Friday Update on Young Love August 10

Friday Update on Young Love

August 10 Episode

Jagat’s house in mumbai
Jagat saying that he hates gaurri and that he is a fool to have left his home,his family and evn anandi for her.Gauri defends herself saying that their divorce was not her fault,as anandi had given him a divorce.But jagiya asks who’s to blame for everything else.And then in a retrospective mood says that it is he himself only who is to blame.I was blind not to be able to see that you were happy in putting down anandi whenever you could,and is reminded of the various incidents when anandi had come with lal singh to mumbai and how gauri had done a big drama that led to badi masi’s illness.In fact she even blamed anandi for her abortion.And he realises that despite her pleadings,jagat had not given anandi even one chance to prove her innocence.And all because she and jagat loved each other very much.gauri defends saying that all she did was for jagat’s love and to be able to be always with him,but jagat dismisses her saying that does she even know what’s love?her mother tries to cool him down but he stops her and then goes on to compare gauri with anandi that its anandi’s true love that she gave up everything,her happiness,her dreams and even her life for jagiya and his family that is true love.He asks gauri not to even try to understand what love is coz its beyond her capacity.Jagat curses himself for leaving a girl like anandi fora selfish girl like her and that sumitra was right in saying that gauri is not the type of girl u can have a life with.Having heard enough she raises her hand to slap him,he catches her midway and says that he’s had enough mental,emotional and physical suffering and insult from her,he’ll bear no more.Gauri finally retaliates back saying that what will he do now,go back to his family who despise him,look down upon him and dont want to see his face ever again.She says ne longer cares what he will do and why?A stunned jagat says that she ha never evr cared fr him.all she cared was her success and her interests and that she used him to get what she wanted,manipulated and distratcted him from the right path.U got everything but m left with nothing out of this marriage.Finally he walks out saying that he never wants to come across her ever again and that he will remember till his last breath,what gauri did to him and his family.her parents keep calling him but he doesnt listen.Gauri falls down in shock and jagat’s last words still reverberate in her ears.

Jaitsar haveli
basant and bhairo are busy with prep,dadisa,gehna and anandi are looking at sarees,anandi is remimded of the time when jagiya secretly selected sarees for her.Dadisa seeing her lost brings her back to her senses.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar.
His secretary and entire family are seen scurrying around preparing for the engagement.

Jaisar haveli
festivities and folk dancing are in full swing as anandi is getting mehndi done on her hands.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar.
Despite shiv’s repeated protests he is ordered by iravati and dadaji to put some sagun mehndi on his palm.Themehndi wali asks for the bride name,and on dadaji’s insistence he shyly replies anandi and after the mehndi is done with anandi’s name on it he is seen staring at it.

Jaitsar haveli
The mehndi wali here,wants to know the name of the groom,seeing anandi lost dadisa shouts out shiv’s name,the mehndi wali putsthe name on her palm,seeing that anandi is reminded when jagat wrote his name in henna on her hands.Bhairo finds him lost in thought and is seen worried.

Jaitsar haveli
Bhairo walks in on a yet again lost in thought anandi,and presents her with a necklace that sumitra had specially kept for anandi.He goes on to say tthat sumitra got it from hier mother and since sumitra considers anandi her daughter,this is rightfully hers and she had been waiting to give it to her ever since her second marriage’s talks started.

Gauri is sitting stunned.when her mother goes to get some water for her she notices jagat’s family’s photo and is reminded of everything that all his family members had told her that day when she visited them in jaitsar and sumitra’s challenge.Seeing their opinions coming true she starts crying profusely and the screen freezes.

Jaitsar haveli
Bhairo is convincing anandi that even after going to shiv’s house she will still be their daughter with all rights and shall have all the bonds that she has with them intact.And that their support shall always be with her.And that she should never think that they

are doing this because their son jagiya did this to her and that she is now an obligation to them.Say everything that comes to your mind with the same sense of bonding that you feel with us as you are the daughter of the house and shall always remain so.He

goee on to ask her to try to forget jagiya as he doesnt deserve to be evn in her thoughts after what he did to her and how easily he forgot his family and his wife and settled happily in mumbai.An overwhelmed anandi hugs him and says that she would definitely

try to do so.

:Mumbai bar
A heartbroken Jagat orders a drink.As he begins to drink he sees his whole past life spring up in front of him with all his mistakes as a reflection in the drink,How he had wrongly introduced anandi as a relative named nandini in front of gauri for the first

time,how he had confronted hs dad and mom when they had come to advice him against breaking the marriage,bhairo’s slap,his accusation that his messed life and mindstate is due to bhairo’s mistake of marrying him off as a child when he didnt hv any

understnading of relations,when he tells anandi that he doesnt love her,when he asks her to grow up and put all their silly memories behind her that were very precious to anandi and move forward, how he finally married gauri,but dadisa refused to bless them

when they went to jaitsar,how gauri had instigated him to ask for property in lieu of granting anandi divorce,how anandi had slapped him for the same ,how he had finally been granted divorce in the court that day,how he had listened to gauri to place

bhabhoot on bhago’s house and how on seeing this,a bitter anandi had finally cursed him that he could never be happy in his marriage.Seeing all that,he places down the drink in horror.

A busy mumbai street.
A sad jagiya is sitting on the road when he sees his pure and evil side fighting it out to decide who is right and who’s wrong.the good side tried to advocate that how could he be so stupid that he didnt see this coming.How all of jagiya’s family had tried time and

again to deter him from this path that has destroyed and ruined his life today.Whereas the evil sad battles it out saying that he is a successful person in a busy city like mumbai and what has he lost.To which the good side responds by saying that he has nobody

to call his own now and that he is standing alone.The evil rubbishes this saying that all such talks are backward and very villagy mentality.Seeing such a duel between his both personality aspects,he gets frustrated and asks them to stop.And succumbs to the

pressure and falls on the floor.He realises his mistake towards everybody in his fmaily.How he had talked rudely with his own dad wen he had tried to advice him,how he had hurt dadisa who cared for him more than anything else in this world and most of all

how could he have left anandi,a girl who left her own prospect of living a life for his sake.How could he have been so selfish.He conemplates that away from home he turned from jagiya to jagat,his life filled with lies and his life stooped to an unimaginable

level.Just then he sees a goddess’ idol and goes up to her and says that today he is not going to complain of the suffering that he’s going through as he rightfully deserves it for having wronged his family tremendously.But he asks for a second chance so that he

can repent his wrong doings and can say sorry to everybody that he has hurt even though facing them alone is going to be a very difficult task.But he is hopeful that since he is their own,they would forgive him once they see the repentence in his eyes.He then

determinedly resolves to go to jaitsar to reunite with his family and anandi and make it up to them for all his committed mistakes.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar and jaitsar haveli
Shiv is lost in thoughts and is fondly looking at anandi’s name imrpinted in henna in his hand.On the other hand anandi too is doing the same but in a very pensive mood.The screen freezing space is shared by all the three characters in anandi’s life – anandi

herself,shiv and jagiya.