Lockdown Love Story Wednesday Update 23rd March 2022


Lockdown Love Story Wednesday Update 23rd March 2022

Sheetal saying I didn’t do anything, why will we burn Milky. Inspector says victim gave statement, now we will take the culprits to police station. He calls the female constables. Sheetal says Milky is a liar, how dare she. She goes in the ward and shouts on Milky. Everyone comes. Sheetal scolds Milky. Dhruv asks did you go mad, why are you blaming them. Sonam says say something, what will you get doing this. Milky’s dad says Milky, you have done wrong. Subhadra says if you want to stop this marriage, then fine, I will take Sonam to Mumbai with me. Dhruv says Sonam won’t go anywhere. He holds Sonam’s hand. Milky sees them. Shashi says Dhruv is right, don’t let Sonam go anywhere now, even if we stay in jail or die there, they have played a big game, this is the result of it. He asks inspector to take them.

He says court will decide if we burnt her or not, its punishment that we didn’t care for Dhruv and Sonam’s lives before. Sheetal shouts no, I will not go anywhere, I just came for Dhruv’s marriage, he can marry anyone, I will leave the city, let me go. Constable catches her. Sheetal shouts on Milky. Milky says I will ruin Sonam and Dhruv’s lives. Subhadra asks what did you do, you call that family your Sasural, you are breaking that family. Sneha asks why did you lie. Milky asks doctor to send them away. Doctor asks them to leave. They all go out. Milky smiles. Raghav comes there in ward boy’s disguise. He says congrats, women give agni pariksha to prove themselves right, you have given agni pariksha for your husband. She says its because of you, you didn’t take Sonam, get out of here. He says you also want me to leave, you will also complain about me, let me give medicine for your burns. She says leave me. She shouts. He shuts her mouth and injects something. She faints.

He says I came to share pain and you shouted, take rest now. He goes. Sonam asks Dhruv to talk to Milky first. She says we have to get bail for family. Dhruv says yes, we will go. She asks him to go, she will come later. He leaves. She goes to temple and prays. She asks why does anyone’s lie overpowers my truth, I will give this test also, Milky has conspired to separate Dhruv and me, I m sure you will support me. Raghav comes there to pray. She turns and gets shocked seeing him.

She asks what are you doing here. He says I m regretting, I should have got you and Dhruv married at my house, this would have not happened, tell me if you want any help. Milky’s dad asks how did Milky faint suddenly, check her doctor. Sonam asks what happened to Milky. Raghav says nothing, I went to explain her that she shouldn’t disturb Dhruv and Sonam, she argued and asked me why didn’t I kill Sonam, she was saying wrong, she didn’t listen to me, I fainted her, I will give her poison if she goes against, I will go now, my mum is waiting. He goes. Sonam worries.

Dhruv meets a lawyer. Lawyer asks him to talk to Milky to take case back, it will take much time to get bail. Dhruv says everyone has seen she has burnt herself, she will not support anyone. Lawyer says fine, we will see, but ask Milky to take the case back, that’s the easy way. Milky’s dad scolds the doctor. Doctor says sorry, I will arrange security. Dhruv comes to see Milky. Dhruv reminds a childhood incident. Sonam looks on. Dhruv says we used to save each other from blames and scolding in childhood. Milky smiles. Milky’s dad looks on.

Dhruv says we didn’t get anyone in between us, this time, why did you get my parents in between, you can fight me, punish me, spare them. He folds hands. Milky asks her dad to send Sonam inside. She says I will take a decision. Sonam comes. Dhruv signs Sonam. Milky says Dhruv is right, we had fights between us, we didn’t get anyone else in between, so family shouldn’t come in between, no need to talk to Sonam, I will just talk to Dhruv, what do you want Dhruv, your parents or Sonam, you have to accept me as wife if you choose your parents, or stay with Sonam and get rid of me, you will get away your family, take decision, you want Sonam or your family. Dhruv and Sonam get shocked

Sonam saying we will meet the lawyer, everything will be fine. Raghav comes and says sorry to spoil the moment, I have come to help. Dhruv says thanks, but we don’t want the help. Raghav says you always say no, this matter is sensitive, Milky isn’t easy to handle, give me a contract, I will set it, I will threaten Milky about her mum. Dhruv says keep your cheap advice to yourself. Raghav says fine, go and get the bail, I came to help, you don’t listen. Sheetal says Dhruv loves Sonam and wants to marry her, Nutan is greedy, she did this with Sonam, she got Dhruv married to Milky, I told her that its wrong, she didn’t listen to me, Nutan pressurized Milky’s parents for dowry. Sheetal takes the inspector’s tea.

She says Milky’s parents have no money to give Nutan, Sonam’s parents are ready to give dowry to get Sonam married, Nutan thought to burn Milky, I m innocent. Inspector asks why did Milky take your name. Sheetal says Milky couldn’t understand anything, Nutan had poured kerosene, Shashi had ignited fire, Milky got mistaken and took my name. Lawyer says it was not Sheetal’s mistake. He gives bail papers. Inspector says fine, you can take her, you become a witness, you don’t go against your words. Sheetal says I will keep my word, even if Shashi and Nutan get jailed forever. Shobha smiles. Dhruv and Sonam look on shocked. Sheetal worries seeing them. Dhruv says I need to talk to Sheetal. Shobha says talk to her here. Dhruv scolds Sheetal.

Shashi and Nutan look on. Dhruv asks her to take the false statement back. Shobha says stop blaming others, why will she go jail for your family fight, your parents have burnt Milky, Sheetal is innocent. Sheetal says yes. Dhruv says you will pay for it. He asks Shobha to stop interfering in their family matters. Shobha jokes and pushes Dhruv. He goes to Shashi and when Raghav came to you, you threatened me, look at Dhruv, he is misbehaving with me. Dhruv argues. Inspector scolds them. Shobha says I came here to help Sheetal, I will take her along. Nutan stops Dhruv and says let him take Sheetal. Shobha and Sheetal leave. Dhruv says I will not leave Sheetal. He gets angry. Nutan cries.

Sumitra calls Ankita and says I have called to know about Nutan and Shashi. Ankita says we are in big trouble, we don’t know when will they come out. Sumitra asks her to come to the temple for prayers. Ankita agrees. Raghav claps and says great, you want to do puja for my enemies. Sumitra worries. Shashi says Nutan and Sheetal have ruined the family. Sonam says Dhruv spoke to lawyer, he said he will get you both out, don’t worry. She asks Nutan to not worry. Nutan says stop this drama, we are here because of you. She scolds Sonam.

Shashi shouts shut up, you are still wrong, Shobha said right, you are reaping what you had sown, are you happy now by getting Dhruv and Milky married, we all are bearing the result of your deeds. He asks Dhruv did you say everything at home. Dhruv says no, we will go home and come. Constable sees Dhruv and Sonam, and says they look the real husband and wife. Milky comes with Dheeraj and Ankita, and says then they will be the real couple. She smiles.

She says I have always failed you but didn’t feel happiness, everyone explained me that I can’t get love by force, I came here to apologize. She says I will not come between you both. She gives Sonam’s hand to Dhruv. She says I will get you married. Inspector says we will get the marriage done in the police station, we will leave your parents. Sonam says everything got fine, Dhruv. Sonam and Dhruv sit in the mandap and smile. Dhruv thanks Milky. Everyone smiles. Sonam and Dhruv take wedding rounds. Sonam’s dream ends. He asks what happened. She says my dream isn’t completing.