to Puna after her meeting, and plans a dinner together. Pari tells Mishti she wants a break for herself, and is thinking about a stay for few days. Mishti wish her to enjoy well. Pari notices Mishti had tied hair. Mishti says its hot, and she doesn’t like open hair anymore. Pari thinks Rohan’s name upsets Mishti, she can’t ever speak her heart out to Mishti.

Sukhmani answers the door bell, it was Ansh. Sukhmani says its Tani’s 12th this year, and she is tensed for her preparations. Ansh tells her about his coaching. Sukhmani says she also wish Tani to get admission in the same academy, may be Tani studies something that way. She asks Ansh to go and speak to Tani about coaching classes and convince her for basic study in life. Mishti was waiting in the restaurant.

Tani was getting ready in her room, she gets alert at the knock at door and wears a night suit over her short dress. She was relieved watching Ansh outside. She asks about his plan for summer vacations. Sukhmani brings them mango milkshake, then asks about the coaching classes. She advises Tani to join the coaching classes. Tani sends Sukhmani outside and questions Ansh why he boasted to Bua about the summer schools. Ansh asks about her pool party. Tani claims it to be amazing. She brings a key chain Robby had gifted.

Ansh brought some chocolates for Tani. Tani makes fun of Ansh as she isn’t a child. Ansh says Dadi gave it to him, she always considers Tani a child. Tani forbids Ansh to be much studious. She offers to go outside, she can tell Bua she is going for study. Ansh was afraid what if Dadi finds out. Tani calls him a ‘Phattu’ (Coward). Ansh presents two cigarettes. Tani was now fearful, but Ansh counters who is a coward now.

Veer reaches the restaurant. Mishti plays a presentation and stands for his welcome. Veer was happy to see their photos while Mishti placed her head over Veer’s shoulder. She thinks about Rohan, then decides she can’t let her heart overtake her mind. Everything is perfect between them.

Ansh and Tani sit together for smoking in the window. Tani notices the swag Ansh had, still says she will only accept his courage if he takes her for an outing. Ansh asks for some time, he would surely take her out as well. Ansh thinks Rohan is too good. Sukhmani could smell the cigarette smoke and goes checking around the house. She comes out of the house but none was there, she then follows the smell to Tani’s room. Ansh and Tani were terrified as Sukhmani knocks the door.

Veer claims it to be really sweet, and was happy she did a lot for her. Mishti asks if she can’t make him feel special, like he always does. Veer says he is so happy, he missed this Mishti so much. Mishti replies may be this Mishti wandered over a wrong path unknowingly. Veer gets a call from Rohan, Mishti’s spine straightens up. Rohan couldn’t connect the call. Mishti requests Veer not to get busy with his phone.

Tani and Ansh puts the cigarette off. Ansh gives her some mouth freshener. They grab their books. Sukhmani comes inside, and smells cigarette. Tani explains it might be someone on the other floors or through windows. Ansh was annoyed and leaves the room. Tani says Ansh is now angry. She asks to go to Ansh’s place for study. Sukhmani allows her only if she really has to study. Tani makes Sukhmani leave her room, then packs her shoes in her bag along with the books.

Veer’s phone bell rings once again. Mishti was uncomfortable and requests Veer not to take any calls, no one has a place between them and specially Rohan. Veer says Rohan must have some important thing to say and makes a video call. Rohan asks Veer if he is busy, or someone outside. Rohan says he came over to Puna, and aunty requested to bring some jewellry from Puna. She didn’t attend the call, he had to call Veer as last resort. Veer notices the bandage while Rohan notices the presentation playing behind Veer. Rohan says his tyre went flat, and while changing the tyre he got this cut. Mishti was at once tensed and peeks into the video. Rohan says nothing hurts him now and cuts the call. Mishti wonders why she is so worried for him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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