Lost in Love – Starlife Teasers May 2023


Lost in Love – Starlife Teasers May 2023

Coming up this May;

Ashwini breaks down in tears when Sai refuses to accept her gift. Later, Pakhi grows anxious to see Virat’s affection for Sai.

Monday 1 May 2023

Episode 674

When Bhavani discovers that Ashwini and Ninad are going to perform a ceremony for Savi, she agrees—with a condition. Virat and Sai disagree later on about his rights.

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Episode 675

The members of the Chavan family are delighted and extend a warm welcome to Savi as a descendant. Later, Sai begins to have doubts about Bhavani’s accommodating attitude toward Savi.

Wednesday 3 May 2023

Episode 676

Virat lashes out angrily at Bhavani after learning that she plans to chop Savi’s hair. However, when Virat unintentionally overlooks Vinayak, Pakhi is devastated.

Thursday 4 May  2023

Episode 677

When the Chavans give Savi their expensive presents, Sai is overjoyed. When Virat makes the decision to accept Savi into a prestigious institution, she challenges him.

Friday 5 May 2023

Episode 678

As Sai rejects her present, Ashwini sobs uncontrollably. Later, Pakhi becomes eager to witness Virat’s love for Sai.

Saturday 6 May 2023

Episode 679

As Savi is praised for her intelligence, Virat and Sai are overjoyed. Later, Sai makes public her choice to ensure Savi’s admission to Virat’s old college.

Sunday 7  May 2023

Episode 680

Vinayak weeps as Sai decides not to enroll Savi in the same school as him. Vinayak learns about the news elsewhere and gets worried about seeing Savi.

Monday 8 May 2023

Episode 681

Vinayak was enrolled at Savi’s school, and Pakhi accuses Virat of destroying his life by doing so. Vinayak and Savi, meanwhile, are happy to be attending the same school.

Tuesday 9 May 2023

Episode 682

Even though Virat’s choice would make the kids happy, Pakhi disagrees with it. Later, Pakhi runs into Sai and takes a rash decision.

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Episode 683

Sai is asked by Pakhi to abandon her family and travel with Savi. Later, when he sees them together, Virat sternly warns Sai for her behavior.

Thursday 11 May  2023

Episode 684

Virat accuses Pakhi of trying to drive Savi out of his life, and she is forced to deal with his rage. Later, Sai says she won’t comply with any requests from Virat’s family.

Friday 12 May 2023

Episode 685

Virat faces weird questions about his two children and two wives on Savi and Vinayak’s first day of school. Later, Virat summons Sai for an emergency.

Saturday 13 May 2023

Episode 686

Sai treats Virat’s squad with the utmost care to save their lives. After he is moved by their deed, Virat’s commissioner approaches him with an offer.

Sunday 14  May 2023

Episode 687

The commissioner summons Sai and Virat to announce their decision. While Virat agrees to work with Sai, will Sai reconsider her decision and accept the offer?

Monday 15 May 2023

Episode 688

As Virat falls back on his vow to avoid working with Sai, Pakhi causes chaos. Later, Pakhi visits Virat at work and brings him lunch to check on him.

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Episode 689

As Pakhi finds Virat talking to Sai outside the school, her suspicions about him grow. Later, Pakhi and Virat have a dispute over Sai joining the department.

Wednesday 17 May 2023

Episode 690

While working on the project, Virat, Sai and the kids have a lot of fun, but Pakhi is still concerned. Elsewhere, Bhavani accuses Ashwini of spoiling Virat.

Thursday 18 May  2023

Episode 691

As Savi falls sick, Virat decides to spend time at Sai’s residence for the night. Meanwhile, a desperate Pakhi makes her way there in search of Virat.

Friday 19 May 2023

Episode 692

Virat grows agitated as Pakhi talks about her hatred towards Savi. Later, Sai puts forth a request to Virat as he tries to apologise to her.

Saturday 20 May 2023

Episode 693

Pakhi gets enraged when Virat asks her not to attend Vinayak and Savi’s school picnic. Later, Pakhi tells Virat to choose between her and Sai.

Sunday 21  May 2023

Episode 694

The changes in Virat’s behavior toward her make Pakhi happy. Meanwhile, Sai is taken aback when a clown shows up at her house during Savi’s birthday celebration.

Monday 22 May 2023

Episode 695

For Savi’s birthday, Jagthap shows up dressed as a clown and makes the occasion humorous. Virat enters without knowing it is Jagthap’s birthday and becomes irritated upon seeing him.

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Episode 696

Savi goes on a picnic with Virat, Pakhi, and Vinayak to celebrate her birthday. Meanwhile, Sai’s sudden arrival forces them to stop their journey.

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Episode 697

Savi’s birthday party is ruined by the anniversary cake for Sai and Virat. However, Bhavani’s unexpected action upsets everyone.

Thursday 25 May  2023

Episode 698

When Pakhi overhears Savi and Virat talking about their relationship without her, she is upset. Virat later expresses gratitude to Sai for making Savi sense his presence.

Friday 26 May 2023

Episode 699

During a pleasant activity, Virat and Pakhi find themselves in a humiliating scenario in front of the public. Later, with Sai’s assistance, he strives to fulfill Savi’s wish.

Saturday 27 May 2023

Episode 700

Sai and Virat are the winners and get the trophy. Later, Virat reminds Pakhi about his first meeting with her in his memory.

Sunday 28  May 2023

Episode 701

As he spends time with Pakhi on the bus, Virat makes sure she smiles once again. Virat tries to save everybody after a deadly tragedy.

Monday 29 May 2023

Episode 702

Pakhi is horrified to see Virat caring for Sai rather than her and is unable to exit the vehicle before it plunges down a cliff. The Chavans later weep for Pakhi.

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Episode 703

The police give up trying to find Pakhi while Virat is accused of caring for Sai rather than Pakhi. Later, Sai discovers Pakhi in trouble when she goes in search of her.

Wednesday 31 May 2023

Episode 704

When the medics inform Virat and the Chavans that Pakhi has passed away, they are devastated. In contrast, Sai made every effort to save Pakhi’s life.