Friday Update on Young Love August 3

Friday Update on Young Love

August 3 Episode

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
The episode starts with shiv’s father commenting on anandi’s name being very nice. His wife comments that since its an old name therefore, he finds it good. He replies back saying that what does she mean by that,they share a generation gap and comments that no wonder they fight that much.He demands to know more about anandi. To which Dadaji says that she is the sarpanch of the village.His father says its good that we have left the choice of his own life partner to Shiv and jokes that had shiv been present in our marriage, he would definitely have advised me about my marriage. Hearing this everybody laughs. Chhoti maa asks shiv also to say something to which he says that just like dad cherishes his videos, i cherish these moments of being together with my family.I have missed being around you and your voice.
Choti maa says we too have missed you.Dadaji jokes about shiv forgetting evryone once he gets married to anandi.Shiv’s mother(Iravati) asks shiv that when do they get to meet his choice.Shiv says he will talk to anandi’s family tomorrow and then meet.Dadji interferes saying why do they have to wait for tomorrow to meet her, why not today?To which shiv says its an inappropriate time to talk or go to anandi’s place.But dadaji is adamant on going today itself, despite shiv’s efforts to talk his family out of it.Shiv’s mother too agrees with dadaji.When shiv sees that they have made up their mind to go,he stops them saying that he has something to tell the family about anandi. On being asked what is it, he tells that anandi has been married before and is a divorcee now.Everybody was stunned.Choti maa asks what are you implying? Shiv says that she’s been recently divorced but it was not her fault.He says that at an age where she should have been in school and learning, she was made a balika vadhu(child bride).Her husband went to mumbai a few years back, met a girl there,married her and settled in mumbai.And then goes on to tell the whole story of anandi’s ordeal.Everybody is listening in shock.Choti maa comments saying that u mean to imply that she stays in her in law’s house even after having been divorced.Shiv says that anandi’s family has accepted her as their daughter and not as their son’s wife. In fact for such an inhuman act, they have brken all ties with their son who left his wife to suffer.Shiv’s mother and dadaji have great respect for a family like this who stood up for what’s right above familial bonds.Shiv asks his family that it means you dont have a problem with this.To which dadji replies saying that anandi must indeed be a very special girl, who even after having faced such difficulties has accomplished so much in life and is also happy that shiv has so much respect for a girl like this.On the question of marriage,after a pregnant pause of suspense,he gives his approval for anandi and shiv is relieved.Everybody is happy except for choti maa who seems very concerned.Dadaji orders everybody to get ready to leave.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Iravati is getting ready while humming a song when choti maa enters with her concerns of getting a daughter in law in the house for shiv, who’s already been a bride and a wife once.Iravati dismisses her concern saying that for her, its shiv’s happiness and his choice that matters the most.Its not the question of her wanting or not wanting, anandi will be a new bride, when she takes the first step in shiv’s house and his heart.She comments that its so strange that she left no stone unturned in finding shiv a bride, but he found his choice in a calm and serene village away from the hectic city life.Choti maa is still concerned that in love, people commit stupid mistakes.what if shiv is also making one,though its true that they have never seen shiv talking about a girl like this.Iravati explains to her that even we modern people would think twice before taking such a modern,progressive step. we should commend shiv and anandi’s family for this action. Also she tells her to stop making opinions about people before having met them and tells her not to worry.Dadaji calls for leaving and both the ladies follow, with choti maa still in doubt.

Anandi’s Haveli
Dadisa and gehna are talking about the rising of the moon,when makhan comes in stating Shiv’s dadaji’s arrival at such a late hour.Dadisa is surprised at hearing this, but ordes makhan to inform Bhairon and asks gehna to come downstairs to greet dadaji with basant.

Anandi’s Haveli
Dadaji in the haveli.Dadisa comes in and greets him and they exchange introductions with a little fun conversation about them being who they are,being obvious by their age.Dadisa inquires about the purpose of the visit and dadaji replies saying that he felt like coming to meet his future daughter in law.Dadisa tells gehna to call anandi and tell her to come home.Bhairon, basant and gehna too come and exchange greetings.On being enquired about his family he says,that as dadaji,he gets the right to see anandi first,therefore he has kept them waiting outside.Dadisa requests him to get them inside.When they come,everybody exchanges greetings happily and the screen freezes on Dadisa’s happy face.

Underlying Message:In a family, its always healthy to have an open minded view and the art of laying every concern on the table regarding family issues. That is what takes the family forward instead of narrow mindedness and ignorance.

Shekhars enter into haveli with smile except choti maa. All greet each other. Ds introduced family members to shekhar family. Daduji introduced his family n his ladla pota shiv n he is the handsome dadu of his handsome pota. Gehena slowly tells ds that she couldn’t talk to anandi. Ds asks her to brings some food. Shiv then says sorry for coming so late at night. He didn’t know about his family visit n they insisited so much that he cant say no. dadu says there is nothing to say sorry as they r so eager. And its good to come without info as they can know the real ppl as they cant get time to prepare. Ds got the FBs of her, she did the same before. Dadu starts his story, alok n shiv stopped him.
Gehena brings some food. Shiv’s mom says to gehena that she is looking beautiful and asks whether she is coming from any marriage. Ds tells abt the teej fast. Shiv’s mom says sorry that they came at wrong time and they do believe in teej but they fast on shravani teej. Ds says she feels like it’s a very good sign as they came here.Dadu asks to call anandi as his grandson is so eager to meet her. dadu surprised that she is out of home so late at night . shiv starts anandi’s appreciation that he told him that she is the sarpanch, she has to go whenever ppl need her,how crime is down to 0% and other developments in jetsar due to anandi. Shekhars r impressed
Anandi is in hurry and falls down in the mud while walking. Anandi is now covered in mud and smile.
Ds says to them that she went to see a girl at hospital n too appreciates anandi. She says anandi is so “futri”. Daduji confused what is that but got that meaning is beautiful. They laugh.At that time anandi enter with all muddy avatar. All stunned to see her.

Shiv’s father tells that she is the same girl who helped him. he asked her that whether the kids did the same with her. anandi replied that she fell down. Ds took her to her room. Shiv’s father tells bhairon that she is very brave. She helped him. shiv smiles. Bhairon got the fbs of his 1st meeting with anandi n thinks that it’s the good sign that those happiness which they couldn’t give her, shekhars will give her for sure.
Anandi tells ds y she call them so soon. Ds says they came suddenly, she didn’t call them. Anandi says that she is feeling lil strange seeing shiv’s family suddenly. Ds tells her that not to worry this family is worthy for her and they seem so good n that’s y shiv is so sansakari too. Everything will be fine. Gehena tells ds that she will bring anandi down.
Dadu is busy telling all his war story n singhs r confused at him. At that time,Anandi comes down with gehena. Shekhar look at her. shiv is looking at her without blinking.