Lost in Love Friday Update 12th August 2022


Lost in Love Friday Update 12th August 2022

Bhavani asks Virat if he saw Sai’s dead body. Ninad asks if she got serious injuries. Omkar asks if she is really dead. Sunny acts and asks if someone dies twice, Virat lost his wife and is in deep sorrow. Bhavani consoles Virat and asks to cry on her shoulder and she will handle it. Omkar asks to handle/save them. Virat acts that there is no hope left to revive Sai and asks them to go to auditorium and not inform anyone about Sai’s death, especially Ashwini, tills how ends or else they will panic. Ninad asks if he still thinks they are responsible for Sai’s death. Virat asks Sunny to take them to auditorium. Sunny heads them to auditorium. In auditorium, Pakhi eagerly waits for Virat. Karishma noticing that asks her to relax as Virat will come. Pulkit hosts the event and welcomes everyone to their college’s annual function Indradhanush and says the most awaited show of the night talent hunt will start soon. Devi and Harini clap and cheer him up. Pulkit calls RJ Rakesh to host the event next.

Virat returns to Sai. She slips and he holds her. She asks if Omkar, Ninad, and Bhavani came. He says yes and he managed the situation somehow and sent them to auditorium with Sunny to keep an eye on them. Sai panics saying they will be shocked seeing her alive and will barge on her, so she doesn’t know how to handle the situation. He wipes her sweat with a tissue paper saying her makeup will wash off with sweat and Trimurthi will be shocked. He says if she hugs him tightly, her nervously will be off. She stands confused. He hugs her tightly and she feels relaxed. Sunny heads Trimurthi towards auditorium. They nervously ask if he also thinks they are responsible for Sai’s suicide. He says they are not. They asks what is he saying.

He thinks he has to handle the situation somehow and says they are both responsible and not responsible for Sai’s suicide. They discuss that if they had accepted Sai’s invitation earlier itself, they wouldn’t have faced this issue. RK Rakesh on stage says an energetic and skilled performance will start soon and the parents who will come late or haven’t attended the event will be unlucky to miss it. Sai waits for Virat and when Ajinkya enters thinks Virat came. Seeing him calm, she asks if he is not nervous. He jokes his makeup is hiding his nervousness. She hopes she can be like him. He informs how Virat encouraged him and told he is a good singer and dancer, praises Sai and Virat’s jodi. Sai thinks she needs to test Virat if he can really sing and dance well on stage.

Trimurthis walk into auditorium. Sunny says Sai booked their seat in front row. They take their seats. Family smirks seeing them, Mohit says he thought they will not attend the event. Omkar says they were feeling bored at home without family, so they came here. Sai peeps from backstage and notices them. Another group’s performance starts. They all 3 feel afraid and sad and think family is watching drama happily and don’t know about Sai’s death. Ninad says he heard souls wander around the same place after death. Bhavani gets afraid hearing that. Virat walks to her, and she gets afraid when he touches her. She gets more afraid watching a ghost drama. RJ Rakesh next announces Sai and Ajinkya’s performance next. Mohit tells Ashwini that Sai will give best performance. Sai and Ajinkya walk on stage. Trimurthi are shocked to see her alive.

RJ Rakesh calls Sai and Ajinkya on stage. Sunny gets excited hearing Sai bhabhi’s name. Virat controls him. Ashwini, Mohit, and Devi cheer her up. Trimurthis are shocked to see Sai alive. Virat apologizes them. Sai and Akinkya’s performance starts on Dil Diya Gallan… song. Omkar yells that Sai played her death drama to call them here. Ninad yells that she played a dirty game, he will never forgive her. Bhavani says she feels she will get a heart attack and die. They slowly start enjoying Sai’s performance. Virat hopes he was in Akinkya’s place and imagines same. They both then dance on Kaise Nazron mai milawoon sajna.. song. Trimurthis enjoy performance. They then dance on Ladki beautiful.. song. Sunny notices Virat imaging himself with Sai. They then dance on Tamma Tamma Loge, Rangde Tu Mohe Gerua, Tumse Milke Dil ka jo haal kya kahen, Tere liye signal tod tad ke songs. Sunny shakes Virat and asks him to come out of his dreams. Everyone clap for them and shout once more. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that. Shivani stands up clapping. Mansi pulls her back.

Ninad tells Bhavani that Sai danced really well. Bhavani says Sai was amazing and looked like a maharani dancing. Omkar says she really has maharani attitude and looks real maharani in costume. Bhavani asks Ninad why is he silent. Ninad says they are right. RK Rakesh ask audience to clap for multitalented Sai and Akinkya and hopes they become famous doctors in the future.

Sai takes mic and says they have a person who is much more multitalented than them who sings and dances better than them and is present among them. Virat thinks whom she is talking about. RJ Rakesh asks to call the multitalented person and let them experience his talents. Ajinkya calsl multitalented, young, handsome, and hot ACP Virat Chavan on stage. Trimurthis fume hearing that Everyone clap for Virat. Ashwini, Mohit, Harini, Shivani cheer him and insist him to go on stage. Virat walks on stage. RJ Rakesh says he is honored to share a stage with a famous multitalented IPS officer. Sai says Virat is very humble and down to earth, Ajinkya became Virat’s biggest fan and said he cannot stand in front of Virat. Virat says Ajinkya performed really well, so let us not waste time and start next performance. Sai says she is doing same and announces a face off dance between Virat and Ajinkya. Virat asks Sai what kind of a joke is this. Sai says he danced so well in room and if his excitement vanished on stage. RJ Rakesh announces Virat and Ajinkya’s dhamakedar smoking performance. Audiences clap. Sai asks Virat if he is afraid of Ajinkya. Virat says he is not afraid of losers and accepts challenge.

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