Monday Update on Complicated Love 14th September 2020


Monday Update on Complicated Love 14th September 2020

Nandini opens up to Mauli that Rajdeep had sent here to Makhija’s room, he wanted her to spend the night with Makhija so that he invests in Rajdep’s business. Mauli wanted to know what happened that night when Kunal found her. Mauli says she doesn’t want to know, but Nandini insists its her right. Rajdeep had taken her to bar for party, he requests for her help to flourish in business. Rajdeep left her in Makhija’s room, she attempted to save herself and left. Rajdeep then abused and beat her, then left her in the midst of road. Nandini cries that she was bleeding, her child was dying and Rajdeep left them helpless. She cries badly while Mauli consoles her. Kunal had heard everything.

Mauli comes to the room and cries placing her head over Kunal. She blames herself for leaving Nandini alone at that time, she must have made efforts and broke their engagement. Kunal convinces Mauli that they were both young at that time. Mauli cries wondering why it had to happen with Nandini only? Kunal says everyone has to go through some tough times in life. But Nandini has got a new house. They will work together to return her from such depression first. Mauli says Nandini didn’t even say a work in front of that Makhija. Kunal says actually Rajdeep has shattered her self-confidence completely. Kunal suggests Mauli to take her out for some exhibitions, films or movies to bring her confidence back.

The next morning. Mauli brings Nandini out in the kitchen. Kunal stood there bathed in flour and boasts about having made Parathas. They were round. Mauli denies tasting any. Kunal insists on Nandini to take a bite, as Mauli doesn’t have a health insurance. Nandini takes a bite but spits it. Mauli tastes the Paratha then says it’s filled with salt. She insists on Kunal to take them out for lunch. Kunal says he can’t go out because of all the flour, he gives Mauli his card to go and enjoy breakfast outside. Mauli decides to go to an exhibition.

In the exhibition, Nandini and Mauli tries some earrings, recalls their past times. They then goes for Gol Gappa and some shopping together. Someone had been stalking them in the market. Mauli points at forgetting the bangles bag at the shop and goes to bring it. Rajdeep calls Nandini from behind, she was terrified as she turns around. Rajdeep stood there and asks how she is, if she is enjoying shopping and doesn’t care at all about husband and her house. It’s alright to take a break for a while and tells her to come home with her.

Nandini tries to walk away, Rajdeep clutches her arm and warns to come home silently, and else he will get angry here. If she is used to getting beaten up for all petty matters. Nandini asks him not to insist, she doesn’t want to come along him. Rajdeep questions who would keep her? Nandini says she wants to go to Mauli. Rajdeep slaps her hard on face. Nandini fells into the arms of another woman. A crowd gathered around. Rajdeep clutches Nandini and asks why Mauli in on her brains. He forces Nandini to come home with him. A man tries to stop them but Rajdeep says it’s their personal matter, they will solve it. Someone punches Rajdeep’s face and questions how dare he touched Nandini?

Rajdeep says she is his wife, he can do anything. Mauli deters calling police. Rajdeep tells her to call the police right away and breaks Mauli’s cell phone. He taunts that it’s broken now and warns to beat Mauli just like he did to her phone. He drags Nandini while Mauli tries to save her. Rajdeep pushes her over a stall and grabs Nandini’s hand pushing her into a car. People weren’t ready to interfere as it was their personal matter. Mauli runs out of the exhibition. Rajdeep laughs that Mauli has left already and won’t save Nandini from him anymore. He forces Nandini into his car and was about to leave. A police van comes from front. Rajdeep warns Nandini to stay silent else he can as well physically harass her. The police inspector asks Rajdeep if he beat his wife.

Mauli complains to the inspector that people in the market are evident he slapped her, he beats her daily. Rajdeep brings Nandini out of the car for them to ask Nandini herself. Mauli asks Nandini to tell the inspector what happened in the market, and that he beats her regularly. Nandini stood silent. Mauli convinces Nandini that her silence will encourage any husband who abuse their wives. She requests Nandini to speak up. The inspector thinks this is a pointless case. Rajdeep asks for Mauli’s permission to take his wife home and holds Nandini’s hand walking towards the car.

Nandini looks towards Mauli then recalls all the harassment she had to bear in hands of Rajdeep. Rajdeep’s warnings, and Mauli’s fight for her. Rajdeep opens the car door for Nandini pushing her inside, the police was about to leave. Nandini thinks about her lost child and calls the inspector from behind. Rajdeep silently asks what she is doing. Nandini hurries to Mauli and complains to police that he is her husband but he daily beats her, he even slapped her in the midst of market as well. He forcefully wants to take her home, comes even at her friend’s house and shouts there. The inspector arrests Rajdeep who stares at Nandini and murmurs he will remember everything. The police takes Rajdeep. Mauli was happy and hugs Nandini out of pride. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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