Monday Update on Complicated Love 12th October 2020

Monday Update on Complicated Love 12th October 2020

In the temple, Mauli thanks Kunal for all his preparations. Nandini comes to the temple and complements Mauli. Nandini greets Mauli but Mauli seems annoyed with her. Kunal also notices her behavior. Nandini asks Mauli if she is annoyed. Mauli replies yes, and even shocked. She didn’t expect this from Nandini at least. Nandini asks what she did. Mauli says she caught her red handed in the coffee shop today. Nandini and Kunal were shocked. Mauli says she wonders if Nandini can do this to her? Kunal hides his face.

Nandini explains she never intended to hurt her. Mauli questions why she lied to her? She wanted an outing, Nandini lied that she had a head ache and as soon as the call ended she spot Nandini at the coffee shop. Why she needed to lie to her? Nandini holds Mauli’s hand and apologizes. She says the ladies from her cooking classes took her for coffee, she had a head ache there. And when Mauli called her for shopping she had no stamina. She apologizes for her mistake. Mauli eyes her saying she was sure Nandini never lies, at least to her. If she finds out that someone has lied to her, she can’t control her anger then. Nandini apologizes again. Mauli opens her arms for Nandini to hug her, after all she got a sister in law. Tears fell off Nandini’s eyes. Mauli complements Nandini to look really pretty. She sends Nandini inside with Kunal and goes to bring Mamma and Dida.

Kunal and Nandini walk into the temple side by side. Kunal speaks to Nandini that he is aware she feels guilty. Mauli’s Maa stops them from stepping up the temple stairs and asks if Nandini has come here as well, with her cursed shadow. She can’t welcome her new daughter in law in hands of a divorced woman. Kunal corrects that she left her husband by herself. Maa calls Nandini as selfish, shameless and characterless. She left her husband, still she makes up so well to attract others. Who invited her here? She has no place in this function. She reminds that Mauli had forbidden her at her own house saying Nandini is invited at her house, Maa must do anything at her. She joins her hands to Kunal saying Nandini must leave. Only respectful and well charactered people are invited here. Nandini runs out of the temple building.

At the entrance of apartment, Nandini sobs about the words of Mauli’s mother. She cursed Nandini for doing all the makeup even after leaving her husband. She enters the house and walks inside without noticing the mess around the floor. She throws her jewellry on the floor and sits down on floor. A bead of blood fell over her forehead, her body then fills with blood. She looks up terrified to find the fan soaked in blood, feathers of a bird lay near her. She looks towards a wall and reads Dead Mrs. written with blood.
Kunal was worried about Nandini and leaves the temple. He reaches the apartment and calls Nandini from outside. The door was unlocked. Kunal gets in and was shocked to see the blooded view, and the words on the wall. She shouts Nandini’s name hysterically.


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