Monday Update on Anupama 20th June 2022


Monday Update on Anupama 20th June 2022

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Rakhi continues her drama. She shouts that Shah family boasts about sanskars, their son took away her daughter and don’t know what he must be doing with her. Baa asks why she is spoiling her own daughter’s dignity. Rakhi says she is just telling truth to public, Shah family’s truth, a boy whose father is a playboy will obviously elope with a girl. Vanraj shouts Rakhi Dave is crossing limits. Rakhi says his son crossed the limits, its not his mistake as his father has a wife and a girlfriend. People record the drama. She tells inspector that she had broken alliance seeing father’s affair, pleads to save her daughter or else this cheap and greedy family. Anu shouts to stop..says her family is her pride and if Rakhi hurts her pride, protecting her pride is her duty. Rakhi complains inspector and cries to get back her daughter Kinjal at any cost. Anu says Kinjal is also like her daughter and instead of fighting, they should search both kids.

Vanraj backs Anu and says if they don’t search kids, don’t know what they will do. Rakhi yells to shut up and asks inspector to arrest Anu for kidnapping her daughter. Inspector orders constable to arrest Anu. Mamaji says they cant arrest Anu like this. Baa backs him. Inspector says he will arrest even her. Samar asks to arrest even him. Vanraj warns that inspector cannot arrest Anu or else he will complain against Rakhi for kidnapping his son. Rakhi shouts to arrest Anu soon. Vanraj says no woman from Shah family will go to jail, he will come along to police station but with his lawyer. Baa asks to arrest even her as she slapped Rakhi. Inspector asks when. Baa says now and tries to slap Rakhi, but family stops her. Rakhi’s drama continues when Toshu and Kinjal enter and say no need to arrest anyone as they married each other with mutual consent and are adults. Inspector tells Rakhi that her daughter is adult and married with mutual consent, so he cannot arrest anyone. Rakhi yells her daughter is manipulated. Inspector leaves with his team.

Toshu says they didn’t think that they would have to marry in court without parent’s permission. Anu asks them to come inside home and speak. Rakhi walks to Kinjal and raises hand to slap her when Anu holds her hand. Rakhi shouts she held her hand, how dare she is to interfere between her and her daughter. Anu says she is interfering between Rakhi and her bahu and says maybe they have ritual of beating children, but we don’t; if Rakhi had accepted their alliance happily, she wouldn’t have to see this day. Rakhi shouts she will make their life a hell and warns Kinjal that she saw her mother’s love and now will see her anger. Baa warns her to stop her drama or else there is no police to stop her. Rakhi walks away. Public discuss that Mr. Shah’s on eloped and married, what kind of a sanskar he has. Anu asks Baa, Bapuji, Mamaji, Toshu, and others except Vanraj to walk in. Rakhi walks on road shouting she will not spare Shah family.

Anu performs Toshu and Kinjal’s aarti. Kinjal says her mother wanted to send her to US, so she had to take this step. Vanraj shouts at Toshu if he didn’t have trust on his parents and why did they take wrong steps. He blames Anu that her pampering spoilt Toshu. Anu says whatever happened is right, but the way was wrong; asks Toshu if he didn’t have trust on his parents. Kinjal says they were afraid and didn’t know what to do; Toshu says they felt as if all routes are closed and were really afraid. Vanraj claps and says didn’t they see Rakhi’s drama, Kinjal knows how her mother is. Anu asks to stop scolding children now. Baa says Rakhi will try to harm them repeatedly like before and try to insult them. Baa asks her to stop as already they saw a big drama. Baa says if Kinjal stays here, Rakhi will come repeatedly and create a drama. Kinjal says she will go from here.

Toshu holds her hand and says they will go from here if they have problem from them, anyways everyone are bothered about dignity and happiness, he forgot that they can do whatever they want, but not we. Baa scolds that he made a mistake and is arguing with them. Toshu says papa made a mistake and she accepted him back even then, he made a relationship, but Baa broke one. Baa stands shocked. Toshu says let us go from here. Anu stops him. Toshu says Kinjal left her parents and luxuries for him, earlier they used to cry for each other and now will cry for family. Anu warns him to stop and asks Samar and Nandini to take them inside.

Kavya thinks Vanraj is not picking her call or replying her messages, he is neither in office or with a friend, if he is still with Anupama. Anirudh wishes her good morning and referring her as wifey offers her coffee. She throws away coffee and says she is not his wife. He says officially she still is like Vanraj is Anupama’s husband, bin painde ka lota/container without a base proverb suits well for Vanraj. Kavya stands fuming.

Kavya tells family elders that children made a mistake because of elders’ adamancy; Toshu and Kinjal were not the problem in this relationship from before, earlier problems were because of her education, Rakhi’s adamancy or..looks at Vanraj.. She says Kinjal and Toshu wanted to marry with their blessings. Vanraj asks if they should accept their relationship, its their wish whether to accept or not. Bapuji says marriage is not a rumor to accept it or not. Anu says Bapuji is right, Toshu and Kinjal married after taking 7 pheras in front of god and taking oath; marriage is not a child’s play to end when they get bored, relationship can be weak but not a joke.

Vanraj walks way angrily saying Anu should do whatever she wants. Baa tries to stop him and tells Anu that Vanraj is right, its important to cage that nagin/Rakhi, if she can do that then its fine, she will be responsible for whatever happens; she was a wife, daughter-in-law/DIL, mother and now became mother-in-law/MIL, hence her responsibilities increased four fold. Anu is amazed to hear MIL. Baa says it sounds easy to be MIL, but very difficult to manage; she was managing between her husband and son and now she has to manage between her son and DIL, now she has to share her son with her DIL and her DIL will show her right on her son and he will follow his wife; she has to tolerate all this as she has to keep the family united; even if she loves her DIL more than a daughter, she will be called MIL; even she had become MIL from a mother and knows all this; her son has made her MIL instantly. Anu smiles reminiscing telling Kinjal tha tshe wants to be DIL’s friend, Baa’s advice, etc. She prays god to hold her hand in new journey of a new relationship, reminds that she wanted to become a mother than MIL.

Kinjal cries and tells Toshu that everyone are upset because of them. Toshu asks her to relax as they didn’t have any other option. Pakhi suggests her not to worry as they already married. Samar tells Pakhi that she is not understanding the seriousness of issue, but Kinjal shouldn’t worry as she has her MIL to handle issues. Anu enters saying maa/mother and not MIL. She thinks children have made a mistake, but she needs to explain and handle them instead of scolding them at this time. She tells them that they made a mistake, but what is the use after making a mistake; the path they took is not easy, but when they have chosen it, they have walk through bearing the hurdles or else they won’t be able to reach anyone; its easy to break a heart, but not easy to reunite it; they need to convince dear ones whom they angered; they are couple now and not kids, couple need to understand that if a fight is with themselves, they need to win, but if its with family, they should lose; they need to follow all the responsibilities as a son and DIL; they need to regain trust of family members, not only this but also Rakhi and Pramod’s; they will be happy only if parents and whole family blesses them. They both touch her feet. She blesses and hugs them emotionally, says she will be always with them in their every step, they may be successful or not, but we together will try.

Baa vents out her anger in front of Bapuji says since Vanraj left home, she didn’t get out house to ignore neighbor’s questions, but Rakhi announced openly and everyone were recording videos and would have circulated it, they cannot show their face to anyone now. Bapuji says she is worried about her dignity, they were in deep trouble, good Toshu and Kinjal returned home on time or else Anu would have been in jail. Baa says this relationship is troublesome since the beginning. Bapuji says she should handle the issue instead of showing anger, when she has fallen in a river, she needs to learn swimming. Baa says her world is drowned; she wasn’t happy when her bahu came and even now when her bahu’s bahu came; storm has not stopped yet, it will come with full force, this was just a gush of air.

Rakhi munches cake to destress herself murmuring she needs to celebrate her daughter’s marriage; destressing for her means destroyal, Anupama should wait for her attack.

Anu prepaers kheer thinking she will feed sweets to everyone. Kinjal walks in calling her mummy. Anu performs her nazar and says 25 years it was similar morning and a bahu called her MIL similar, then it was her and now its Kinjal; when devi’s new idol arrives home, they respect it; a devi has entered maa Annapurna’s temple/kitchen, she will respect her with folded hands. Kinjal asks what is she doing. Anu says she is a shadow of maa Annapurna and MIL should salute her once. She feeds her dry fruit and says if she wants to work or study, she has to perform ritual similarly; kitchen is not her world, her world is very big with her office, her studies, her husband, etc, she should follow each responsibility by heart.

Kinjal says she knew she is good, but didn’t know she is so cool. Anu gifts her bangles as shagun and says she has only this, but promises to gift her something soon; Baa gifted these bangles to her and she is gifting it to Kinjal. Kinjal thanks her and says she cannot be too good like her, but will try. Anu pampers her. Baa gets angry seeing their bonding and comments halwa will not be sweet with sweets talks but with sugar. Anu asks Kinjal to pray god’s photo first and then remaining rituals before starting cooking each morning and teaches her to prepare halwa. Kinjal finishes preparing halwa and serves it in bowls. Anu asks her to serve it to Kanhaji/god first and then family. Kinjal follows her.

Bapuji walks to them smelling halwa, but stops seeing Anu. Anu says today is Kinjal’s first kitchen session, so he can have some. Bapuji takes bowl from Kinjal and gives her shagun. Anu signals Kinjal to serve it to Baa. Baa yells that earlier bahu used to learn cooking from her mother’s house, but now they just come in without sanskars, Kinjal is following her mother and wearing sleeveless clothes. Baa asks her to forgive Kinjal and accept halwa made by her. Baa yells Kinjal’s mother threw chillies on them and now she came to serve halwa. She continues yelling.

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