Friday Update on Young Love 27 March 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 27 March 2020

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Akhiraj asking Kamli to show the letter. Harki opens the letter and says she couldn’t read it. Akhiraj Singh takes the letter and starts reading it. Kamli and Nimboli get shocked. He couldn’t read it because of his bad eye sight. He asks Nimboli to bring his specs. Kamli gets tensed. Akhiraj Singh asks Kamli, what is written in the letter. Kamli says nothing. Akhiraj Singh asks are you thinking me mad. Nimboli brings specs and water. She throws it purposely on the letter. Akhiraj Singh scolds her. Nimboli apologizes and says she will clean the place. Harki says she tries to explain to her. They leave. Nimboli apologizes to Kamli for ruining Gopal’s letter. Kamli thanks her for saving her and Gopal. They hug each other.

Disa and Chagani talk about Kamli and Nimboli. Chagani tells that Kamli needs a big support. Disa asks what do you want to say? Chagani asks Disa to make Kamli’s parents understand her pain. Disa says she can understand Kamli’s pain. She says Kamli’s inlaws home will be better than this home. She says Akhiraj will not agree. Chagani says you wants to say that Kamli shall marry. Disa says yes, if she wants to be alive.

Sarita tells Anandi that they are missing Dadisaa. Anandi says we have to manage today. Anandi gets a phone call. She says she is reaching there. She tells Sarita about child marriage in some village and asks her women tea to make the preparations. Sarita says that village is far. Anandi asks her to manage, along with Ganga. Sarita agrees. Anandi leaves in her car and calls Jagya. Jagya says it is a limit. They are doing children mass marriage openly.

In Shiv Niketan, Ganga gives the speech about Akshaya Tritiya and tells about its importance. Everyone applaud for her. She smiles. Anandi and Jagya are on the way and look tensed. They reach the place where the child mass marriage is happening. Anandi tells Jagya that those people knew that it is a crime, then also they are getting children marry in mass marriage. Jagya says he called the Police. They enter and see no one. Anandi says there is no havan and also no children.

The see people playing dhol and tells that they have come. Jagya and Anandi are surprised. Dadisaa comes infront of them surprising them. She says I knew you both would come at the right time. They put garland around their neck. Old sarpanch thanks Anandi and Jagya. Jagya says I am not understanding anything. Dadisaa says these people wanted to invite you for this day, so I thought you will not come to hear your appraisal. I asked them to inform you about this. Jagya gets a call from the Inspector. He asks him not to come as it was a miscommunication.

Old Sarpanch says it was necessary to call you. Jagya thanks him. They gave gifts to the children. Nimboli is grinding something and sings. Kundan looks at her and thinks he can’t stay with his wife. Disa comes to Nimboli and asks what are you doing? Nimboli says she is singing teej song. Disa says she will do the work. Nimboli says she has grown up now and shows the hand. She asks what is preparing today. Disa tells about the dishes. Nimboli thinks Gopal ji said that he will come to take Kamli today. I shall help him. She asks Disa whether Kamli jiji will be allowed to eat with us. Disa asks her not to worry as Akhiraj and Harki will decide. She comes back and starts grinding something. Kundan looks on.


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