Friday Update on Young Love July 20 Glow Tv

Friday Update on Young Love  Glow Tv

July 20 Episode

Anandi finally signs the papers and she is saddened. They are declared divorced and are given their certificates, family is emotional as well. Anandi and Jagya have a staring competition at this time whilst the family look on in the background, we are shown past scenes of their marriage etc. DS and family come and console Anandi and she keeps staring at Jagya crying.
DS then stands in between Anandi and Jagya and Jagya then leaves from there. Anandi notices that Jagya is leaving and there is a short moment when the family look back at Jagya.

Its raining outside and Jagya walks in the rain solemnly, Anandi calls him from outside the courtroom. She walks to Jagya and states that today not only feelings but by law they are strangers, his life is his and hers is hers. She continues that they are strangers today, but there was a time where they meant something to one another and she congratulates him and wishes him happiness. Jagya states that what happened was neither his fault nor hers, fault is tradition and Bal Vivah, but they were punished and he got it the most. Anandi counters that their family was affected in this as well.

She contines at the time when she only knew of friendship how was she to know what love meant, and the time she found out what love was he had left. Jagat answers that his destination was different to hers. Anandi adds that whenever he passed anything it felt like she had passed it herself, but now those memories aren’t even hers. But even now she hopes his dreams comes true and that not only her the family want it as well, just that he is so involved in his life that he has forgotten about them. She will too try to move forward in her life like he has as she has nothing to hold onto now. She wishes him happiness in his life

As Anandi leaves Jagya holds her shoulder and takes her hand. He states what she has done for him he could never do and saying thanks is too small a word, but tells her to take care of herself. He has not given her anything but prays that she gets all she deserves. There is another staring marathon in the rain this time and then they walk in separate directions. Anandi gets in the jeep to leave, Jagya is in the rain still looking on.

Jagat is walking in rain on the road like. Anandi in jeep on the way. Gauri calls jag but he is lost in his thoughts. Anandi sits near a window and jag on a bench lost in thoughts.(BG kesi hai yeh udhasi chhayee..). finally jag picks gauri call.gauri blasted at him y he didn’t pick her call from yesterday and asks whether divorce happened smoothly or not. Jag tells in low voice that everything is finished.anandi and family all things gone. he cant return now. Gauri is happy and says she is very relived now.

At haveli, bhairon comes to anandi’s room and gives a box which sumi gave him to give her today. Here shiv is looking at anandi’s pic(bday pic and he has an album too) and the FBs of police station. He thinks jag doesn’t know anandi’s importance(kadar nehin hai). Don’t know how anandi wud be right now, how he wish anandi wud have given the right to him so that he can take care of her.(kash main sambhal pata)

Then sumi’s emotional letter to anandi, she wrote that today her daughter comes home today. She even handled the pain of loosing her only son and didn’t broke down coz of her daughter anandi. She wants to see a happy anandi when she will be back. She tells her not to be in any type of mourning and be strong. Anandi then picks bhago’s pic in her hand and remembers her. ds sees that and feels bad.

Ds comes to bhairon and expresses her concerns for anandi that she should get the love of her two mothers right now in this low phase but at this time no one is here. She is the one who can convice anandi to marry shiv and can supports her in this low phase.bhiron wonders who is she. Ds says he will know and they have to get ready to go there next morning.

Gauri is happy to see jag back to Mumbai and did the traditional aarti of him. Gauri asks him everything went smoothly or not. Jag was lost in anandi’s memories what she said at last meeting and her wish all the best.Jag says in low voice all relations were broken. All the memories r even “paraya” now. He shows the divorce certificate to gauri and gauri is happy but jag. Gauri says she understood his pain and asks him to vent it out. But if doesn’t want to then fine they should talk something else. She asks how was the weather in jaipur. Jag said that’s was bad due to jetsar’s collector and he was in lock up for whole night. And explains all. If his family wud haven’t come there then he wudnt be at the court also. Gauri shocked.

Gauri tells him to forget all thing. jag says how could he!! he didn’t understand whom to call and what to do at that time. So he thought gauri’s badepapa will help him. gauri panics and asks did he call badepapa. Jag says he doesn’t have his number. Gauri speaks out thank god. Jag asks what did she mean!! She covers up by saying that badepapa wud have got the bad impression on him. jag said that wud have bearable to him, at least he wud have not seen the hate on his family members face. His bapusa even wud have not come there if divorce case was not there. he felt like his father was helping a beggar there.