Monday Update 30 April on Young Love

Monday Update 30 April on Young Love

Dadisa says to basant she would die peacefully seeing her family’s happiness.” What nonsense are you saying,kallo”..Hearing this everyone turns around and are stunned to see badi maasi walking in. .She starts joking that everyone is looking at her as if she were a thief…Everybody seek badi massis blessing/as the bendnis try to introduce anandi ,badi massi recognizes her. .And says “my fat anandi has become so slim, teases kalo isnt giving her enough to eat.. she says jagya anandi jodi would be as beatiful as ram seetha jodi..Anandi doesnt know what to say, Dadisa diverts her attention by asking when she arrived lbadi massi says makhan let her in when the singh family went on picnic..Dadisa complaints why badi maasi came alone without informing even when she is sick..Badi massi just says her son had some important work so she came alone..She gives gifts to everybody .. Beendnis prepare tea and snacks for badi jeeji but anandi doest want to serve her oily food ,so gives gets fruits for maasi..

Badi massi asks about the gifts she had sent on diwali and asks if everyone is wearing them as she had asked ..She sees anandi not wearing the locket,anandi tells its broken ,needs to be repaired.. Basant gets a phone call.. Badi massi wants to know why jagya isnt present to celebrate holi with the family,she wants to talk to him before she returns/asks anandi to remind her about talking to jagya

Dadisa is hurt that her sister is talking about leaving .. After his phonecall basant informs dadisa that badi masi came without informing her son.. r. Maasiji says she just decided she wanted to see kalo and the family ..Dadisa is angry at badi maasi for behaving like a child and not caring for her health Badi jeeji starts coughing ,dadisa is worried and asks basant to get lal singh

In mumbai jagat is cooking as a surprise for gauri, but she arrives early spoiling his surprise ..Gauri says she too has a surprise for him,gives him his choicest perfume..She wants him to take leave on holi to celebrate 1st holi all three together..jagya gets homesick remembering holi with family..gaurii promises she wil make his favorite dishes.. jagat is happy and wishes his family could see how gauri cares for him and is his perfect wife..they embrace,gauri gives her wicked smile.

Endgyan- When a person starts thinking of victory defeat in relationships/They become very phony.. And it could lead to breaking up..

All r tensed due to badi jiji’s health. Ds comes down when lal singh is checking badi jiji. She tells everyone that she hides everything about jogdeesh due to her bad health. Basant agrees that she can’t bear the shock. Sumi wonders how they will able to hide this matter from her, but ds forces everyone to hide. Lal singh comes down and tells that she is fine but little tired. He advised to take rest. Padi jiji is not willing to take rest. But do forces her to take rest. Next day, badi jiji is joking that her kali° is weaker than her due to her old age and tells that she won’t eat light food now on.

Some ppI come there to invite sarpanch bitiya’s family for holika dollen. They want anandi to come as the chief guest. Anandi tells them to invite do I” as she is the head of the family and as far the invitation to the sarpanch is concern then sarpanch doesn’t need any invitation. Pp I happily agreed and leftbs is amused with anandi’s respect towards her. badi jiji joked again and gives some money to anandi as sagun. At the dining table, Bath jiji is not happy with those food served by sumi. Some cute nob jhonk between two sisters. So do decides to eat the same food with jiji. Both emotionally feed each other. Notkhat bodi jiji wants toga to holika dahan. Ds gives up by saying nondu is more intelligent than badi jiji and agrees. Ds is about to stand up be cant due to her knee ache. Basont forces do not to go to the holiko dahan. Sumi decides to stay with do at haveli .Ds agrees.

Holika dahan rituals start. Everyone perform their parts. Padi jiji recalls her fond memories with kid jagiya. She tells anandi about the story behind ho like &than, harinyakashyop, prahlad. Now god saved his devotee, Sagiya loves this story. She asks anandi to call jagiya. Anandi gives excuses be she says anandi is thinking so much to make call as if she is calling a stranger. She forces her hard. Seeing no option left, anandi calls him,

At mumabi JG r also doing the holika dohan rituals. Jag& is upset remembering jetsar’s holi and tells her that next year they will take their child to jetsar for holi. Suddenly realized and diverted the topic Gael irritated seeing anandi’s call on jagat’s mobile and picks the phone. gadiji asks is this jagiya’s number and who is talking. Gauri says she is gauri and she should tell her name as she is calling. Badi jiji tells anandi a girl is talking from j’s phone whose name is gauri. Anondi tensed.