Monday Update 30 April on Unforseen Love



Arnav asks Khushi how she knows that he is in some kinda danger. Khushi recalls the I Love You flashback and says that he called her and suddenly the shrill sound interrupts the moment. Arnav gets worry and orders Khushi to get down as she sits on the floor the kidnapper comes and asks her why she haven’t eat the food yet. He tries to forces Khushi to eat from his hands while Arnav gets angry and sees from the ventilator. Khushi feels insecure and tensed. The kidnapper asks why she was following him and misbehaves with her. Khushi panics she gets up looks here and there to escape whereas the kidnapper says she cannot get out of here and makes his steps towards Khushi. Arnav being all hard and angry screams for not to touch Khushi . Arnav turns stormy in anger breaks down the wire net and jumps out of the ventilator. The fight begins and Arnav beat that goon so hard though that kidnapper also hits back to him. Khushi sets all traumatized shouts Arnav ji. Arnav hits the goon so badly and says how dare he can do that. Khushi shouts to leave him and Arnav pauses his hand right at the moment. ( Power of love ) Arnav gets up and asks Khushi if she is fine and she tearfully nods that she is not. She hastily runs and hugs him tightly and Arnav also hugs her back. ( Aww, my what a passionate hug ) They shares a Rabba ve moment , cries , feels the relief of being together and all the flashbacks appears. Both smiles and lost in the moment of love and satisfaction. Suddenly the sound vibrates and they both released from their arms standstill shocked , looks here and there in fear. Arnav grabs Khushi’s hand and both escapes from the warehouse.

Payal and Akash in their room. Payal takes out Aakash’s shirt from the cupboard and moves away as soon Akash holds her hand and asks her what has happened to her. Payal being sad and annoyed with Akash just tells him that she’s going in kitchen as she have to cook food. Akash says he didn’t answered her call that is the reason of being annoyed and says that he have been occupied in the work. Payal says that is why she have been waited for so long for him in the restaurant. Akash says who had said to wait for him and Payal makes him rememeber that he had promised to go out or the dinner and then for movie. Payal starts to cry and Akash tries to console her by telling he doesn’t know how he had forgot to meet with her and assures Payal that they’ll go tomorrow somewhere. Akash tells Payal that he has a very important business part ad offers her to go with him. The scenes shifts where the goons in the jeep follows Arnav-Khushi. They both escapes and run towards the jungle for the rescue. One of the goon sees ArHi and shouts to trap them. All of the gang begins to follow while ArHi runs with hands in hands of each other. They hides behind the wall and the goons takes another way to catch them. ArHi runs away again meanwhile the goons again follows them. ArHi hides under the space of the wall and they shares an intense eyelock. Khushi grabs Arnav’s hands and feels relieved that he is fine for she was so worried. Arnav says Khushi to relax and wipes off her tears meanwhile Khushi sees the wounds on his hands but Arnav shuts her mouth by putting his hand as he realised the goons are wandering out there in just a distance. Arnav looks with a side sneak and one of the goon catches him and says to move there. Arnav falls in panic and tension but his mind clicks and he sees the lots of card boards lying on the floor. They both lies down as a hug under the space of card boards while Arnav securely gripped Khushi in his arms. ( Aww, such a cute moment ) The goons seeks for them all around but couldn’t able to find. Khushi shuts her eyes and clutches him so tightly in fear. They again shares the Rabba ve moment with eyelocks and feeling as they are complete by having each other. She suddenly gets scared by the sound of goons out there both sneaks and then gets back inside in terrible fear. The kidnapper asks the black clothed goons have they found them or not and then his phone gets ring. The call is of the boos who is behind this kidnapping and the mute conversation between kidnapper and boss goes on. The kidnapper orders goons to search them if they wouldn’t find them then boss will not leave them all. Arhi starts to run away again and sits down under the trees. Arnav get’s wounded by the sharp branch of thorns plucks inside in his back waist though he still manipulate his pain and stuck over there only , didn’t tries to display to Khushi. Arnav says to Khushi to giver her cell phone she anxiously replies that her phone has left in her purse which is now with the goons. Arnav observes something right in front of him under the trees as he gets up meanwhile Khushi sees that one of the branch of thorn is about to touch his face she quickly puts her upper hand over the thorn and the blood begins to bleed. Arnav looks at her in shocked state he asks her to remove her hand but she refuses as it will harm him. And then again the Rabbe Ve tune appears with flashbacks. Arnav Khushi runs again and its night now. They sees the hut and starts to run , they gets inside but the blood of Khushi sticks at the corner of the wall.

Gundas are looking for ASR and Khushi. They find a hut and hde in there,but Khushi brushes her bloodied hand against the wall.ASR wants tio go and come back but Khushi doesn’t let him, he tells herto close her eyes and count to 10 and he will be back before then,she does and he looks at her. Gundas are looking for them outside.Khushi counts to 10 and calls ASr’s name,he comes with a pot and it has some insect in it and Khushi looks happyseeing it, but then it flies away.Khushi tells him not to worry as she isn’t afraid of the dark. She takesher scarf and starts to cleans ASR’s face. ASR takes her hair back andlooks at her

ASR notcies Khushi’s clothes are ripped and tells her there are someclothes in the hut and to change.He puts a parda up so she can change. Gundas find an bangle of Khushi’son the floor and follow the direction.Khushi is changing and ASR asks how she knew he was not in Scotland, shetries to explain about what he said on the phoneand he watches her shadow whilst she is changing and there is Rabba Vein the background. Khushi removes the parda and ASR looks at her in thewhite saree and seems mesmerized,Khushi keeps trying to fix the pallu, ASR just looks at her. Outside theGundas have yet to find out where they are.

ASR approaches khuhshi, Khushi walks back against the wall and ASRbrushes her hair from her face,she tries to move away but he blocks her with both his hands, she looksat him and he draws closer to her.She tries to get away but he hold her hand and stops her and pulls hertowards him and he tilts his head towards herneck and then slowly comes back and looks at her. One gunda finds thehut and is supicious.

He picks her up and put her down on the hey, He is looking at her andshe looking at him,He slowly draws closer to her and Khushi closes her eyes and then sheturns away.He looks at her back and has hold of her shoulder.
he slowly takes hi hand down to her blouse dori and seems to be untyingit whilst Khushi has her eyes closed,suddenly there is some outside noise and they are both startled and getup. Outside the Gudas have the hut cornered.

Khushi tries to say something but ASR stops her and he looks outside,the gundas seem to be everywhere,he says they have guns and they are here for him and not here and he wilgo outside and she should wait. Khushi doesnt let him.She wants to escape but there are too many. He notices and log of somesort and hugs Khushi and tells her he is sorry and i think he wacks herwith it.
He places her on the hey and covers her, looks at her and kisses herforhead and then covers her face with it.The gundas come in and ask where the girl is but ASR says she was leftbehind

The gundas look around but they dont find khushi, ASR notices that palluis showing and it seems like gundas have noticed something as well,they say ASR is lying and continue looking, the main gunda takes ASRaway as they cant find Khushi.Its the morning and Khushi finally regains consciousness and recallswhat happened the night before and wakes up startled andcalls for ASR but he doesnt come, she goes out and looks for him butcant find him anywhere. She comes back in and is disheartned.She finds the pot and holds and says to save her ASR went back to thekidnappers.