Monday Update April 30 on True Love Glow Tv

Monday Update  on True Love Glow Tv

April 30

Vansh asks Veer if he thinks his brother is capable enough of handling the responsibilities that come along with marriage. Veer assures his brother and tells him he knows Ichcha loves him very much. They hug. At the mall, Taps-Ichcha are shopping with Mai and Umed. Tapu points out many sarees, and Mai asks Ichcha what she likes. Taps tells that she usually picks out clothes for Ichcha. Taps points out a saree for Mai, and asks her opinion on it. Mai tells her its ok. Ichcha points out a light pink one which Mai and Umed both like. Taps, furious, finds another saree. Mai checks how it looks on Ichcha, while Taps fumes. She complains of a headache and Ichcha is at once at her side, checking to see if she’s ok. Mai tells Taps to take the car home, and send the driver back, since Ichcha has yet to choose her jewelry. Taps leaves in a huff.
In the Thakur house, Ammo is making lots of food and tells Divya that she decided to make everything since she doesn’t know what Vansh likes. Divya inquires abt Taps, and Rohini tells that she’s in her room sleeping. Divya tells her to wake Taps since Vansh has arrived. In the front room, all are seated when Vansh grabs the trays with tea and food on them and places them on the table. He makes the tea, while Ammo tries telling him to sit. He makes the tea and hands cups to everyone, then takes a seat on the handle of the sofa. When Nani asks him abt things he likes, he names all of Ichcha’s likes. Taps comes downstairs, disgusted with everyone talking abt Ichcha. Taps tells Vansh how brothers’ likes are usually the same, Jogi, Ichcha and the rest feel a little uncomfortable. Vansh agrees and invites Taps and Veer to join Ichcha and him tonight for dinner. She agrees.
The four of them arrive at the dhaba, and Vansh escorts Ichcha out of the car. Veer leaves, with Taps looking on and Vansh ends up helping her out. Vansh leaves to go park the car. A friend of Taps recognizes her and starts talking with her. Taps’ eyes remain on Veer-Ichcha who are walking towards the table. Ichcha falls, and is caught by Veer. They both sit at the table and Veer tells Ichcha that he knows that now they both have to forget the past. He asks her if he can ask her a question, and inquires why she agreed to this marriage. Veer tells her that he knows Vansh is in love with her and will make her happy, but what about her happiness. Ichcha says that her happiness lies in Vansh’s. Veer tells that his happiness lies in seeing both of them happy

All four get seated at the table in the dhaba and Vansh introduces the owner of the dhaba to the rest. Vansh orders for Ichcha and himself and asks Veer to order for Taps. Veer orders paneer, and Taps tells him that she doesn’t like paneer. Vansh scolds Veer for not knowing his wife’s likes and Ichcha explains that love has a different meaning for each person. Veer agrees with her and tells that sometimes sacrificing is love and sometimes even forgetting your love is love. Taps disagrees saying that love is love, and she can do anything to get her love. Vansh agrees with her. Taps asks what he can do to prove his love, and he says he can walk on fire. Ichcha tells him that she does not doubt his love and he doesn’t have to prove anything. He asks her if she can prove her love and Ichcha looks away.
Vansh insists on proving his love and walks on some burning coals. Veer pulls him out of there and scolds him. Ichcha applies medicine on his burns, asking why he had to prove something that she never asked for. He tells her that he can’t stand it when anyone doubts his love. Meanwhile, Veer takes Taps to the side and screams at her for instigating Vansh. She replies that it’s not her fault and Vansh was the one who thought of the idea. Veer leaves and Taps walks over to Ichcha-Vansh. She tells them both sorry, and Vansh tells her that its not her fault, and maybe his love wasn’t enough. They both leave and an angry Taps throws a glass of liquor into the coals, and it bursts into flames.