Lost in Love Teasers January 2023 (Starlife)


Lost in Love Teasers January 2023 (Starlife)

Coming up this January;

Samrat gives Sai and Virat the responsibility to take care of Pakhi before he takes his last breath.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Episode 518

When Jagthap makes fun of her in the police station, Sai becomes enraged. Bhavani feels defeated as she accuses Sai and wonders her accountability.

Episode 519

After Sai is let out of custody, Virat swears to establish her innocence. Virat ejects Jagthap and his men from the Chavan mansion when they arrive.

Monday, January 2, 2023

Episode 520

Agthap’s disgusting state enrages Sai. Later, when the Chavans attempt to assist her, Sai becomes upset.

Episode 521

When Virat finds out about Jagthap’s demands, he confronts him about them. Later, Virat punishes Jagthap shockingly, but his superior demands an apology.

Tuesday 3 January 2023

Episode 522

Virat is arrested when Jagthap accuses him of being dishonest. Later, when Jagthap tries to attack Sai while sneaking into her room at night, Samrat knocks him up.

Episode 523

Sai queries what Dr. Thurat and the nurse were saying while Jagthap was being admitted to the hospital. Later, she questions the nurse and makes a police call to have Dr. Thurat taken into custody.

Wednesday 4 January 2023

Episode 524

When Sai tells Virat she is pregnant, he is shocked and delighted to hear it. When Sai goes out with Samrat later, Jagthap assaults her.

Episode 525

Virat saves Sai from being kidnapped by Jagthap. Later on, Sai and Virat transport a hurt Samrat to the hospital while Pakhi gets ready to surprise Samrat.

Thursday 5 January  2023

Episode 526

Samrat gives Sai and Virat the responsibility to take care of Pakhi before he takes his last breath. Later, Pakhi accuses Sai for Samrat’s death.

Episode 527

Pakhi blames Sai for Samrat’s death and refuses to let her be a part of his last rites. Later, Sai remembers her promise to Samrat and accepts her punishment.

Friday 6 January 2023

Episode 528

Manasi refuses to take medicines from Sai and blames her for Samrat’s death. Later, Virat tries to talk to Pakhi when she asks Sai to leave the house.

Episode 529

Pakhi tries to throw Sai out of the house, but Bhavani stops her because Sai is pregnant with Virat’s heir. Later, the Chavans get another emotional shock.

Saturday 7 January 2023

Episode 530

Accusing Sai of killing Samrat and being responsible for all her miseries, Pakhi curses her. Later, Pakhi reminisces the time spent with Samrat.

Episode 531

Pakhi’s constant nagging leaves Sai feeling stressed, and she falls down the stairs. In the hospital, the doctors inform the Chavans of her miscarriage.

Sunday 8  January 2023

Episode 532

Sai and Virat break down when the doctor declares that Sai can never conceive. When Bhavani finds out, she accuses Pakhi and orders her to leave the house.

Episode 533

Though Sai oppose Pakhi’s turn out, Mansi leaves Chavan’s house along with Pakhi. Bhavani feels agitated at the doctor’s proclaims about Sai’s pregnancy.

Monday 9 January 2023

Episode 534

Sai suggests alternative modes of becoming parents as a solution to their problems,but Virat rejects them. Elsewhere, Vaishali turns Pakhi against Bhavani.

Episode 535

Pakhi eavesdrops on Virat and Ninad’s private conversation at the café. Later, a fearless Pakhi conveys her wicked intentions to Vaishali.

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Episode 536

To get closer to Virat, Pakhi decides to stay at the Chavan house with Mansi. Later, Pakhi threatens to lodge a police complaint if she is not allowed to stay.

Episode 537

Virat can’t accept Pakhi’s sudden change and feels dubious about it. However, Pakhi strongly desires to carry Virat’s child in her womb to gain his affection.

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Episode 538

With bad intentions in her mind, Pakhi plans to gain benefit from Sai and Virat’s rift. Later, Pakhi convinces Bhavani to celebrate Samrat’s birthday.

Episode 539

On the occasion of Samrat’s birthday, Virat hallucinates about him longing for a celebration. Later, Sai and Virat make a compromise.

Thursday 12 January  2023

Episode 540

Pakhi talks to Virat about missing Samrat and how she wants to fulfil his wish of having a child. Later, Virat and Sai go to a doctor for therapy.

Episode 541

Virat and Sai cheer up the Chavans with the good news about their therapy. Sai also declares her decision to find a woman to deliver their baby.

Friday 13 January 2023

Episode  542

Pakhi’s constant pretentious act compels Sai to question her intention towards her and Virat. Later, Sai gives Pakhi a warning for interfering in her relationship.

Episode 543

Bhavani announces in front of the Chavans that Pakhi has decided to become the surrogate for Sai and Virat’s child. However, Sai and Virat question the idea.

Saturday 14 January 2023

Episode  544

Despite knowing she is ineligible to be a surrogate, Pakhi still intends to use Virat’s child as a means of intimacy. A woman offers to assist Sai at another location.

Episode 545

Pakhi entering Virat’s office makes Sai upset. Later, Bhavani reprimands Sai for rejecting Pakhi as a surrogate mother, but she doesn’t change her mind.

Sunday 15  January 2023

Episode 546

Pakhi is cited by Sai and Virat as the surrogate mother of their kid. Sai believes Pakhi is trying to get close to Virat by using this as a pretext, though.

Episode 547

Vaishali concurs wholeheartedly with Pakhi’s resolve to work behind Sai and Virat’s backs. In order to get Bhavani’s attention later, Pakhi pretends to be worried.

Monday 16 January 2023

Episode 548

Pakhi badmouths Sai before Geetha and her husband, causing a misunderstanding in the surrogacy process. Elsewhere, Sai gets robbed and falls unconscious.

Episode 549

Virat is unhappy as Sai fails to turn up at the hospital with the help she promised. Later, he defends her when Bhavani accuses her of shying away from her duties.

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Episode 550

Sai visits the hospital and gets shocked to learn about Pakhi’s surrogacy. She gets infuriated at Virat and suspects Pakhi of misinforming Geetha.

Episode 551

Pakhi gets emotional and misleads Geetha about surrogacy. While Bhavani and Virat support Pakhi, Sai falls into trouble when Geetha denies identifying the latter.

Wednesday 18 January 2023

Episode 552

Bhavani returns home with Pakhi and becomes overprotective of her. When Sai isolates herself, Ashwini consoles her.

Episode 553

The Chavans get surprised when Sai accepts the truth and warns Pakhi to take care of her child. Further, Sai and Virat spend an emotional moment together.

Thursday 19 January  2023

Episode 554

While Pakhi tries to get close to Virat, Sai guesses her ill intention and gives her an apt reply. Later, Sai confronts Pakhi and questions her motive

Episode 555

Sai warns Pakhi and tells her that she understands her ill intention. Later, when Pakhi tries to get close to Virat, Sai takes a befitting move to give her an apt reply.

Friday 20 January 2023

Episode 556

Pakhi gets infuriated with Sai and makes a wicked plan to take away her child after the delivery. Later, Sai decides to find out the truth about Geetha.

Episode 557

Sai takes a stand for Pakhi when Bhavani stops her from wearing colourful clothes because she is a widow. Later, she questions Virat.

Saturday 21 January 2023

Episode 558

Pakhi is shocked when she learns that her pregnancy is complicated. Later, the armed goons, who Virat was chasing, attack Sai’s hospital.

Episode 559

Virat tries his best to get the goons to release the hostages. While the goons catch Pakhi and Bhavani, Jagthap gives them shocking information about Virat.

Sunday 22  January 2023

Episode 560

The goons threaten to kill Virat’s family if their demands are not met. While Virat desperately seeks more time, Jagthap informs Vithal about the situation.

Episode 561

Jagthap gets shot by the goons when he tries to escape. Sai lets go of her hatred and performs her duty by saving his life which helps her contact Virat.

Monday 23 January 2023

Episode 562

Virat risks his life to enter the hospital and rescues many lives from the goons. Later, Sai gets shocked to learn about the complications of Pakhi’s pregnancy.

Episode 563

Sai discovers the shocking truth of Pakhi’s complicated pregnancy and concludes that she deliberately planned everything. Later, she confronts Pakhi about it.

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Episode 564

Virat gets applauded for his commendable work in saving the lives of several hostages. Later, he and Sai visit a temple to decide the name of their future child.

Episode 565

When Sai tries to advise Pakhi regarding her pregnancy complications, she creates a scene in the house. Pakhi calls up Virat and disrupts his meeting with the seniors.

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Episode 566

To avoid pregnancy complications, Sai asks Pakhi to move her room to the ground floor. After learning about the foetus’s risk factors, Bhavani agrees with Sai.

Episode 567

Pakhi gets jealous when Sai wins the family’s heart. Later, Sai falls unconscious after learning a new skill from Ashwini.

Thursday 26 January  2023

Episode 568

Sai insists that Pakhi sign the papers about giving her newborn child to its parents. While Bhavani objects to the deal, Sai gathers family support.

Episode 569

To the Chavan’s shock, Sai gathers the neighbours to collect unbiased opinions and gets a majority of votes. Seeing the chaos, Virat gets annoyed.

Friday 27 January 2023

Episode 570

Seeing Virat’s support for Pakhi, Sai feels shattered but adheres to her decision. When Virat and Sai argue, Pakhi goes away from the house.

Episode 571

Bhavani accuses Sai of creating trouble to make Pakhi take a drastic step. Later, Virat and Sai locate Pakhi and find her on the edge of a cliff.

Saturday 28 January 2023 

Episode 572

Pakhi blames Sai for her deteriorating condition and gives her an ultimatum to stop interfering with the pregnancy. Later, Pakhi returns home after Sai agrees.

Episode 573

Pakhi tricks Virat into taking her out for ice cream. Later, Bhavani makes an alarming point after seeing Sai having some unusual health symptoms.

Sunday 29  January 2023

Episode 574

Bhavani is sure that Sai is pregnant once again, considering the positive symptoms. Sai reluctantly agrees to take a pregnancy test.

Episode 575

Six months later, the Chavans celebrate Pakhi and Sai’s Godh Bharai. Amidst the joyous occasion, Pakhi frightens Sai with unexpected questions.

Monday 30 January 2023

Episode 576

Sai is stunned when Pakhi threatens to kill her unborn child. She later had labor pains after falling down the stairs.

Episode 577

Due to the intense rain, Virat decides against taking Pakhi to the hospital. Sai, who is in the hospital, makes the unheard-of decision to deliver Pakhi at home.

Tuesday 31 January 2023

Episode 578

Virat completes Pakhi’s birth despite the issues and delivers the child. When Sai gets home, she is overjoyed to receive the child in her arms.

Episode 579

The Chavans rejoice the birth of a new generation and express gratitude to Pakhi for making it possible. Later, Sai offers to be Pakhi’s buddy.