Lockdown Love Story Monday Update 28th March 2022


Lockdown Love Story Monday Update 28th March 2022

Raghav saying I can’t give 7 days. Milky says I also want time to take the case back, else everyone will doubt me. She says fine Sonam, we accept your condition, I will give you 7 days then you will be of Raghav. They leave. Sonam cries. Everyone waits for Sonam at the jalebi shop. Sneha says it would have been good if Dheeraj was here. Subhadra and Sonam come there. They all eat jalebis at the shop. Dhruv gives the jalebis to Ankita first. Nutan looks on. Dhruv feeds the jalebis to everyone and goes to Nutan. The man says I think someone’s bad sight caught your family. Nutan says no, its Sonam’s bad sight. Milky comes there.

Nutan says Milky did this to make Sonam out, she wanted everyone to understand that no one can snatch her husband and family, what wrong did she do. Milky says Maa. Dhruv asks who called her here. Milky consoles Nutan. Dhruv says after all your conspiracies, Sonam is with me. Milky threatens him about family. Shashi hears them. He asks Dhruv to swear on him. He says I didn’t do anything wrong by going against my soul, you are being blackmailed, don’t let this happen, even if I die in the jail, never accept Milky, don’t let Sonam go away. Milky gets angry and taunts Dhruv. She asks Dhruv to just see what’s right for his family. She takes Nutan’s blessings and goes. Milky says my work starts from here. Raghav comes home singing. Sheetal dances. She asks the reason for his happiness. He says I m getting married to the girl I love, she has agreed. Shobha asks really. Raghav says after 7 days, I will take 7 rounds, then I will decide to give vows or not. Shobha says vows don’t matter to men, women keep the vows, who is the girl. Raghav says its a surprise, prepare for the marriage. Sumitra asks what.

He argues with her. He says you will like the bride when she comes. He asks her about her knee pain. She says its not better. Raghav takes care of her. Shobha and Sheetal praise Raghav. Raghav asks is there much pain, its good, your Bahu can’t see you in pain, she will relief your pain and make you run. Sheetal says he is thinking for your happiness. Sumitra says if we could see the pic once. Raghav asks her to see in his eyes, he loves that girl. Shobha says leave it, she can’t see, I understood it who is the bride. Raghav says just you know me. They laugh.

Sonam says its my last 7 days with Dhruv. Dhruv says we will not shatter, I will make everything fine. He asks her to talk and lessen the sorrow. Ankita comes and asks them to go home. Dhruv says I will stay here. Sonam says I m also fine. Ankita says you both need rest, just go home. Dhruv says call me if you need anything. Ankita prays for their union. Raghav comes to Dhruv’s house. She says anyone can come, just go. He says you have made me win, I got desi ghee halwa for you. She says fine, you go now. He feeds the halwa. She says if Dhruv comes, I will be in trouble, just go. Raghav says let me see Sonam once. She says our plan will fail. He says it won’t fail, don’t worry. He goes to hide. Dhruv and Sonam come home and see Milky. Sonam goes. She sees Raghav in disguise. She gets shocked.

Raghav saying Dhruv would have come and ruined my plan. Sonam asks why did you come here. He asks where shall I go, I can’t live without you, I couldn’t control and came here, I got energy seeing you, I want to tell you something, you know what, when we get married, I will come late, you will come to kitchen to get food for me, I will come after you and hug you, it will be fun, it will bring a feeling. Sonam says shut up, why did you come here. He says listen to me, let me do what I want. Milky goes to Dhruv. He asks her to get away. She cries and argues. He says I know your character, just go away. She says I did this to get you, I love you a lot, please don’t go away, don’t make get stone-hearted for me. She cries.

Raghav says listen to me, I got something for you, I went to market when you said yes, I thought to buy something, I bought a lipstick for you, get it applied by my hand. She says stop nonsense, I didn’t become your wife. She says you are my would be wife, if I go now, I will take happiness of this house with me, do you want that, tell me. He applies the lipstick to her lips. He says I got an idea, I will open a lipstick shop and apply every lipstick to your lips, then sell it, it will be priceless. Milky says accept me, forgive me, I want to be at your service, I can’t live without you. Dhruv holds Milky. He says husband and wife don’t fall in feet, but hold hands, don’t talk about it, you are asking me to accept you, I can’t accept you, you know the reason, you snatched my love, my family, I m roaming around at night, I m going to hospital to meet Dheeraj, then meeting lawyers, I hate you a lot, its impossible to accept you. She cries.

She wipes her tears and smiles. She thinks you will accept me soon, when Sonam gets married to Raghav. Raghav says your pic came good, our kids will love the pic. He asks Sonam to see. Sonam cries. Dhruv comes there. Raghav disappears. Dhruv asks did you come here to get food or apply lipstick. Raghav thinks Sonam will lie to Dhruv now, I will get my truth, Sonam will lie for me. Sonam turns to see Raghav there. She kisses Dhruv. Raghav gets angry. He thinks I will get revenge on you. Sonam says I just wanted to see my lip marks on your face. Dhruv smiles.

Sonam says I will always be yours. Raghav looks on. Sonam says our love can’t get sold. They hug. Raghav turns away and makes a face. Sonam cries. Its morning, Sonam thinks of her promise of marrying Raghav. She wakes up and goes to see Dhruv. She hugs him and cries. He is sleeping. She runs out of the room. Ankita comes and consoles her. Milky smiles. Shobha asks Sheetal to get tea. Sheetal asks about the marriage, about the girl. Raghav asks what will you do, will you swap the girl, I m not Dhruv to get go things easily, if this happened with me, I would have shot the culprit for changing the bride. Shobha says I will take the case back and free Dheeraj, I can make a sacrifice for your marriage with Sonam. Raghav asks how did you know it. Shobha says I m your dad, I had to go, I hate Shashi’s family, you have made me proud. Raghav smiles. Shobha says once Sonam is here in our house, then we will win, Dhruv and Shashi always take her name, they will lose. He laughs.

Milky comes to Sonam. She says I will take khichdi for Dheeraj. Sonam gives her the tiffin. Milky says you explain Dhruv about my kind heart. Sneha asks will mum and dad get released. Dhruv says yes, they will come, Nutan isn’t wrong, but what to do, she is our mum. He asks her to take care, he is going to meet a big lawyer. Milky says I have made khichdi for Dheeraj, give it to him, he is like my brother also, I have to go to temple to do puja for everyone’s good. Dhruv says give poison to all of them, then go and express happiness on your victory. Milky signs Sonam. Sonam says its fine, let her pray. He asks why are you supporting her, Sonam.