Monday Update on A Magical Love Story 23rd August 2021


Monday Update on A Magical Love Story 23rd August 2021

Kabir shouting Aman, come out. Imran acts as Aman and asks what do you want now Kabir. Kabir gets his vampire teeth out. Imran gets scared and says leave me, I m Imran, I will make you meet anyone you want, let me go. He runs. Kabir says this cheat will be proved costly to you, Bhai. He shuts the door and goes away. He chants a spell and leaves black birds from his body. A red moon falls over the house. Aman and Roshni come home. They get shocked seeing the red moon over the house roof. Aman is blocked by some wall. They see the sight of the moon suppressing the house beneath the ground. The family worries seeing the lights flickering and ground shaking. Aman and Roshni cry. Roshni stops Aman from running ahead. The house goes inside the ground. Aman gets shocked and calls out everyone. He cries. Everyone sees the darkness in the house. Aman and Roshni shout to everyone. They cry.

Roshni says the red moon has pushed the house beneath the ground. Sara shouts to them. Roshni says we will save you. Tabeezi says we can hear them, but they can’t hear us. Imran says there is no network. The moon starts freezing the place. Roshni says we have to get them out some way, I m much worried, what shall we do now.

Aman says I have to break this red moon. Roshni says we have to break it, because Jinnat are weak in front of the red moon. Aman calls Baazigar. Aman and Roshni use their powers together to break the moon. They fail. Roshni feels cold by the ice spreading around. He recalls Parveen. He throws a jacket. She asks what’s this. He says its a jacket, you are feeling cold, wear it. She says you will also feel cold. He says I m a Jinn, I m made up of fire, I m not feeling cold, wear it. She says fine, if you are insisting.

He says we have to find some way to break the door. Tabeezi says we have to think what to do of Baby and Salma. Saima says Kabir said they will become Zehraal. Tabeezi says I know how to make the antidote, come. Aman says clips and Baazigar are gone, now I have one way, I have to call the sword. Roshni says then why are you waiting, call it fast. Aman chants Sinsa and summons the sword. The sword freezes midway. Roshni worries. She asks Aman to see. Aman asks how did the sword get frozen in the air, why is everyone freezing here. Roshni says but moon is cold. He asks how do you know, did you go on moon. She says its common sense. He says red moon was in the black jungle also, there was no coldness. She says its not logic, its wish of red moon, I m Ayana. She falls over him. She says you are so hot. He asks what. They get up.

Roshni jokes on Aman. She says I didn’t mean that, you said you are made of fire. She recalls Kabir. She says Kabir called the red moon last time and he was a Jinn, so moon was hot, this time he is Zehraal, so moon is of ice. Aman says fire can melt ice, for this, we have to make a blast. Roshni says I have an idea. Tabeezi chants something to get some roots. She tells what all she needs. Locha says I can get these. Chotu says we can see. Imran says we will go and get it. Roshni uses her powers and gets a huge mountain rock over the moon. Tabeezi says it will take some time. Salma and Phupi get free the chains. Dadi comes to everyone.

Aman calls Baazigar. He signs Roshni. He does the magic and makes the rock of fire. Everyone gets away and hide from Salma and Phupi. Tabeezi gets the antidote. Roshni drops the rock on the moon. The moon breaks. Everyone in the house falls down. Aman and Roshni turn to see. They see the shattered rock/moon pieces. Everyone gets up. Aman and Roshni smile seeing the moon disappearing and the land turning normal, free of ice layer. The ground shakes up again. Roshni says no…. and looks around. The rocks get moving and joining back.

Roshni saying no….. The rocks fly in the air. Roshni tries her powers to stop them. She says I can’t stop this again, please help me. Aman looks on. He chants Sinsa and gets the sword down. He holds the sword and uses his power to destroy the rocks. Tabeezi takes the antidote and throws on Salma and Phupi. They stop and turn normal. Salma asks what’s happening. Phupi asks why are you seeing me like this. Dadi hugs Salma. Everyone smiles.

Aman and Roshni use their powers. She holds the rocks back. Aman breaks the rocks by hitting with the sword. Roshni asks are you all fine. Salma says yes, get us out of here. She says why isn’t the house coming up when moon got broken. Aman says because the moon pieces are falling on the house, its suppressing it. She says just you can stop this, but you can’t blast the house, what t do. Aman sees the sword. Everyone calls our Aman. Aman hits the sword on the ground. A huge light energy emerges from the sword. Aman falls weak. Roshni says we aren’t able to lift the house. Aman says I m not able to bring the house out, if I get late, then my family….

She asks him to use his mind and say how will the problem get solved. He says you created this problem, why did you go to black jungle. She asks why did you come after me. He says you always create problems. She says you would have let me die. He says if you are silent, then I will think how to save them. She says if this roof wasn’t there, then I would have got them out by my Ayana powers. He asks what did you say. She says is this roof wasn’t there… He says if I break the roof by my sword then…, She says I will pull them out. He chants Sinsa and breaks the roof of the house. Roshni asks them to get away from the crack and get on some carpet. Imran says I will get it. He gets a carpet. He says I will get Parveen. Everyone gets on the carpet.

Roshni uses her powers to lift the carpet and bring them out. The family is brought out. Aman and Roshni get emotional. They all hug. They see Parveen getting conscious. The moon rocks get inside the house from the broken roof. Dadi says our house… Aman says we lost the house, home is made by family, my entire family is here. Roshni looks for Chotu and asks where is Mr. Chotu. They get shocked and look for him. Chotu is still inside the house, with the lamp. Aman and everyone call him out. Chotu sees everyone gone. Roshni says we have to bring the house out to save him. Aman says I tried my best. Dadi says try again. Aman and Roshni use their powers. Chotu and Locha think what to do now. Aman says the house won’t come out, its based on the foundation. Roshni asks shall we use powers on the foundation. He says no, I have to go under the foundation and try. Parveen calls him out.

Aman stops and sees her. Everyone holds Parveen. Parveen holds Aman’s face and cries. Aman hugs her. They all smile. Aman says Ammi, Chotu…. Parveen says don’t worry, the house foundation isn’t there. He asks where is it. She says we are the foundation of this house, if we call the house, then it has to come. Dadi says you are right. Chotu worries seeing the red moon rock coming to him. Aman, Roshni, Parveen and everyone hold hands. Dadi asks Roshni to hold hand. Aman gives hand to Roshni. Imran says you forgot an imp man, hold my hand. Imran gets in between and holds Aman and Roshni’s hands. They chant the slogan, haath haath me… They see some pillars coming out. They smile and keep chanting. The house gets back in front of their eyes. Roshni leaves Imran’s hand and smiles happily. Aman sees her.