Friday Update on Young Love colors tv online


Friday Update on Young Love colors tv online



Bhairon says to °nandi and sumi that he will try to talk to basant. Basant comes there asks for a glass of water to gehena. When anandi tries to bring it, he rudely stopped her. bhairon then informs him about the complain in panchayat. He tries to make him understand that this issue should be take that seriously as its just some prob between kids and shouldn’t take this matter to panchart And the wages should be given to ratneswar as its his right Basant doesn’t agree with him and tells that ratneswar is at faults so he should be scared. And anandi is the sarpanch, she will do the justice. He is not at fault Bhairon tries again but failed. Basant left. 5umi, anandi, bhairon are in tension.
At night, bhairon tells sumi not to worry but sumi expresses her feelings that she is so surprised at basant and gehena’s behavior. She tells him to inform maasa about it But bhairon refuses and tells her that maasa is already in a lot of tensions due to badi masi’s health and she taught them how to handle this type of tough situations. 5urni again says he should think about anandi’s dilemma too as she is not only the sarpanch but also a members of this family. It will be difficult for her. bhairon tells her to relax and goes to sleep.
At the corridor, sumi tries to convince gehena not to take this matter to panchayat She tells her that gehena always stood for right and she learnt a lot from her. But this matter is not big enough to take to panchayat as it’s just a small kids’ fight They will solve it by themselves. This matter in panchayat will lower down their family reputation. This thing is avoidable. Gehena is not convinced and tells her that in past also she stood against maasa and her husband coz at that time she thought she was right and now she thinks her hubby is right so she is supporting her. sumi should understand how she felt when anandi didn’t supported them and supported the outsiders. Then she doesn’t listen to sumi and goes away. Next morning, Anandi in her room recalls all the incidents of this matter and is in tension. She expresses her dilemma in front of kanhaji’s pic about whom to support in this situation. She prays to show her the right path.
Sumi comes there and tells her she understands her feelings but she can’t understand w hats right or wrong but it should be good to maintain the happiness in the family. But if her decision in panchayat will go against basant then the tensions in haveli will increase, she asks her to resign from the post of sarpanch and let the rest panch ppl to decide. Anandi is surprised but agrees and tells her that she is going to resign but suddenly bhairon comes there and tells her not to do so!
Bhairon telling Anandi not to quit her position and this is a tough time for her and she must use her logic and mind to find a solution and not turn her back on it. Anandi question what about her family and the hurt it might cause them, Bhairon says she is the sarpanch and therefore she must not think about relations when making such decisions, she must do what is right and only that. Sumi questions about the shanty of the family and she has responsibility of the house what will she tell Maasa if she is asked questioned, Sumi tells Bhairon to give the man money and finish the situation. Bhairon says this is bribery and cannot take part in such action. Bhairon says what happens will happen and everyone must take responsibility of their actions.
Bhairon tells Anandi to what is right so that no one questions her justice. Everyone comes and are ready for the panchaiyat, Basanth taunts Rameshwar . Panchayat says Basanth should respect the panchayat and not speak like this. Anandi asks if its possible for her to speak to each family alone, but Rameshwar doesn’t accept and that everything should be done in front from everyone and that she wants to take the side of Basanth. Rameshwar tells his side about what happens and how Basanth refused to pay his salary and he got fired. He is opposing the fact his wage was refused. Basanth says that he is only telling half the story to gain support, and that he should tell everyone about how he own wife cause his son harm and injured him. If he is able to fix his son’s injury he will give him everything.
Anandi states that the children said that Nandu was pushed by accident, Gehna counters that what will kids know they will say anything. Basanth also supports this and says if the what happened was unintentional then what he is doing is unintentional as well. Basanth says its not about the money but about consequence of actions, and that Rameshwar wife needs to be taught a lesson for what she did. Anandi recalls the incidents at home and is wondering about what decision to make.
Anandi says after hearing both sides. What Sohan’s mother did to Nandu was wrong and she should bear the consequence. She must now ask for forgiveness from Nandu’s parents and in front of everyone she will not do this again to any other child. She also states that what Basanth did is wrong as well, if he is stating that Sohan’s mother should not have been involved in the children fight then he too is getting involved by doing the same. Bsanth does not have the right to stop Rameshwar’s salary and therefore he should pay Rameshwar what he is owed. Bsanth and Gehna are not looking happy
PRE-CAP – Sumi is holding her hand and wanting Gehna and Basanth to forget what has happened. Gehna says if this happened within four walls it could have been let go of but Anandi insulted Basanth in front of everyone so that she looked good in front of the Panchayat

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