Imlie Teasers on Starlife April 2023


Imlie Teasers on Starlife April 2023

Coming up this April;

Aparna makes plans for Imlie and Aryan’s first date and stops them from going to the office.

Saturday 1 April 2023

Episode 438

Aryan finds Imlie interfering with his plans for Aditya. Later, he lashes out at her and orders his office staff to keep important files out of Imlie’s reach.

Episode 439

When Imlie enters the office in search of the evidence, Aditya is there with it. Aditya later sets the disk on fire after Imlie says she doesn’t love him.

Sunday 2  April 2023

Episode 440

To force Aryan to respond to Imlie’s inquiries regarding Arpita’s late spouse, she ties his hands. Eventually, Aryan becomes enraged by her questions.


Imlie and Aryan arrive at the Tripathis to perform the Pagfera ceremony. Later, Imlie meets Aditya to gather proof regarding Arvind’s death.

Monday 3 April 2023


Aryan gets furious at Imlie for rearranging his late brother-in-law’s room and makes her re-do the entire room again. Later, Imlie crashes a party for her investigation.


Imlie complains about her husband to her new acquaintances. Elsewhere, Narmada’s condition worsens when Badi Maa spikes her drink.

Tuesday 4 April 2023


Imlie enters the office of Seth Purandas and learns Arvind’s truth. Later, she loses her calm and reveals herself when he gives orders to kill Aryan.


Imlie tries to warn Aryan about the attack on him but fails to get to him. Later, she decides to take part in the beauty pageant to get his attention.

Wednesday 5 April 2023


Imlie tries to warn Aryan about the attack on him but fails to get to him. Later, she decides to take part in the beauty pageant to get his attention.


When Seth Purandas orders his men to kill Imlie and destroy the evidence, Aryan comes to rescue her. However, they end up getting captured.

Thursday 6 April  2023


Aditya’s arrival with the police on time saves Aryan and Imlie’s life. Aryan befriends Aditya, accepts all his mistakes and makes a big declaration to Imlie.


Aryan tells Imlie that she doesn’t have to honour her forced marriage to him anymore and asks her not to return to him. Later, Aditya gives Imlie some emotional advice.

Friday 7 April 2023


Aparna makes plans for Imlie and Aryan’s first date and stops them from going to the office. Aryan explains to Imlie what happens on a date.


Imlie and Aryan enjoy their romantic date, and he reveals his shocking past to her. Later, Imlie defends Sundar against Badi Maa’s allegations.

Saturday 8 April 2023


Imlie decides to bring Sundar and Arpita together and asks them separately about their feelings for each other. Later, she questions Aryan about Arpita’s future.


Badi Maa declares that she has chosen a groom for Arpita from a wealthy family. Meanwhile, Aryan refuses to accept Sundar as Arpita’s life partner.

Sunday 9  April 2023


Imlie, who wants to bring Arpita and Sundar together, learns of her emotions for Sundar. Imlie is later imprisoned by Aryan after he misinterprets her intentions.


Imlie suggests that Uday make Arpita’s favorite dish to see if they get along. Aryan is later dared by Badi Maa to prepare food for Imlie as well.
Monday 10  April 2023
Episode 456
Uday tricks Aryan and Arpita into thinking he is a decent person. Imlie creates a trap for Uday while Aryan is irritated by her dislike of him.
Episode 457
Imlie makes an effort to ruin Arpita’s marriage by stealing the diamond. Later, to everyone’s surprise, she provides proof against Uday.

Sunday 11  April 2023

Episode 458

Aryan thrashes Uday and throws him out of the house for breaking his marriage with Arpita. While Arpita attempts suicide, Imlie, Aryan and Sundar rescue her.

Episode 459

Imlie gets upset as she believes that she has misbehaved with her mother and starts comparing herself to Uday. Meanwhile, Badi Maa insults Sundar in front of the priest.

Monday 12 April 2023

Episode 460

Imlie seeks Meethi’s forgiveness, and Aryan fulfills Imlie’s wish to meet Meethi. Under Badi Maa’s influence, Nanda asks Narmada to pay a huge sum as Arpita’s dowry.

Episode 461

Despite Imlie’s threat to contact the cops, Nanda insists on taking the dowry. Later, Aryan becomes distraught at the prospect of being separated from Arpita.

Tuesday 13 April 2023

Episode 462

Imlie finds out about Lata’s demand for dowry from Narmada and informs Sundar about it. Later, she takes a stand against dowry while Sundar supports her.

Episode 463

A chaotic situation occurs at Sundar and Arpita’s wedding when Nanda insists on taking the dowry. Later, Imlie steps in to fix the issue.

Wednesday 14 April 2023

Episode 464

Imlie puts herself in danger while looking for Aryan, but Jyoti saves her life. Later, Aryan is surprised to meet his college friend, Jyoti and introduces her to Imlie.

Episode 465

Jyoti settles a conflict between Imlie and Badi Maa and gives them both some advice on staying happy. Later, Aryan’s shocking gesture makes Imlie feel happy.

Thursday 15 April  2023

Episode 466

Jyoti decorates Aryan and Imlie’s room with candles so they can spend quality time together. Later, when Imlie goes to her room, she meets with an accident.

Episode 467

Aryan gets anxious when Imlie faints and decides to take care of her till she recovers. Meanwhile, Jyoti realises that she has an ally.

Friday 16 April 2023

Episode 468

When Aryan goes to collect the evidence from Imlie’s assistant, he gets shot by an assassin. Elsewhere, Jyoti, Badi Maa, and Gudiya team up against Imlie.

Episode 469

Badi Maa tells Narmada that Imlie puts Aryan in danger, saves him and takes all the credit. Elsewhere, Imlie goes with Abhay to find a blood donor for Aryan.

Saturday 17 April 2023

Episode 470

Narmada lashes out at Imlie and blames her for all the problems that Aryan faced. Aryan gets shocked to see Narmada’s behaviour towards Imlie.

Episode 471

Badi Maa presents Imlie’s actions to Narmada in a bad light in order to turn her against Imlie. Later, Imlie and Aryan share an emotional moment together.

Sunday 18  April 2023

Episode 472

Imlie confronts Narmada and apologises, but she puts forward a shocking condition. Later, Aryan takes Imlie’s side and gives a befitting reply to Narmada

Episode 473

Imlie tries to convince Narmada but gets rebuked with false accusations. Meanwhile, Aryan decides to express his feelings for Imlie after Arpital’s advice. STAY TUNED FOR MORE TEASERS…