Lockdown Love Story Sunday Update 27th March 2022


Lockdown Love Story Sunday Update 27th March 2022

Sheetal coming to the hospital and shouting Dheeraj. She does a drama. Dhruv asks her to leave, he will not spare Shobha and Raghav. Sheetal says its fine, I will go. She asks Sonam to come for a talk. Sonam goes after her and asks what’s the matter. Sheetal shows the old man’s pic and says how is the guy, can he become a groom, Shobha has decided to get Sneha married to him. Sonam gets shocked. She scolds Sheetal. She asks how can Dhruv let this happen, you can’t do this. Sheetal says Dhruv can’t save everyone, his marriage broke, he broke down seeing his family in jail. Subhadra comes.

Sheetal says one day, Dhruv will murder Shobha, Raghav and then he will also die, everyone is in jail, who is at home, Ankita and Sneha are at home, Shobha can easily get Sneha married to this man, I m saying this to you, you should know that your love story has ruined this house, I m Bua of Sneha and Raghav also, I have two brothers, I can’t see them getting ruined, you are responsible for this, the end depends on your decision.

Sonam cries and goes with Subhadra. Dhruv says Dheeraj told that he can’t get unwell when he has a brother like me, how did this happen. Sneha cries. He says if everything doesn’t get fine, I will kill Shobha and Raghav, I will go jail. Sonam gets shocked. She says you are right, everything is getting ruined because of you, Dhruv’s words can’t make me weak, I have to go away from him. She leaves with Subhadra. Ankita says doctor has called Dhruv. Sonam packs her bags. She says I will never come back here. She cries. Dhruv goes to doctor. Doctor tells him something. Sonam recalls her moments in the house. She says I just wanted to see it for the last time. She prays and leaves. Milky comes. Sonam says I m leaving, as you wanted, now spare Dhruv’s family. Milky asks Subhadra what happened that Sonam lost. Subhadra says she is doing this for this house’s good. Sonam asks her to come. Milky stops Sonam. Sonam asks what di you want now.

Milky says Dhruv said he will always go after you, this is not a solution for me, I want my husband and Sasural completely. Sonam asks what shall I do now. Dhruv comes home. Sonam says Dhruv has come. Milky asks Sonam to take the bag inside. Subhadra takes the bag. Sonam says let me go, please, I promise. Dhruv talks on call. He sees Milky and Sonam. Dhruv asks what are you doing here. Subhadra says I was feeling dizzy, so I got Sonam here. Dhruv says don’t worry, I will make it fine.

He goes to find Dheeraj’s medical files. Milky asks Sonam to meet her at the temple. Sonam agrees. Raghav plays dhol. He talks to Milky and says you have given me a good news, great, I was waiting for it, take care, stay happy. Sheetal, Sumitra and Shobha come. Shobha asks what’s the matter. Raghav says Milky called, she said thank your dad, you did good by sending Dheeraj to jail. Sheetal smiles. Raghav says she thanked you also, you have threatened Sonam about Sneha. They laugh. Sumitra feels bad. He says thanks mum for not interfering this time. Shobha says congrats and hugs him. Raghav thanks him and plays dhol.

Shashi and Nutan come to see Dheeraj. Police gets them. Nutan hugs Sneha. Shashi asks how is Dheeraj. They see Dheeraj. Dhruv consoles Sneha. Sneha says doctors are not saying anything. Ankita gets angry seeing Nutan. She says since I got married and came into the house, you fed me chillies, I felt bad, today you have ruined your sons’ lives, you have snatched your peace and happiness, you are responsible for this. She cries. Sonam and Milky pray in the temple. Sonam asks what price do you want. Milky asks can you give it, think again. Sonam says I m ready to pay any price. Milky says I can trust you, I also trust your magic on Dhruv, if you leave, he will cheat me, I don’t want your love in his heart. Sonam says tell me what price you want, I m ready. Milky says you have to marry Raghav.

Milky saying you have to marry Raghav. Sonam asks what. Raghav says I will explain. They see Raghav. Raghav comes and says you have to stay with enemy to fail him, Milky has done this, you support me now. Milky says I want to go away so that Dhruv doesn’t come to you, he doesn’t touch you. Raghav says I will not let anyone come around and touch Sonam, if he dares then I will kill him. Sonam begs them not to do this. Raghav smiles. Sonam says Raghav, you will be hurt by this marriage, you won’t get anything. Milky asks do you accept the challenge or not, just tell me. Sonam says I m ready to leave my love, but this will be wrong. Milky says your refusal will be troubling Dhruv’s family. Raghav threatens Sonam about Dhruv and his entire family. He asks Sonam to think well about Dhruv, if she loves Dhruv, then everything will be ruined. Milky smiles. He asks Sonam to think well and decide.

Doctor says Dheeraj is out of danger, he will be fine soon. Everyone thanks him. Doctor says he will get discharged after few days. Shashi says you saved my son, you saved all of us. Inspector asks Shashi and Nutan to come. Dhruv asks can’t they stay for some time. Inspector says no. Dhruv says trust me, I will free you soon. Shashi says I have a request, there is a jalebi shop on the way, I want to have jalebi with my family there, I want to feel that we all are together and united, sorrow has broken us apart, we will gain strength and courage if we are together. They all hold hands. Inspector says fine, but I can’t give much time, hurry up. Shashi says Dhruv, call Sonam, she is also part of our family. Nutan says Milky is also part of our family. Shashi scolds her.

Sonam prays. Raghav shows the time. Dhruv calls her and asks her to come to the jalebi shop soon. He says Shashi wants to have jalebis there with the entire family, he is calling you, are you coming. She says yes, I m coming. Raghav asks how, what did you think. He threatens her. He asks her decision. She says I accept your decision, I will marry you Raghav for the sake of Dhruv’s happiness. Raghav and Milky smile. He wipes Sonam’s tears and asks her not to cry now. He says I m very happy now, you are ready to marry me. He goes and gets sindoor. He says I will fill your maang, we are in temple, so why don’t we…. Sonam stops him. She says no, we will marry by all rituals, but I m not Milky to marry with incomplete rituals.

Milky says you are right, relation is incomplete that way, how long we have to wait for complete rituals. Sonam says just 7 days. Raghav says its a long time, how will I wait. Sonam says you have to wait, you have to get Shashi, Nutan and Dheeraj released. Milky asks do you think we are fools, what will you do in 7 days, are you planning something, if you refuse to your word then. Sonam says you play such games, I m not playing any game, Dhruv and my lives will change, I want to live in his world. Milky asks will you leave Dhruv for me, what do you mean by that. Sonam asks her to shut up. She scolds Milky. She says I have truly loved Dhruv, I want to have his memories with me. Raghav asks why, will you get his memories along, I m scared, I m marrying you, if you romance him, then my peace will be ruined. She says I m not your wife now that you explain me, once we get married, I won’t think of anyone, I can’t think anything else than Dhruv right now, I m ready to give my life to you, but you have to give me 7 days.