Lockdown Love Story Sunday Update 10th April 2022


Lockdown Love Story Sunday Update 10th April 2022

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Sonam catching the knife. Her hand bleeds. She pushes the attacker away. The attacker runs away. Sonam tries to catch him. He flees. Everyone comes. Milky opens the door. She thinks Dhruv died and knife is in Sonam’s hand. She smiles. She goes and pushes Sonam. She asks Nutan to come fast. Everyone comes and gets shocked. Milky says Sonam has killed Dhruv. Sheetal calls the police. She says a murder happened here. Sonam says Dhruv is fine, nothing happened to him, I found Dhruv here, a man came to kill him. Nutan says you killed him, Sonam, you promised love, what did he do this. Sonam says I didn’t do anything. Dhruv wakes up and says buddy didn’t do anything. Milky gets shocked. Everyone smiles seeing Dhruv. Dhruv says a bad uncle had shut me in the cupboard, Milky and her mum had kidnapped me, her mum tied me so tightly and tried to kill me. Milky worries. Dhruv says I had seen her face. Milky says no, he would have seen something else. He says no, I m saying the truth.

Sheetal says we got Dhruv, he is fine, I will ask police not to come. Nutan says no, call the police. She gets angry on Milky. She scolds Milky. She raises hand. Milky holds her hand and pushes her. Sonam holds Nutan. Nutan cries. Milky says you all got to know everything, but its not easy to send me to jail, listen to me, if police comes here, I will blame Dhruv in such a way that he will be going to mental asylum and jail, you decide now, what to do, call the police if you want, I m standing here. Sheetal asks did you lose your mind, did you forget that you are ruining your own place.

She scolds Milky. Milky says stop it now, you also say this behind their back, I m fed up by your advice, I didn’t get my husband and Sasural, its enough, I will not leave all of you, Dhruv is mad, I can’t be his caretaker, I will not leave any of you. Sonam says don’t dare to trouble my Dhruv or my family, you think we will be scared, let the police come, you will get punished, Pratap is in jail, Dhruv was dying, where did your love go, we will together give statement against you. Nutan says Sonam is right, we will not be scared of you, we will tell the police, Dhruv will also tell. Dhruv nods. Shashi says then we will see who the police believes.

Milky tears her clothes and hurts herself. Everyone gets shocked. She says if police comes here, I will tell the police that Dhruv has molested me, he is acting like a five year old kid, he has done this, I will see what happens, Dhruv will go jail first. Shashi calls the police. He says we had a misunderstanding, sorry, everything is fine, Dhruv came back. Sonam asks what are you saying, we can’t get scared of her, she did wrong with Dhruv. Nutan says no, Dhruv will be at loss, he has already suffered a lot.

Sonam asks inspector to leave her dad now. Nutan thanks her. She says we are not giving you to police, but we won’t let you stay here, get out. Nutan and Sheetal throw out Milky and shut the door. Sonam looks on.

Sonam says I will come again to meet you. Nutan apologizes to her. She says I thought you aren’t right for my Dhruv, I used to find you unlucky, forgive me. Dhruv says my buddy is the best, will you let her stay here. Nutan says yes, you both stay together, forever. Everyone smiles. Nutan hugs Dhruv and Sonam. Milky, her mum and goons come home.

Nutan says how shameless are you to come again. Milky says this house is mine, I m the owner now, check the property papers and leave. Shashi checks and gets shocked. He says its real papers. He sees Dhruv’s signs. Milky recalls fooling Dhruv and taking his signs. She smiles. The goons throw out everyone. Dhruv says leave us, we won’t go. Sonam says its fine. Sheetal says Milky is so poisonous, she got us on the roads, where will we go now. Dheeraj says if Shobha knows about it, he will laugh and not let us stay in peace, we will go to some hotel and then think. Sonam says yes, you go, I will stay here and confront Milky. Shashi says no need to stay here. Sonam says we will stay here. Dhruv says yes. They all make a tent from the bamboos. Nutan says we won’t go anywhere. Subhadra and Pratap come. He asks Sonam when will she come back. Subhadra says yes Sonam, your life will become a burden, come back with us. Nutan says no, Sonam is ours now, I m sorry for the trouble.

Nutan asking Pratap to let Sonam stay with them. She promises to take her responsibility. Sonam says I know its difficult for parents to see their daughter like this, but trust me, I want to stay here, this is my house now. Subhadra and Pratap leave. Sonam says I m sure they will agree. Nutan asks her to come. They all sit inside the tent. Nutan hugs Sonam and Sneha. Dhruv smiles. Its morning, Nutan wakes up and sees everyone sleeping. Sonam asks Dhruv is he feeling cold. He says I m feeling hungry. Nutan asks what happened. Sonam says he is feeling hungry. She goes to the house. Goons stop her. She says I have to go to kitchen and make food, let me go. Milky asks goons to throw her out. Dhruv comes and gets angry. He runs inside the house. Milky asks Dhruv to stop. Nutan and Sheetal come and see. Dhruv throws things away. Milky asks Batasa to clean everything. He refuses. She gives him money. He returns money and says you would be born to money, not me, a mum gave me birth and other mum raised me, I will never go against Nutan. Milky’s mum scolds him.

She says we may get any servant. Goon says servants have come, they are refusing to come in. Milky asks why. She goes out to see. She asks servants why aren’t they coming. The lady says we won’t come in, we will not let anyone work here, Nutan is a great lady, we will just work for her. Nutan smiles. Sonam asks Milky how will she maintain the house now. She argues. Milky asks her to go and cook the food. Dhruv laughs and says I will also go with Sonam. Nutan says we are sitting hungry here, because of me. She cries. Shashi says I got old Nutan, what’s left, its fine. Sonam makes the food. She gets the food and says we will have food on time.

Dheeraj asks did Dhruv come. Shashi asks where did he go. They all look for Dhruv. Dhruv shouts to Nutan. They see Dhruv caught by the goons. Dhruv shouts for help. Milky asks goons to take Dhruv. Sonam calls the police. She says Milky has kidnapped Dhruv. Police goes in. They see Milky feeding the food to Dhruv and smiling. Inspector says they said you had forcibly kept Dhruv here. Milky says no, they have done wrong with me, I know you won’t trust me, ask Dhruv the truth. Sonam sees a burn mark on Dhruv’s hand. Nutan gets angry. Sonam stops her. Inspector asks Dhruv who did this, don’t get scared. Milky scares him. Dhruv points at Shashi. He says Milky is good aunty, I want to be with her. Milky recalls burning Dhruv’s hand and threatening to kill his family. She asks do you want them to die. He says no. She says you have to do whatever I say. He nods. FB ends. Milky says Dhruv is safe with me, I m his wife and have right on him, ask them not to torture us. Inspector warns Shashi and goes.

Nutan asks why did you like Dhruv. Sonam says she scared you, right. Milky says enough, go from here. She asks them to leave. Dhruv cries. Milky asks them to see something before going. She claps. Dhruv works as a servant. Nutan and everyone cry. Milky says you didn’t let me get servants, so I got my own servant. Sonam stops Dhruv. Goon threatens Sonam. Nutan slaps him. She says you will get my curse if you hurt my son. She cries and says Milky, I will show you the result of hurting my son and family. Milky sends all of them. She asks Dhruv to wipe the floor.