Friday Update on Young Love 30th October 2020

Friday Update on Young Love 30th October 2020

Nimboli asking Dadisaa that if they will die? Dadisaa says no. Akhiraj says well done to Kundan for cutting car brakes wire, and says Nimboli must have died by now because of MLA’s son. Kundan says Deenu should be appreciated. Akhiraj gives him money. Kundan asks where is my money? Akhiraj says everything is of yours. He gives him money. He asks Deenu to go and enquire where their dead bodies are kept. Deenu says okay and leaves. Akhiraj laughs. Mannu is driving the car carefully as the brakes have failed. Dadisaa asks him to be careful. Mannu sees sand there and hits car with it to stop it. He gets slightly hurt. Dadisaa and Nimboli are fine. They reach home. Anandi thanks Mannu for saving them. Jagya appreciates Mannu for bringing them safely. Nimboli says I had fun. Dadisaa says car was alright when we went there. Mannu says mechanic will tell after checking. Jagya thinks car was serviced few days before.

Deenu informs Akhiraj that everyone is fine. Akhiraj scolds and slaps Deenu. Deenu says that boy have rescued them safely because of sand. Jagya says their destiny will not be good. He says how will they be safe with my vabhoot and says that vabhoot contained poison. He says I gave my poisonous blessings and everyone will die. He says I will do everything alone now, and can’t trust anyone now.

Nimboli hugs Dadisaa and says she is going to sleep now. Dadisaa asks her to eat babaji’s vabhoot before sleeping. Nimboli says its taste is not good. Dadisaa says everyone have eaten it. Nimboli refuses and goes. Anandi asks Dadisaa if you think that it will have any effect. Dadisaa says Anant Maharaj told about about Nimboli’s past and says because of this vabhoot, my head ache went away. Jagya says it is because of your mind, and explains to her. Dadisaa says I have faith on baba ji and says there is no disadvantage in eating it. Anandi takes it and says I will make Nandini eat it. Nimboli pretends to sleep. Anandi asks her to eat it. Shivam convinces her. Nimboli eats a pinch hesitantly with water. Anandi asks her to sleep now. Akhiraj makes poisonous tablets. Harki asks him about it. Akhiraj says Nimboli must have eaten it by now and laughs.

Nimboli gets pain in her stomach and vomits. Anandi and Shivam wakes up. Anandi asks Shivam to call Ganga fast. Ganga checks Nimboli and asks if Nimboli have eaten anything from outside. Anandi says no. Ganga gives her medicine and says you will feel better. Nimboli still feels vomiting sensation and vomits. Everyone gets tensed. Ganga tells Anandi that they shall take her to hospital and will keep her under observation. Nimboli refuses to go, but they convince her. Ganga says I will call on hospital no. Dadisaa says you will be fine as you have eaten baba’s vibhooti and will be fine. Jagya asks Anandi to give that vibhooti.

Dadisaa asks if you are doubting on babaji. Jagya says he will get it tested in the lab and asks Anandi to give that Vibhoot. Later Anandi brings Nimboli to hospital. A few men brings a boxes of fake medicines to the hospital. Ward boys takes it inside. Some people is brought to hospital and complains of same pain. Ganga checks them and wonders what is happening. Nimboli takes the medicines and feels much pain. She starts shaking her body (may be due to fake medicine). Anandi asks Nurse to do something. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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