Monday Update on Complicated Love 14th December 2020


Monday Update on Complicated Love 14th December 2020

Radhika was worried what if Pari finds old photos of Kunal and Mauli? Pari turns the leaf of photo album, Kunal wore a mask in his photos with Mauli. She wonders who it can be. Radhika takes the album saying it’s filled with dust. She asks Pari to watch the cartoons. Outside in the hall, Mishti comes running into the house. She explains to Radhika that she came over to take her clothes, she was happy that Mauli and Ishaan are marrying finally. She runs to the room, hugs Pari and was thankful to her as her Buddy helped her in Mauli and Ishaan’s marriage.

Mishti was apologetic to Pari for being rude. She tells Pari that she came to know Pari’s Buddy is actually her Papa, he left her and her Mama. She was badly hurt by the news and so was angry. Pari was shocked at the news. Mishti says Pari’s Buddy and her Mama had been married, but he left them later on. She tells Pari that she is no angrier with her Buddy anymore. She asks Pari to hug her Buddy; then goes to pack her clothes. She tells Pari its Lori function at Ishaan’s house. Mishti gives a few of her toys to Pari as she is her younger sister. Pari was saddened by the news.
Radhika was busy preparing meal when Pari comes out, still disturbed about Mishti’s talk. Radhika asks Pari where she wants to go. She allows Pari to go downstairs with Pramilla to play as she might be bored.

At the Lori function, Sweety arrives excitedly to meet Ishaan’s fiancé. Sandhya and Ishaan says she must soon be here. Sweety was impatient and asks them to call the girl. Sandhya takes Sweety to the food table. Mauli comes to the function with Mishti. Mishti runs to Ishaan who holds her into his arms. He then greets Mauli. Mishti compliments that her mother looks just like a Pari today. Sandhya also comes to hug Mauli. She then calls Sweety to come and meet her to be daughter in law. Sweety was shocked to see Mauli while Mauli’s smile vanishes with the confrontation.

Pramilla brings Pari downstairs and sends her to play. She herself goes to take a phone call. Pari was still haunted by Mishti’s word and the thought that Kunal was Mishti’s father. She looks towards Pramilla who was busy with her phone call and walks outside the society. Pramilla, after the call, panics when she doesn’t find Pari with the kids.

There, Ishaan looks suspicious. Mishti introduces herself as daughter of her Mama and princess of her Popsy. Sandhya asks if they know each other. Sweety says they were neighbors for quite long. Mauli says Sweety helped her at one time of her life. Sweety says Mauli’s older in laws lived nearby. Sandhya says it’s good they know each other. Sweety hugs Mauli and greets her Happy Lori. She claims Mishti has grown up to be a princess, and is exactly after her father. Ishaan takes Mishti and Mauli to light the Lori.

Pari walked past dark street during the night time alone.
Mishti asks Ishaan and Mauli to light the Lori together. Sandhya happily watch them. Mauli and Ishaan share a look. Sweety asks Sandhya how she was ready to marry Ishaan to Mauli, knowing Mauli is a divorcee. Sandhya says Ishaan is in love with Mauli, and Mauli is also a nice girl. Sweety says Mauli is truly a nice girl, patient and mannered; she wonders why God always make good one’s suffer. She must appreciate Sandhya who fixed Ishaan’s marriage with a divorcee with a daughter. Sandhya replies they have nothing to do with Mauli’s past life. Sweety says Mauli had forgotten her smile, her owns betrayed her; she wonders how she bore such a betrayal. She tells Sandhya about Nandini and Kunal’s love story and Mauli’s divorce. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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