Lost in Love Tuesday Update 9th August 2022


Lost in Love Tuesday Update 9th August 2022

Sai continues speaking to her college friend and asks him anatomy and forensic medicine subject notes. He agrees to give her after his dance rehearsals. She thanks him happily. Virat gets jealous hearing that and keeps pendant in his pocket. Friend asks if she can ask Pulkit to clear his doubts as he fears Pulkit will scold him. Sai says Pulkit likes his students to question him. Friend requests her to accompany him to Pulkit. She agrees. He thanks her. She says she is under performance pressure instead as she didn’t practice dance since many days and will directly perform on stage. She praises that she is a natural dancer. Virat asks her to give him water. She shows him mug and asks him to take it himself. He says it doesn’t bother to her whether he is alive or dead. She disconnects call and asks what happened, even he makes calls. He says she is making useless calls even at home instead of college. She says even he makes calls.

Their nok jhok continues. She says she will make necessary calls and he cannot stop her. He asks if she goes to college to study or dance. She says she is multitalented and can dance and study at the same time. He reminds her professor scolded her last time when she didn’t study well. She says same professor asked her to dance. He says he is talking about himself and needs water as he is very thirsty. She asks why don’t he take it himself. He says she cannot understand at all. He says his family scolds her and now he is. He says she is insensitive. She gives him water and asks why he thinks she is insensitive. He says if she was sensitive, she wouldn’t have given his gifted pendant to kaku/Bhavani as he brought it by heart and she didn’t realize how bad he will feel. She says she gave it to dear one. He says he brought it for her and would have brought another for Kaku.

She says its all his mistake. She asks how. She says he wouldn’t have brought that pendant as she just expressed her desire and would have bought it herself; if he wants his gift to stay with the same person, he should bring one for Pakhi also. He asks how did Pakhi come between them. She says she came between them instead. He asks why is she diverting the issue. She says his family doesn’t want to accept her as bahu at any cost, if she came from different planet or because she is orphan. He says till she thinks her family as strangers, they will be strangers, and when she will accept them, she will feel them and this house as dear ones; this happens with every bahu. Sai says this is happening with her as nobody wants to accept her as bahu and don’t want to adjust at all, that is because she is Sai Joshi and not Patralekha Mohite Patil. He asks what? She says if it was Pakhi in her place, family would have been happy. He asks why is she diverting the issue, he felt really bad that she gave his gift to someone else.

Sai reminisces Pakhi saying same words and says its amazing that Pakhi said same thing, their thinking match; she gave that pendant to kaku as her guruji suggested that it is auspicious for her, wanted to buy one, had requested Virat to bring one for her, etc, and if he thinks she is insensitive, he shouldn’t bring gift for her in the future. He says she is right, he will not bring gift for here from hereon. She says great. He asks whom she was talking to so excitedly. She says his college friend Ajinkya who is her dance partner in college function and will give her notes. He says if she goes to college to study or make friends. She says even he would have made friends, what is wrong if she had important discussion with Ajinkya. She says she will not waste her time on friends as her Aaba gave her responsibility to him. She asks if he thinks befriending anyone is dangerous, he need not worry about her as her Aaba gave her good upbringing and she will not make any mistake. He says he will until she is in this house and he is associated with her. She angrily picks her bag and says he quoted until and this is the only right word he used.

Sai gets tired after dance practice with Ajinkya and takes him to Pulkit. Pulkit asks how is she. Ajinkya walks away saying he needs to visit library. Pulkit tells Sai that he felt really good that she is participating in college’s competition, he is very happy for her. She says thank you. He says it would be good if Chavan family knows that their bahu is a good student and a good dancer, but sadly they are orthodox and will not attend her college function. Sai says she will invite them even if they don’t want to, she doesn’t have any family of her own and considers Virat’s family as her family, so she will try to keep them happy. He says she shouldn’t keep much hope from Chavan family or else she will be disappointed. She says he knows she finishes difficult task and will convince them even this time.

Chavan family enjoys tea and snacks. Karishma offers snacks to kaku. Kaku tells Sonali that her bahu is filling their stomach with pakoras to skip dinner. Sonali says pakoras as really nice and asks Shivani to take some. Shivani says its too oily and she eats only diet food. Sonali says she is right and is looking fresh and pretty after vacation. Shivani says even they all should go. Sai returns and tells Ninad that she needs to talk to him. Family makes weird faces and ignores her. Sai says she got such a nice FIL who looks so uninterested. Chavan’s unbearable nerve-racking drama starts.

Omkar yells why is she bothering dada when he doesn’t want to talk to her, she should go to her room and leave them in peace instead of starting her drama. Sai says she is not creating any drama and they should speak when they stay in same house. They all ignore her again. Sai says she as annual talent competition in her family tomorrow and is inviting them all for the function. Sonali yells to continue her rubbish in her room. Ashwini says what wrong did she say, she is just inviting them for her college function. Ninad yells at her to stop and asks Sai if she is day dreaming, why she thinks they will attend her college function. Omkar and Sonali back him and yell if she thinks they will come there on her invite. She says they have to.

Sonali asks Sai if she thinks they will come to see the nonsense in her college. Sai says they will have to. Ashwini asks Sai not to force them. Sai says its their usual drama to deny first and then agree like in Devi’s wedding and Harini’s birthday; when she has done many favors to them, they have to accept her demand. Ninad yells if they have to accept her as bahu and tolerate her nonsense . Pakhi says they have to as Virat accepted Sai as his wife and yells at Sai to stop threatening them and invite humbly. Sai says she doesn’t have sanskars like her to message dear ones and lie to the ones she doesn’t want to that she forgot; she really wants to invite them all by heart, and if she had humbly requested them, they would have thought something is wrong; for Pakhi’s sake, she will humbly request her to attend her college function and watch her dance performance. Pakhi yells its waste to explain her anything. Sai says Pakhi herself didn’t accept her humble request, she has to bear all their tantrums. Sonali yells they are tolerating her and says she goes to college to dance and not study, that is why she doesn’t work at home and Virat smilingly tolerates her nonsense. Omkar yells when they didn’t tolerate this nonsense before, why should they now.

Mohit says since Sai came in this house, a revolution is born, everything is changing with time. Pakhi yells let us see if its chaning for good or bad. Omkar yells at Mohit to stop his drama speech as he doesn’t have any right to speak because he cannot feed himself and his wife and are living on their favors. Karishma yells that Mohit will not understand it as she has to beg her in-laws to fulfill her basic needs. Ashwini asks her to insult Mohit in her room and not in front of everyone. Mohit emotionally tells Karishma that he never promised her a big salary, he always worked hard though, he thought there won’t be any price tag for his love, but today realized that she price tagged him. Sai says everyone support during good times, real partner is the one who supports in bad times; if Karishma needs money, she can ask her. Pakhi yells why she is boasting about her money, if she will take money from Virat like she takes for her college fees and other needs. Sai says she pays college fees via her scholarship money and she withdrew her Aaba’s money from bank, so she doesn’t anyone’s money and can’t understand why she has to repeatedly prove that she is not taking money from Virat. Ashwini asks Pakhi when she doesn’t know anything, why she falsely alleges Sai; Sai knows they will not come, even then she is inviting them, why is Pakhi interfering.

Sai invites Chavan family again for her college function. Bhavani kaku yells why should they come. Sai warns them not to force her to take other means and force them drag them there. Sonali says looks like she will do something. Ninad says let her do whatever she wants to, he will not see Chavan family’s bahu dancing. Sai challenges him. Pakhi yells if she will blackmail them. Ashwini asks her again not to interfere. Pakhi says she forgot that this is not her husband’s house but her husband’s mama/uncle’s house; Virat asked her to explain Sai like an elder sister, but if Ashwini doesn’t want to, she will not. Sai says Virat also asked to make Sai like her, but she doesn’t want to as she doesn’t want to unlearn her Aaaba’s good teachings. Bhavani yells this girl cannot control her tongue and speaks nonsense. Ninad says let her do whatever she wants to, he will not attend her function.

Mohit says he will for sure whether he gets invitation or not. Karishma yells this is called visiting uninvited, he didn’t realize Sai didn’t give him a pass at all. Sai gives him invitation card and pass. Mohit shows it to Karishma and says between all this drama, she forgot Sai offered her monetary help. Pakhi yells not to name feeling pity as help, Sai knows when to pinch a paining nerve; didn’t he see how Sai started controlling him, now he thinks only Sai is right and they are all wrong. Ninad yells its waste to explain him. Sai says she will be late from college as he will be busy in function arrangements. Bhavani yells she will not change the rules for her. Sai says she has to rehearse and fulfil the responsibility she took, anyways rules are for family and if they consider her as family, they should attend her college function. She reminds Ninad about his joint family speech. Ninad yells he will never come and if someone forces him, they will take his death body instead. Sai says let us see what happens and leaves. Sonali says they all know that Sai does whatever she says, let us see if she will change Ninad’s decision. Ninad says let him see how will jungli mulgi win over him.

In the evening, Virat returns home. Sai busy in studies asks him to fresh up and have dinner with her. He asks if she also didn’t have dinner yet. She says aayi sent dinner to their room, so she thought of having it with him. He freshens up and starting dinner says he heard she invited family for her college function. Their nok jhok starts. She says he shouldn’t bother as he had a problem when she spoke to her friend. He says he doesn’t have any problem, she can speak to Anirudh. She says Ajinkya. He takes wrong names repeatedly. She says its Ajinkya, she knows he is bullying her. He in Gabbar Singh’s style says looks like he is her bestfriend. She says just friend. He says the way she was speaking to him, he thought that boy is her bestfriend. She says that boy is her dance partner. He says he is her life partner and has right to question her; she invited whole family except him. She asks not to change the topic. He says again she didn’t give him invitation. She says he is busy always, function is in the afternoon and she doesn’t want to waste invitation card if he doesn’t come, her friend’s whole family is coming, and she thought this is her family and took exact number of invitation cards. He asks if he is not part of her family.

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