Lockdown Love Story Saturday Update 2nd April 2022


Lockdown Love Story Saturday Update 2nd April 2022

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Dhruv breaking down. Everyone holds him. Nutan and Milky look on. Dhruv reads, forgive me, always keep smiling, marriage is of 7 births and love is of 100 births, I m only yours, Sonam. Dhruv says this can’t happen, Sonam can’t do this, no one can force her to marry, I will go and stop her. He runs out of the house. Everyone follows. Milky stops Nutan. Nutan signs her and goes. She says I will call Raghav and tell him. Ankita slaps Milky. She says you knew everything right, you won’t call anyone, until Dhruv gets Sonam, sit here silently.

Dhruv and family look for Sonam. Sheetal asks Sonam why doesn’t she give her life, will she take anyone’s life. Sonam says yes, I have killed Raghav, he should have died, he is a creep. Shobha gets shocked. Sonam says I will go to police station and surrender. Raghav whistles and gets up. Sonam gets shocked. He gets up and says amazing, you speak well. He shows the bullet proof jacket worn. He removes the jacket and shows her. He says you think you are smart, you were roaming with a gun, won’t I know it, I knew you had the gun for me, I got a bullet proof jacket, you couldn’t do anything, I didn’t think you will do this, where did you hide such a cruel heart behind this lovely face. He catches her. Sonam says I won’t let this marriage happen. Raghav says you promised me, you can’t cheat. She says I had to kill you. He says marry me and then kill me. Dhruv asks about Sonam. The guys get angry and beat him up. Everyone comes to save Dhruv. Sonam says I will always be your enemy. Raghav takes her to mandap to forcibly marry her. Sheetal and Shobha catch her. Raghav takes sindoor in his hands. Dhruv comes there and stops Raghav.

They both fight. Shobha points gun at Dhruv and says stop, why are you beating him, leave him. Dhruv asks him to shoot. Dhruv beats Raghav more. Sonam throws a coconut and makes Shobha drop the gun. Raghav pushes Dhruv. He goes to suffocate Sonam. Dhruv stops him. He hits on Raghav’s head. Raghav faints down. Everyone comes. Dhruv hugs Sonam. He asks why didn’t you tell this to me. Sonam says I want to clear this problem, I agreed to marry Raghav, so Raghav and Milky took the case back, I wanted to kill him and go to jail, I would have been glad to do something for my love, I would sacrifice myself for your love. Dhruv asks how many sacrifices will you give, now our incomplete story will complete in this mandap. They go in the mandap. Raghav gets up. He gets a gun fallen there. He points gun at them. He asks how will you get saved, I loved Sonam a lot, but remember one thing, if you aren’t mine, then you won’t be of anyone. He says sorry Sonam, good bye. Everyone tries to stop him. He shoots Sonam. Dhruv comes in between and gets shot. Everyone gets shocked.

Everyone getting shocked seeing Dhruv shot. They all cry. Shobha sees Raghav and asks him to run away. Dheeraj runs after Raghav. Raghav and Dheeraj fight. The police reaches there. Dheeraj catches Raghav. Dheeraj says they have tried to kill my brother, take them away. The family takes Dhruv to the police jeep. Inspector asks driver to take them to hospital quickly. Inspector arrests Raghav and Shobha. Nutan asks Dhruv to open eyes. Sonam says nothing will happen to Dhruv. Dhruv is taken to the OT. Nutan blames Sonam and asks her to spare her son. She says I have always protected him, you have made his life hell. Sonam says please forgive me, let me go to Dhruv, you can punish me later. Nutan pushes her. She asks Shashi to say now, he always supported Sonam. She cries and says how shall I beg for Dhruv’s life now, tell me.

She says Sonam is responsible for this, I will not let Sonam stay in Dhruv’s life, I will erase this fate. She drags Sonam out. Sonam says don’t make Dhruv away from me. Nutan leaves her with a warning. Sonam hugs Subhadra and cries. She says Dhruv got shot while saving me, don’t ask me to leave him and go, please. Nutan says if anyone keeps a relation with Sonam, then I will break my relation with that person. Doctor says Dhruv isn’t responding to the treatment, we will keep him under observation, you can meet him in the morning. Everyone cries for him. Shashi asks them to go home. Nutan says Dhruv is my world, I will not leave him alone and go, I will stay here. Milky says I will also stay here. Shashi says fine, we will go. Sheetal goes with them. Milky consoles Nutan. They cry. Sonam hides from Dhruv. Dheeraj takes the family. Shashi goes to talk to Sonam.

Sonam asks how is Dhruv. Shashi says he is unconscious, forgive me, I couldn’t stop Nutan. Sonam says Nutan and you did right, I can’t listen to her, Dhruv is in this state because of me, I will bring him out of this, forgive me. Shashi says Dhruv proved that he truly loves you, if you are dear to him, you are dear to me also, Nutan isn’t understanding, I will help you, go now. Sonam hugs him. Nutan prays for Dhruv.

Its morning, Shashi says Dhruv isn’t in his room. Doctor asks how can this happen. Nurse says we are finding him since 15 mins. Shashi asks where can he go in such a state. Sonam prays for Dhruv. She asks Devi maa to punish her, but make Dhruv fine.

A pandit comes and gives bhabhuti to Sonam. She asks her to apply it to Dhruv’s forehead, everything will be fine. Sonam thanks him. Ward boy asks Shashi and all to come, that patient is creating a stir. Shashi asks how can he do this. Sonam gets shocked seeing Dhruv playing with the kids. The men try to stop him. Dhruv falls down. Sonam goes to him. Nutan stops Sonam.