Friday Update on Young Love 28 February 2020

Friday Update on Young Love 28 February 2020

Kamli walking on the road and thinks Gopal must be waiting for her. She thinks he should wait for her as he was not there during holi. Some goons come on her way, stopping her. Kamli gets tensed and starts walking again. The goons try to stop her when Akhira Singh makes an entry in his car angrily. The goons ask can’t you see us. Akhira Singh starts beating them. He turns to Kamli and asks why did you come out of temple? Kamli says she is going to temple with her friend. Akhira Singh asks where is your friend. Kamli says she will meet her in the temple. Akhira Singh warns her not to step out of the house alone again. He asks her to sit in the car and takes her to temple. Gopal is seen waiting for Kamli eagerly. He gets happy seeing the car and runs towards it. Kamli is worried though. He looks at her romantically. Akhira Singh asks her to step out of car and asks her where is your friend? Kamli says she must be here. Akhira Singh asks her to wait for him after the darshan. He asks her to pray for him. Kamli asks Gopal not to go as her father is waiting. Gopal sees Akhira Singh leaving in his car and comes to Kamli.

They stand for the puja together. Panditji applies tika on Gopal’s forehead. Kamli and Gopal what did you ask from God? Gopal says he thanks Devimaa for saving his life from her father. Kamli says she has full faith on Mata Rani. She says we love each other truly. Gopal says Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya………Kamli says she will leave now. Gopal says I didn’t see you fully now. Kamli says her bapusaa can come at any time. Gopal asks her to do Mata Ji Parikrama, so that they can be together for sometime. She smiles,

Nimboli calls her friend Pampodi. She sees Pampodi is being ill treated by her mother in law and asks her to sweep the floor. Pampodi cries and sweeps the floor. Nimboli calls her and comes inside. She asks her to stronger her body so that she feels less pain. She shows her churan tablet. Pampodi says she has to clean the place.

Pampodi says she doesn’t know if she will go to school. Nimboli says what is there in studies. I am tired of holding Kundan’s bag. She asks her to eat churan. She mixes cement in water and apply it on the ground. She tells Pampodi to call her maasaa and tell that ground is clear.

Gopal is tensed and thinks he feels they can’t marry as he belongs to lower caste. Kamli says don’t think like this. I will end my life if I marry someone else. She says Mata Rani will find a solution. A beggar asks for 1 rupee from Akhira Singh. He yells at the beggar and asks him to move. Akhira Singh talks on phone. He turns and sees Gopal with Kamli. Kamli asks Gopal to run from there. Akhira Singh asks where is that guy? He asks her to tell the truth. Kamli says he was bhaiji. May be he left for his home. Akhira singh asks for her friend. Kamli says she left just now. I was waiting for you. Akhira Singh asks her to come.

Nimboli goes and hides behind the tree. Pampodi calls her maasa. She comes out and falls down on the cement. Nimboli laughs. Pampodi’s maasa gets angry on her.

Kundan sits down to have lunch with his friends. Kundan asks when are you meeting your girl friend? He says you are enjoying. She listens to you. His friend says I get scared when meeting her, if someone sees her. He says you have wife at home. Kundan says she is illiterate. Other friend says you are her husband and can do anything whenever you wants. Kundan gets thinking. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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