Friday Update on Young Love 7th August 2020

Friday Update on Young Love 7th August 2020

Dinner is set, Nimboli comes and sees many dishes on dinning table, she says i will eat alot everyday, she laughs, she ask Mannu where is your wife? she didnt come till now? Ganga says Pooja has gone to her parents house for someday, you come and have dinner, Anandi ask Nimboli to sit beside her, Nimboli sit beside her, Disa is sitting beside nimboli but shivam comes to sit there, Anandi ask Shivam to sit at some other chair, he goes, Dia sit on otherside of Nimboli, Ganga tries to serve dadisa but she says i wont eat as to thank God, i will fast, Nimboli says no, you have to eat something, you are very slim, if you dont eat then you will go to God, all laugh, dadisa says i still have power to fight with camel, Nimboli laughs, Anandi says to dadisa that i havent eaten anything since morning, i should thanks God too so i will fast, i will not eat anything, disa says i fast every year too so i wont eat anything too, Dadisa says its good that i have partners in fast this year, all start eating,

Disa and Anandi serve Nimboli, Anandi says i will make Nimboli eat with my hands, Disa and Anandi both offers Nimboli a bite, she is confused, she eats Disa’s given bite then she eats Anandi’s given bite, Shivam is confused with all this, Nimboli is uneasy, she says to Disa that i am not easy on chair, i dont like it Maa, Shivam says she is your Disa then why you call her Maa? Nimboli says Disa told me that she is my mother and asked me to call her mother thats why, all are tensed listening this, Disa says Nimboli is not used to sit at dinning table, if you people dint mind then should i take her?

Dadisa says yes, Disa ask Nimboli to come with her, Anandi says i will go with you both, Disa says dont worry, i will take her, Dadisa holds Anandi’s hands, Disa takes Nimboli in corner, both sit on floor and Disa makes her eat with her hands, she says to everyone that i am habituated to eat like this, you all start eating, Anandi is emotional seeing Nimboli, Nimboli is sleepy, Anandi says seems like she is feeling sleepy, i will take her and make her sleep, Disa says i will take her and make her sleep, she gives plate to Anandi and takes Nimboli with her, Anandi stands there hurt.

Anandi thanks Dr. Anant for doing everything for them, Anant says i understand what you must be feeling, your daughter is in home but.. dont worry everything will be fine, he leaves with Nidhi, Jagya says he was right, you have to be little patient.
Puskar is talking on call with Nimboli, Kamli is smiling, Kamli’s mother comes and snatches phone from him, she ask Nimboli where are you? Puskar says she will not tell you, he laughs and says there was no one on phone, i was making you fool, Kamli laughs, mother says you were fooling me? dare if you do any joke with me from now on, Kamli ask what Puskar did?

dont forget that he is son in law of this house, dont forget he is giving us food and i wont tolerate his disrespect, Kamli’s mother says only this day was remaining that a mad women will run our house, Kamli says dont call Puskar a mad, her memory is of kids only, you are doing things like mads, mother says i will find Nimboli and Anandi at any cost, they have destroyed our house, Kamli says you had invited your disaster, stop yourself before stooping too low, mother says you have become our enemy, she leaves, Kamli says i have bear alot but not anymore, Nimbolio and Anandi have got freedom after many problems, i wont let anyone destroy their freedom.

Jagya says to Dadisa, Ganga and Anandi that Mangala have raised Nandni, she saved Nandni and have protected her so its not wrong if she asked Nandni to call her Maa, Anandi says what Mangala have done for me, i cannot pay her debt in my life but i cant bear the fact that my daughter calls someone else as her mother, why so much wrong with me? Disa/Mangala comes and says Nimboli’s life started from wrong only, she craved for her mother’s lap but there was no one to take her in arms, Anandi feels bad listening this.


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