Lockdown Love Story Thursday Update 24th March 2022

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Lockdown Love Story Thursday Update 24th March 2022

Dheeraj and Ankita coming for puja. Pandit says your brother is waiting. Dheeraj asks is Dhruv here. Raghav comes with Sumitra and says I m also a brother, we will do puja, we are one family for the world, the truth will win. He asks them to come, there is a surprise for them. They see some men playing band. Shobha gets Sheetal there. Ankita says Sheetal got free, but where are Shashi and Nutan. Raghav hugs Sheetal. He says Bua has come back, get ready, why are you missing your mum and dad. They dance. Raghav takes Dheeraj and Ankita for dance. Dheeraj pushes Raghav away. He shouts stop all this, we didn’t come here to dance.

He asks Sheetal where are Shashi and Nutan. Shobha says they are in lockup. Dheeraj asks how did Bua get free. Sheetal says I m innocent, your mum and dad tried to burn bahu, so they will stay in jail. Ankita says you have seen that Milky ignited fire herself. Sheetal says law is blind, I have told them that Shashi and Nutan tried to burn Milky for the sake of dowry. Shobha says right. Raghav asks the men to play band. They dance.

Milky’s dad says you did wrong, you won’t get Dhruv this way. Milky says I have made it easy for Dhruv, he will get his parents if he chooses me, he has to think if he wants his parents or Sonam, stop explaining me, go and explain Dhruv. She hears music. Dhruv and Sonam speak to lawyer. Lawyer says case was easy to tackle, but Sheetal has gone against your mum and dad, case is over now, its out of hands, now your parents will get jailed.

Sumitra feels bad and cries. Ankita says when you called me, I thought you are still the same, I didn’t know you called me here to insult. Sumitra cries. Sheetal says I got free of the jail, Ankita will just spread sorrow, he isn’t happy for me. Ankita gets angry and argues. Raghav takes sweets for Dheeraj and asks can’t you talk to us well, what did you get, your parents are behind bars, at least Bua has come. Dheeraj says I warn you, stay away from me. Raghav says I m giving you sweets, have it. Dheeraj throws the sweet. Raghav says you did wrong, how I have to pick it from the ground and feed you. Dheeraj gets his gun and points at him. He scolds Raghav.

Sonam and Dhruv come home. Sonam says we are trying to get Shashi and Nutan come, did you have food, Sneha. Subhadra signs no. Dhruv asks where are Dheeraj and Ankita. Subhadra says they went for puja. Sneha says Sumitra has called them for a puja. Dhruv says I know them, it won’t be a puja, I hope everything is fine. Raghav asks will you shoot me for a laddoo, don’t joke. Dheeraj says Shobha will come with Sheetal to change statement and tell the truth. He says if Sheetal doesn’t say anything, I will shoot you, I won’t regret to go jail to save my parents. He catches Raghav. Shobha asks did you go mad. Dheeraj says take Sheetal to police station else I will shoot your son. Shobha says fine. Sheetal says we won’t go to jail again, Dheeraj won’t shoot, don’t worry. Raghav tries to snatch the gun.

Ankita and Sumitra get scared. Shobha gets shot in his arm. They get shocked. Raghav runs to Shobha. Dheeraj and Ankita look on. Shobha says call police first, call ambulance later. Ankita calls Dhruv. He asks where are you, is everything fine. She says nothing is fine, come to the temple fast, Dheeraj has shot Shobha. Dhruv gets shocked. Sonam asks Dhruv. Raghav sends Shobha in the ambulance. Raghav sees Dheeraj and holds his collar. He says you made a big mistake, you tried to kill my dad, you and your family will die if anything happens to Shobha. He holds Ankita’s hand and stops her. Dheeraj is taken by the police. Raghav says your husband did a big mistake, I won’t let anything happen to my dad, your family will pay for it, I will not leave anyone. She cries. He warns her and goes. She cries. Dhruv comes there. He asks what happened. She tells everything.

Nutan seeing Dheeraj being put in the lockup. Shashi asks why will Dheeraj be here. She shouts Dheeraj, why are you here, tell me. She says its really Dheeraj, I have seen him. Shashi says you should be thinking so. Inspector says she is right, that’s your elder son Dheeraj. Shashi asks what happened. Inspector says I thought your family is good, everyone is coming to jail, is this your truth. Nutan cries and says Dheeraj is a simple man, he can never do anything wrong. Inspector says Dheeraj had shot Shobha, its good Shobha got saved, but Dheeraj got arrested. Dhruv and Ankita come there. Shashi asks why did you shoot my brother, Dheeraj, Shobha isn’t my enemy, I didn’t expect this from you. Dheeraj cries.

Dhruv says Dheeraj was forced to shoot. Shashi cries. Dhruv consoles him. Sonam says Milky has fallen so low, everyone is getting jailed, I can’t believe it, I had come here to settle but all this happened. Subhadra says its about the entire family now, you have to think for the family, you love Dhruv, you have to do something for them, whatever they did, true love is to keep family together. Sonam says Dhruv and this family are imp for me. Subhadra says you have to leave them forever. Sonam gets shocked. She says we were going to marry. Subhadra says a time comes when we have to get away from a person to support him.

Sonam cries a lot. Subhadra says you and Dhruv will be much hurt, it will be tough to stay separated, but many lives are in risk, maybe its the end of your love or its destination. Sonam says you are saying right. She rests in Subhadra’s lap and cries. She says why did this happen with us, we had fell in love. Sonam prays. Dhruv comes and says I m going to meet lawyer, I will get mum and dad home. Sonam says yes, we will get Dheeraj also. Ankita asks Dhruv to have curd and sugar. Sneha says I m missing mum and dad a lot, take me along. He says they will be home soon, promise, you will take care of Ankita and yourself.

Police comes home. Inspector says when Dheeraj called Shobha, his wife Ankita was there, she is the witness, we came to take her statement, we don’t need Dhruv here, Dhruv can go. Dhruv leaves. Nutan and Shashi call out Dheeraj. Shashi asks Dheeraj not to sit quiet, how will they fight the case, just tell what happened there. Dheeraj gets up and says they were insulting us, Raghav had a gun, I was threatening him, bullet was shot in the fight, I regret that Shobha got shot instead Raghav. Shashi scolds him. He says Nutan did wrong with Sonam, so this is happening. Nutan argues. She says Sonam has come in our lives and this happened, she is a problem for us. Constable says don’t fight here, fight the case, you have to go to the court. They go. Lawyer says case got complicated because of Sheetal’s statement, I will try to get the bail, come. Dhruv hears the men laughing on his parents. Dhruv beats the men. Shashi stops him. He says everyone will say something or the other, leave it. Nutan worries. The court case begins. Lawyer asks the judge to see the evidences, his clients are innocent, they should get the bail. Milky’s lawyer says they have burnt Milky, Sheetal has given statement against them, they should not get the bail.