Lockdown Love Story Saturday Update 26th March 2022


Lockdown Love Story Saturday Update 26th March 2022

Sonam coming to Dhruv. She sees him sleeping and cares for him. He wakes up. Ankita and Subhadra come. Subhadra gives the tea to him. Ankita asks him to take food for Dheeraj today. He agrees. Milky comes and asks about her share. Dheeraj asks what share are you talking about, get lost. She says I m your wife, you want to make me out of the house, don’t forget that I can give you the options and you have to choose, I m ashamed that I had to come myself, you didn’t come to take me. Sonam stops Dhruv. He gets angry. Sonam says we can’t let anyone get trapped at this time. Milky says she is sensible, but its no use. She takes the tea from his hand. She asks Dhruv to get her bags to the room.

Sumitra recalls everything. She cries for the family. She says I wish to save Shashi and Nutan’s family, but how. She goes to Sheetal. She sees Sheetal talking on phone. Sheetal talks to Milky’s man and demands for jewellery and cash. She tells the plan. Sumitra hears her and records the conversation. She thinks I just wanted this proof. She says I will go and give this to police now. Raghav comes and holds her hand. He takes her aside. She says I m doing this for you, enmity never does good to anyone, forgive me. He scolds her. She cries.

He checks the video and throws the phone. He says you are my mum, just be a mum, don’t do all this, if this video goes out, then my plan will fail, let me handle this, don’t be loyal to Shashi’s family, don’t use your mind. She cries. Dhruv meets Dheeraj and gives the tiffin. Dheeraj says ask Ankita not to take any tension. He says its life, ups and downs come, I won’t let this happen. Dhruv says I spoke to the lawyer, don’t know how will I free you. Dheeraj says I know it, Milky doesn’t love you, so buy her with the money. Dhruv says I can’t give her whatever she asks, everything isn’t mine. Dheeraj says you are ours, our money is yours, entire property, jewellery, give anything to Milky, then we will start a new life, we will make everything from the start, we will be together, we will be happy, I know Ankita has sent me Methi parathas, its my fav. they sit eating the parathas. Dhruv eats by Dheeraj’s hands and also feeds Dheeraj. They smile.

Raghav comes to meet Nutan. She gets angry seeing him. She shouts cheater. He asks her to have jalebis. He asks her to bear the punishment for her big crime. She says you are very mean, I knew it. He says I m not so mean, did I tell everyone that you asked me to make Sonam leave the city, small failures do happen in big battles, we have a setting, its fine, I have also some some setting, if you got the profit, I should also get profit, just support me, we will win if you support me, everything will be sorted, bless me. She blesses him. They eat the jalebis together. Raghav leaves. Dhruv comes there and sees Raghav. Raghav says you didn’t come to meet my dad in the jail.

Dhruv asks what are you doing here. Raghav says I came to see relatives, for what you have come. He jokes that everyone is a criminal in their family. He laughs and asks Dhruv to have jalebis. He eats it and says go and meet them. Dhruv meets Nutan. She asks Raghav, here, I don’t know anything about it. He asks where is the locker keys. She asks why. He says I will buy Milky by the money and get you all out of here, I will get Sonam in my life, do you have any problem. Shashi says do anything, but get Sonam in your life, pay any price for it. Dhruv says I will get you out of here and not let Sonam go. He goes. Sonam prays for Dhruv. Milky asks what will you do then, ask Dhruv to take a decision soon. Dhruv comes and says I took a decision.

Dhruv getting the jewellery, cash and property papers. He says all this is yours Milky. He holds Sonam’s hand and says just Sonam is mine. Milky looks on. Sonam cries. Milky sees the cash and jewellery. He says you can live comfortably by taking the assets, you can’t get me completely even if you choose me, I will go after Sonam, my soul will always be with Sonam even if I m with you, don’t ruin my life, take this offer, we both will be happy. Milky refuses. She says you tried to compare me with these assets, but my love is mighty, I can sacrifice any richness for you. He says listen to me, I don’t love you, your dreams of having a husband will be ruined, I will never accept you. Milky gets close to him and acts weird. She says I will accept anything, but I will live with my king, don’t come to me to make any deal, the deal is same, choose your parents or Sonam, I have rejected your assets, now I have to leave. Sonam says Milky, you have a problem with me, we shall talk. Milky says you had decided a price for Dhruv, your love can be evaluated, my love can’t be compared with anything. She leaves.

Shobha comes home and calls out Sheetal. She asks what happened. He says I will show you something. He calls someone. The man greets them. She asks who is he, he looks scary. Sumitra looks on. Shobha says he will be helping us, is he a good groom for Sneha. Sumitra gets shocked. She asks what are you saying. He says you don’t interfere in between. He asks Sheetal to take pic and show it to Sonam, threaten her that if she doesn’t listen to Milky, then they will make this man marry Sneha. Sumitra cries. Sheetal says I understood it now. She clicks a pic of the man.

Milky comes to meet Nutan. Nutan says I knew you will not get sold, you had burnt yourself, you are my real heir, we have done a lot for the family. Milky nods. Nutan says I m proud of you, don’t give up. Milky says I knew you will understand me, I m hurt seeing you here, I will solve everything, Sonam will leave from our lives. Nutan says yes, Sheetal has run away, I m not outside to help you, but my heart is with you.

Milky says I will go and meet Shashi. Nutan says leave it, he will curse you. Milky says its fine, his curse will be blessing for me. Nutan blesses her. Milky asks her to take care. She goes. Raghav comes to meet Dheeraj. He says if you go to jail, just Dhruv will be home, I will get rid of him, Ankita, Sneha will be left at home. Dheeraj gets angry. Raghav shows the man’s pic and says Shobha has found this man for Sneha’s alliance. Dheeraj fumes. Raghav says the man is good, his age is 40, it doesn’t matter, and about Ankita, she is beautiful, you can’t deny, don’t take tension, beauty can never die, there are many rich people in the city, she can get anyone, I just want money. Dheeraj shouts and says let me come out, I will kill you. Milky comes to meet Shashi. He scolds her and asks her to leave. Milky says nothing will change by your anger, I will be your bahu. She goes. Dheeraj tries to break the bars. Raghav says I will take care of your family. He leaves. Dheeraj gets a heart attack. He faints down. Inspector checks Dheeraj. Constables take Dheeraj. Dhruv asks what happened to Dheeraj. He is shocked. He asks which hospital. Everyone worries. They come to the hospital to see Dheeraj. Inspector says you can’t go in, he got a heart attack.